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5 Best Boat Anchor Ropes 2020

Mooring up to a pontoon or throwing your anchor in at a prime fishing spot will require a strong anchor rope dedicated for marine usage.

An anchor line usually consists of both a rope and chain, which connect the anchor to your vessel.

The best anchor rope is the Norestar Braided Nylon Anchor Line that is designed to be heavy-duty with a double-braided nylon and stainless steel thimble for easy attachment of rope to shackle.

For the average boat, the amount of anchor rope you will need is approximately 8 feet per foot of water.

On top of this, you will require 1/8″ diameter for every 9 feet of a boat so that the rope has enough strength to hold the boat.

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Best Anchor Lines For Boats

Anchor RopeMaterialBraid
Norestar NylonDouble Braided
Extreme Max BoatTectorNylonDouble Braided
Attwood 11724-1PolypropyleneSolid Braid
Rainier Supply CoNylonDouble Braided

The most popular form of anchor rope is nylon as it has good strength, sinks, light, flexible and elastic for good shock absorption.

The elasticity is also a drawback as the stretching creates heat, which is the core factor of the nylon eventually breaking down.

The other major factor to consider is whether you want the anchor rope to be braided or twisted.

Both are equally beneficial and it is primarily down to the personal preference of the boat owner.

The anchor line is part of the complete setup that is known as the anchor rode, which is a combination of both the rope and chain that connects the anchor to your boat.

Below is a list of the best anchor ropes, which will provide a strong hold of your boat.

#1 Norestar Braided Nylon Anchor Rope

the best anchor rope.

The Nylon anchor rope by Norestar is designed to be heavy-duty and is constructed with double-braided nylon that gives it superior strength compared to cheaper alternatives.

This line also includes a professional spliced stainless steel thimble that provides easy attachment to your anchor or chain.

It is fairly expensive but the Norestar is a high-quality anchor rope with excellent strength and ideal for any anchor rode setup.

Overall, the Norestar is the best anchor rope and there is a large number of lengths and diameters to choose from.

All of the ropes are double-braided and have the desirable stainless steel thimble at the end of the line.

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#2 Extreme Max Double Braid Nylon Anchor Line

the best anchor rope for the money.

The Extreme Max is the cheaper alternative to the Norestar and has the same stainless steel thimble and double-braided nylon construction.

This anchor rope has a working limit of 870 LBS and breaking strength of 4,380 LBS but this, of course, varies on the diameter of the rope.

It is a strong anchor line that is resistant to saltwater, gas, oil, mildew and resists UV rays much better than other cheaper alternatives.

It is virtually the same as the Norestar rope, however, the Extreme Max brand is not as well known as Norestar and for that reason, is not as popular.

Extreme Max offers a limited lifetime warranty with this rope for peace of mind and makes it the best anchor rope for the money.

There is also a great range of rope to choose from starting with a 1/2″ x 150′ all the way to 5/8″ x 600′.

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#3 Attwood Solid Braid MFP Anchor Line

a cheap anchor rope from a reputable brand.

Attwood is a reputable marine brand and known for the expensive product but not their anchor lines, this is, in fact, the cheapest within this article.

It is a multi-filament polypropylene UV resistant floatable line.

It is mass-produced in a standard size (3/8″ diameter and 100 feet length) and will remain flexible throughout its lifetime.

As it is not made using nylon, it has other benefits that include easy to handle, softer on the hands and much cheaper.

As it is not made using heavy-duty nylon, it won’t be as strong but the other benefits are somewhat desirable to other boat owners.

Overall, it is a cheap anchor rope from a reputable brand and even has a thimble spliced into the rope at such low cost.

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#4 Bang4Buck Twisted Braid Anchor Rope

the best heavy duty anchor rope to buy.

For boat owners looking for a heavy-duty anchor rope for their large vessel, this is the best buy.

Constructed from high-quality nylon that is 3/4 inch thick and 200 feet long, it is perfect for the majority of boats with a maximum breaking point of 12,592 LBS.

The bitter end of the line has been heat-sealed to prevent unraveling and the other end has a stainless steel thimble spliced into the rope.

It is designed to be durable and is resistant to abrasion, chemical wear, moisture, and all other weather effects.

Overall, this is the best heavy-duty anchor rope to buy that can be used every day for many years to come.

The only drawback to say would be the price but this is mainly due to the thickness and length but if you are on a budget, the Giantex is ideal.

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#5 Rainier Supply Co Double Braided

This Rainier Supply Co Anchor Boat rope is a double braided nylon that is built for marine use.

You can use this by utilizing a standard anchor rode with chain and you can simply remove the snap hook and install a shackle and chain.

This Anchor boat rope is Ultra-soft and abrasion-resistant substance that is moderate on your boat finish and comfortable to handle.

It’s double braided nylon design also keeps it from bunching up like 3 strand anchor lines.

By design, it has an ideal combination of decreased stretch and increased shock absorption in addition to being saltwater, oil, rot and mildew resistant.  

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Anchor Rope Buying Guide

If you are planning to moor your boat to a pontoon or ground it to a specific location, an anchor, anchor line and chain (also known as an anchor rode) will be required.

For those that are unaware, the chain connects to the anchor to prevent the nylon rode of the anchor rope wearing down quickly.

The chain is also much heavier, which prevents the top-rated boat anchor that you just paid an arm and a leg for moving around and not doing its job.

rope for marine use

Nylon Construction

Nylon material is the preferred choice by the majority of boat owners due to a range of benefits such as:

  • High strength
  • Slight elasticity
  • Flexibility and lightweight
  • Sinking characteristic
  • Fairly cheap

Of course, there are always drawbacks to any material and the elastic characteristic is both a benefit and drawback.

It offers excellent shock absorption but the elasticity creates heat that eventually breaks down the nylon, which over time will need replacing.

However, this is a small price to pay considering nylon is strong, lightweight and does not float on the water.

anchor rope for mooring

Braided v Twisted Anchor Rope

Braided anchor rope offers additional strength and flexibility but for those that cut the rope, a braided rope is much harder to splice.

The twisted rope, on the other hand, is easier to splice, much cheaper to purchase and has more stretch but it is not as flexible and does kink from time to time.

Braided anchor rope is preferred but for those on a budget, twisted is the low-cost option. Braided is more expensive but the extra strength is a worthwhile investment.

anchor rope

How Much Anchor Rope Do You Need?

The most common discussion online is people questioning how much anchor rope they require. In short, the two dimensions you need to ensure is met are as followed:

  1. 1/8″ of rope per 9 feet of boat
  2. 8 feet of rope per 1 foot of anchoring depth

Many manufacturers provide a range of dimensions to cater for a whole range of boats and anchoring depths.

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