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5 Best Trailers For Kayaks 2019

Kayaking is made more fun when you are able to try out new locations. Owning a kayak trailer enables you to take multiple kayaks all at once to any location.

The best kayak trailer is the Malone Auto Racks MicroSport, which can transport 4 kayaks at once with a 350 LBS weight capacity and 5 year warranty.

Many people may argue that you can strap your kayak onto the roof of your vehicle. This may be the case with a single kayak but the effort involved of putting it onto the roof, strapping it down, scratching the car and safety concerns is not worth it.

Best Kayak Trailer Reviews

Kayak TrailerNumber of KayaksWeight Capacity
Malone Auto Racks MicroSport4350 LBS
Right On Rack Trailer6400 LBS
Malone XtraLight Base2275 LBS
Ironton Boat Trailer1+610 LBS
Yakima Rack and Roll 784300 LBS

Choosing the correct kayak trailer for your needs requires careful thought into the number of kayaks you will carry, the sizes of kayaks and other factors.

Trailers for kayaks are an expensive investment and its vital you choose the best. Galvanized frames, carrying handles and additional carriers for cargo boxes or bikes are just some features of the top rated kayak trailers that makes the difference between good and bad examples.

Trailers for kayaks have different weight capacities, kayak capacities, crossbar widths and trailer weights with many good examples available online. Below is a list of the best kayak trailers for transporting your kayaks safely to different locations.

Malone Auto Racks MicroSport Trailer Kayak

The Malone brand for kayak trailers is highly popular among the kayaking communities and there is many variations available. The Micro Sport is one of the favorites even with the expensive price tag but the high quality materials and attention to detail involved makes it a worthwhile investment.

You are able to mount 4 kayaks sideways onto this J-Pro2 carrier fairly easily and included are safety chains and straps to secure them down. In terms of the weight capacity, it weighs 197 LBS and is capable of carrying up to 350 LBS.

The marine grade galvanized steel frame is 78 inches wide and 164 inches long and will attach straight onto the majority of tow hitches. The Malone MicroSport Kayak trailer provides a 5 year warranty against the trailer, which is peace of mind baring in mind the cost of purchasing it.

Overall, it is the best kayak trailer you can buy with the ability to carry multiple kayaks securely and it comes with excellent warranty.

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Right On Trailer Rack

The Right On Trailer designed for kayaks, canoes and bikes is a rack style trailer that has a second tier to store more kayaks. The crossbars are 64 inch wide and support a range of roof rack accessories for those wanting to store other personal items.

The addition of the extra tier makes loading the trailer with kayaks much easier. If you want to take as many kayaks as possible, you can carry 6 kayaks with straps wrapped around the sides.

The trailer has its very own soft springs that absorb the vibrations from travelling to prevent the kayaks from moving. It is the best trailer for storing as many kayaks as possible and is fairly lightweight compared to many other two tier trailers.

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Malone XtraLight Base Trailer

The Malone XtraLight kayak trailer is basically a lightweight version of the Micro Sport trailer mentioned above. Not everyone will require (or want) the additional carriers and just want the base frame.

The trailer itself can carry up to 275 LBS and can hold kayaks up to 14 feet. The galvanized steel frame is powder coated and uses the standard T-Box design to store 4 kayaks securely.

Overall, the Malone XtraLight kayak is the best lightweight kayak trailer for the money. It is reasonably priced for a trailer built by the best kayak trailer brand, which of course is Malone.

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Ironton Personal Kayak Trailer Kit

The Ironton is a heavy duty kayak trailer that can be used for a range of watercraft and boat applications. It has a 610 LBS load capacity, which is much heavier than the other kayaking trailers.

In terms of the specification of this trailer, it is 126.75 inch long and 52.5 inches wide. The trailer includes lights, fenders and a 1 7/8 inch coupler for hitching up to your vehicles tow hitch and is completely road ready.

For those looking for a heavy load kayak trailer, the Ironton is the best buy. Although it is focused for a range of applications, storing multiple kayaks maybe slightly harder compared to the other trailers mentioned above. However, the low cost is very appealing to many large kayak owners.

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Yakima Rack and Roll 78

The Yakima Rack and Roll is a 78 inch wide anodized aluminum framed trailer with zinc plated steel fasteners that weighs just 160 LBS. It is capable of carrying 300 LBS of weight and has shock absorbers and independent soft suspension to reduce the vibrations when out on the road.

If you have Yakima carriers, this trailer has a dedicated design towards Yakima J and horizontal bars. There is also a clever mechanism that allows the whole trailer to collapse in seconds so that it can be stored in a smaller upright position.

Overall it is a good all round package but unless you have money to burn, it is a really expensive kayak trailer. The Malone and other trailers can do everything the Yakima Rack can do and you will have a lot of money left over. However, it is the easiest kayak trailer to store and this may be a feature you are wanting and this is the best at that particular functionality.

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Kayak Trailer Buying Guide

Transporting kayaks can be achieved in various ways that are safe (or unsafe) and using a trailer is the preferred method. Many people with just a single kayak can get away with simply placing the kayak on the roof, however overtime this becomes more of a chore and ruins your vehicles roof paintwork and requires more effort.

Choosing a kayak trailer that fits your needs and you will not regret buying a few months down the line can be tricky. If you are not familiar with trailers whatsoever, it is made even harder as you will need to get your head around the trailer aspects.

You may have just bought the best kayak to use and you want to match it with the best kayak trailer you can find. Below are some factors to increase your knowledge about what trailer fits your needs.

The Number of Kayaks

Nine times out of ten you will be purchasing a trailer because you have more than one kayak that you want to take to the lakes. After all, kayaking is more enjoyable when there is more of you doing it. However, this poses a problem as there may be a limited number of kayak spaces available.

The majority of kayak trailers will be able to hold at least 4 kayaks and more when strapped securely. Try not to overload to kayak as the last thing you want to happen is for it to fall off as you are travelling at high speeds.

Kayak Size on the Trailer

All trailers that are targeting the kayaking world will be able to carry single and tandem kayaks. The length varies greatly on all trailers, with some being extra long and others being smaller so they are easy to maneuver and store.

It takes a small amount of time to measure up your kayak and all trailers will have there own measurements, so its always worth double checking.

Weight Capacity

All trailers will have a weight capacity rating that should be stuck too for safe carrying of your precious kayaks. Almost every trailer for a kayak you find will be able to accommodate 2 kayaks but if you are planning on carrying a large amount, ensure the weight is not too heavy for the trailer.

Trailer Frame and Wheels

As the trailers are made from steel or aluminum in premium models, you will want to ensure that they are protected against corrosion. As they will be in and out of the water, salt and other debris will latch on to the steel, which will cause damage.

Always ensure that the frame is galvanized and you will not need to worry about corrosion of the frame. However, you will want to ensure the trailer is up to scratch as many require work with the hubs requiring a trailer hub kit to repair corroded or non functioning wheel hubs.

On the topic of wheels, there are many wheels designed for road or rougher terrain. If you will be using a lightweight trailer, you will have smaller tires installed, which makes handling the trailer easier. General wear and tear will occur over the years and many thousands miles, so its critical you keep check and upgrade to high quality trailer tires when there are any defects.

Additional Features

The bare bones of a kayaking trailer is the galvanized steel frame but there are many other different types. For storing more than 2, usually there will be a rack with multiple tiers for storing more kayaks on the trailer.

If you are planning on carrying multiple kayaks, its critical that there is soft padding to prevent any damage to the kayak as it will be hitting the steel frame otherwise. Trailer manufacturers offer many accessories along with the trailer and many are very useful.

Easy to Move

The reason you are buying a trailer for a kayak is to make your life easier and not even harder. Ensuring your trailer is easy to maneuver when fully loaded is vital and this includes when driving on the road to moving around in the boat yard.

Nowadays many kayak trailers come with independent suspension to soften the bumps in the road and reduce vibration. This reduces the risks of the kayaks knocking into one and other causing damage and is a desirable feature.


Storing the kayak trailer when not in use is often an afterthought and considering they are an expensive bulky item, its something you will want to store safely. Luckily, many high end kayaking trailers come with a folding functionality, which does save room but many do not.

Sadly, trailers are something that many criminals will steal if they are not secured properly. It is always advised to purchase additional security i.e. padlock or clamp that will ensure it is not stolen if left outside.

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