best 2 stroke outboard oil

The Best 2 Stroke Outboard Oil

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As a 2 stroke power comes from the crankcase, 2 stroke oil must be mixed with the gasoline for lubrication.

This means oil is also burnt which increases the exhaust emissions, thus 2 stroke oil requiring completely different oil to 4 stroke outboard oil.

The best 2 stroke outboard oil is Pennzoil Premium Plus, which is designed to keep your engine running clean and mixes easily with fuel for premix.

The 2 stroke outboard differs from the 4 stroke outboard as there are only two movements, which are up and down instead of four.

The 2 stroke engine produces its power with two movements of the piston during one crankshaft revolution.

A four-stroke engine requires four movements in order to produce power.

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Best Marine 2 Stroke Oil

2 Stroke OilPreviewBottle Size(s)
Pennzoil Marine Premium Plus1 Gallon
Royal Purple HP 2-C1 – 12 Quarts
Quicksilver 27Q011 Gallon
Yamalube LUB-2STRK-M1-041 Gallon

2 stroke oil is designed to be mixed with the oil and burns, therefore it’s not advised to use any other oil such as 4-stroke or motor oil.

When buying two-stroke oil, ensure that the oil is TC-W3 rated.

This is an industry marine standard (NNMA) that certifies the oil provides adequate lubrication and engine protection.

You will notice a distinctive TC-W3 logo on the containers of the 2 stroke oil.

You will no longer be able to buy a 2 stroke engine from new because of the emissions.

Therefore it’s even more important to use the correct oil in your current two-stroke engines to increase the lifespan.

Below is a list of the best 2 strokes outboard oil in order to expand the engine’s lifespan.

Pennzoil Premium Plus 2 Stroke Marine Oil

Marine Oil that has synthetic blend formula

Pennzoil is a popular 2 stroke oil brand in the boating community for good reason.

Their “Premium Plus” synthetic blend formula provides additional engine protection and ensures that your outboard motor runs clean.

Features of the Pennzoil Premium Plus 2 stroke oil include:

  • NMMA TC-W3 rated
  • Suitable for a wide range of outboard motor brands
  • Meet or exceeds engine warranties
  • Can be used as multipurpose gear oil
  • Guard against engine deposits and piston scuffing
  • Keeps exhaust ports and spark plugs clean
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The marine 2 stroke oil is compatible with the majority of outboard brands such as Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury Marine, Yamaha, Suzuki, Nissan, Force/US Marine, Mariner and Sears.

Overall, it is the best 2 stroke outboard oil that can be used within a range of outboards and is great for reduces smoke on startup.

Even though it is a premium oil, it still provides excellent value for money.

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Royal Purple 01311 2 Stroke Outboard Motor Oil

designed to keep the exhaust ports and spark plugs clean

Royal Purple is known for its performance oils and their 2 stroke version is the most popular.

An increase of horsepower and fuel economy are just some of the benefits but more importantly this oil reduces heat, emissions, and wear of the engine.

Features of the Royal Purple 01311 2 stroke outboard motor oil include:

  • Performance synthetic formula
  • HP 2-C rated
  • Available in 1 or 12 quarts or 1-gallon bottles
  • Rust and corrosion protection
  • Ashless to reduce exhaust deposits

The synthetic solvency has been designed to keep the exhaust ports and spark plugs clean as well as increasing the film’s strength for max protection.

This oil is also used within other two-stroke engines such as a lawnmower or motor cross bike, which is good to know for any leftovers.

If you are after a performance-related 2 stroke oil, the Royal Purple synthetic oil should be in your shopping cart.

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Quicksilver 2 Stroke Oil

cleanest burning oil on the market

Quicksilver’s marine oil has a superior lubrication formula that claims to be the cleanest burning oil on the market.

The Quicksilver 27Q01 oil provides warranty protection for Mercury, Mariner, Force, and Sport Jet and M2 Jet Drive 2-cycle engines for your peace of mind.

In terms of the features of the Quicksilver 2 Stroke Oil, they include:

  • TC-W3 certified
  • Fully synthetic blend
  • Meets all outboard manufacturer recommendations
  • Blended with high-quality ashless dispersants
  • Reduces carbon build-up in the exhaust system
  • Increases lubrication and reduces corrosion

The advanced 2-stroke synthetic formula has been designed for high power outboards.

Therefore the higher concentration of additives provides the additional lubrication and solvency to ensure optimum running on all 2 stroke engines.

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Yamalube 2 Stroke Oil (LUB-2STRK-M1-04)

2 stroke outboard oil produced by Yamaha

Yamalube is the 2 stroke outboard oil produced by Yamaha themselves that meets the TC-W3 specification.

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With performance in mind, Yamaha includes additional additives to increase throttle response and overall performance.

Features of the Yamalube 2 Stroke Oil (LUB-2STRK-M1-04) include:

  • NMMA TC-W3 formulation
  • Genuine OEM Yamaha 2 stroke oil
  • Excellent anti-corrosion qualities
  • Semi-synthetic blend
  • Made in the USA

For those running Yamaha outboards, using this oil will significantly reduce excess smoke and increase performance.

You also have the peace of mind that you are using a quality OEM oil, which is designed specifically for Yamaha motors.

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Marine 2 Stroke Oil Buying Guide

2 stroke engines are desirable due to there bulletproof design and their responsiveness upon acceleration.

Prices of the 2 stroke engines are gradually going up and will continue to do so due to manufacturers no longer producing them.

Therefore, it makes sense to take extra precautions in terms of general maintenance of the outboard.

You should always be using 2 stroke motor oil in your 2 stroke outboard.

This is due to the fact the oil will be burnt inside the combustion chamber when the motor is running.

Therefore, depending upon its usage, it will need to be replaced regularly.

To help you make an informed decision when you come to purchasing marine 2 stroke oil, we have produced the buying guide below.

TCW3 Outboard Oil

TCW3 is a unique set of requirements that oil must reach in order to be used in marine outboard motors.

This ensures that there is a minimum standard, which will make the outboard run more efficiently and remain lubricated.

For further information, take a read of the following thread that discusses TCW3 in much more detail.

Synthetic Two-Stroke Oil

Synthetic oil has been refined to its best possible form and provides many benefits for 2 stroke outboards.

The increase in combustion, extra lubrication, and a cleaner engine are just some of the benefits of using synthetic oil.

When working on a 2 stroke engine that has been using synthetic oil, you will be able to notice straight away the cleanness of every nut, bolt, and piston.

The only downside, of course, is the additional price but it is completely worth the extra.

The complex method of production is the main reason for the increased price.

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Smoky 2 Stroke Outboard Startup

Upon starting a two-stroke engine from cold, there will often be a cloud of smoke and a distinctive smell.

This is nothing to be worried about and is normal of the two-stroke boat engine.

The smoke is caused by a build-up of two-stroke oil that has settled upon the bottom of the crankshaft area where the engine was sitting and the fuel has been burnt on combustion.

However, the 2 stroke oil recommendations in this article all promise to reduce emissions and reduce the smoke build-up.

If you feel that there is excess smoke upon startup of your 2 stroke outboard, we strongly recommend changing the oil.


The importance of lubrication within a 2 stroke engine is to lubricate the ends of the crankshaft as they move up and down the cylinder walls.

The fuel, oil and air mixture then lubricates the cylinder walls with a “film”. This is a big job and is important to have the best 2 stroke oil for your boat to carry this process out.

We highly recommend the best 2 stroke outboard oil which is the Pennzoil Premium Plus. 

Unless you are matching the outboard brand with the brand of oil, Pennzoil provides great value for money. Its a premium oil that is highly rated globally within the boating world.


Can you mix 2 stroke synthetic oil with 2 stroke regular oil?

Yes, the two types of outboard motor oils can be mixed. Several well-known companies market synthetic blends.

What does the ratio 50 to 1 mean?

50:1 means for every 50 ounces of gasoline, you need to mix in 1 ounce of oil. If you are using a 1 gallon gas can you would take 128 ounces (1 gal) divided by 50 = 2.56. Oct 18, 2009

What happens if you put too much oil in 2 stroke?

Too much oil in your engine will lead to smoky exhaust, oil leaking out of the muffer. It can also lead to less power in your engine. On the other hand, using too little oil in your two-cycle engine can lead to total damage.

Can the 2 stroke oil lose its proprieties?

The answer is yes. When sealed, the two-stroke oil will usually be good for about 5 years. After it’s opened, that period is reduced to 2 years. Once part of the gas mix, it should be used in two months’ time.

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