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5 Best Subwoofers For Boats 2020

Subwoofers for boats can take the strain from the other speakers in order to provide a deeper and crisper sound. Marine subwoofers include additional waterproof protection and marine-grade materials for safe usage on boats.

The best marine subwoofer is the JL Audio 10″ M10W5-SG with a peak power rating of 500W and 250W RMS, which provides the highest quality bass.

If you have already kitted your boat out with the latest marine speakers but still lacking bass, a marine subwoofer is exactly what you need.

There are various sizes and models available but as with any audio, the quality is dependent upon the budget.

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Best Marine Subwoofers

Marine SubwooferRMSAmp Included
JL Audio M10W5-SG-WH250WNo
Bazooka MBTA10250D275WYes
Alpine SWR-M100300WNo
Kenwood P-WD250MRW200WYes

Compared with a standard subwoofer, marine subwoofers have been designed to withstand water, salt, UV rays, and other damp environment factors.

They are slightly more expensive but you are paying for the weatherproofing technology.

For those looking for the most powerful marine speakers you can buy, the two figures you will want to look out for are peak power and RMS.

Both are important but if the RMS power is high then the bass quality and power will be greater.

Whether you are having a boat party, wakeboarding or just enjoy loud music, a subwoofer can make a huge difference.

Below is a list of the best marine subwoofers that provide deep bass and retain high-quality audio.

JL Audio 10″ Marine Subwoofer

best marine subwoofer you can buy

The M10W5-SG-WH model by JL Audio is one of the most powerful marine subwoofers they produce with a peak power rating of 500W and RMS Power of 250W.

It boasts a single 4 ohms impedance from the 10-inch subwoofer, which is recommended for sealed enclosures for maximum durability.

JL Audio is known as one of the best brands in the audio industry and everything they produce is of high quality.

It is no different with this marine subwoofer, it has high-quality stainless steel backplates, gold plated brass binding posts and uses fully marine-grade materials.

If the quality of bass from the subwoofer is crucial, the M10W5-SG-WH model is the best buy with an injection-molded Micra-filled polypropylene woofer.

Overall, it is the best marine subwoofer you can buy with no other subwoofer coming close to the quality of this JL Audio woofer.

It does, however, have one major drawback and that is, of course, the price but high-quality bass comes at a price.

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Bazooka MBTA10250D Marine Bass Tube

best marine amplifier and subwoofer

The Bazooka is a bass tube that is available in both 100W and 250W peak power ratings, with the latter being the most desirable.

For those that do not want to do any crazy installation such as drilling or creating enclosures, the Bazooka is ideal.

Included is a class D amplifier, which powers the 10-inch subwoofer to reach a powerful 200W RMS.

The amplifier is often a component novice audio installers forget and it can be expensive for certain audio systems but it is included with the Bazooka, making it a reasonable price marine subwoofer system.

So that this marine subwoofer is safe in water environments, it has a waterproof woofer, stainless steel hardware, weather-resistant Velcro and is salt, fog and UV certified.

It even includes reinforced straps so that you can securely strap it to the boat.

Overall, it is the best marine amplifier and subwoofer with its deep bass and high-quality audio from the class D amplifier that is included.

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Alpine SWR-M100 Boat Subwoofer

best marine subwoofer for the money

For boat owners wanting something special but cannot stretch to the price of the JL Audio alternative, the Apline SWR-M100 is ideal.

It is a high output bass speaker with high excursion capabilities, which is the perfect recipe for maximum bass.

In terms of the specifications, the SWR-M100 series produces 300W RMS and 900W peak power, which is very powerful for a reasonably priced marine subwoofer.

It will never compare against the JL Audio’s quality because that is in a different league but the Alpine alternative is certainly the best alternative.

Considering the price difference, it is the best marine subwoofer for the money and provides excellent powerful bass from the 10-inch woofer.

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Kenwood P-WD250MRW Sub and Amp Package

best cheap marine subwoofer

Kenwood is known for developing good value marine audio equipment and their marine subwoofers are no different.

The P-WD250MRW series has a peak power rating of 200W and a 50-200W RMS for high-quality bass.

Included is a Kac-210MR mono amplifier, which is fairly small in size and boosts the quality of the audio.

The subwoofer itself is designed for free-air applications and doesn’t require mounting inside a subwoofer box, which is great for placing anywhere on your boat.

If the Bazooka marine subwoofer is too expensive, then this Kenwood alternative is the much better option.

It is the best cheap marine subwoofer that includes an amplifier to power the 10-inch woofer to a 100W RMS.

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PYLE PLMRW8 Marine Subwoofer

 a cheap marine sub-woofer

If you are on a tight budget and require a powerful subwoofer, Pyle offers a range of subwoofers. They include an 8 inch/400W, 10 inch/500W, and a 12 inch/600W.

All are constructed with marine-grade materials and use a high-quality polypropylene cone.

The 8 inch is the cheapest marine subwoofer. It has a peak power output of 400W and RMS 200W, which is still fairly powerful for the price.

Overall, it is a cheap marine subwoofer that can be bought in bulk to provide powerful bass all around the boat.

It is clearly not going to match up against the JL Audio alternative. It will certainly improve any boat audio system without any bass.

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Marine Subwoofer Buying Guide

If you need bass within your audio setup, the subwoofer is the first component you should upgrade.

Subwoofers for boats are becoming more popular. Boosting the bass with a marine subwoofer can make a huge difference to outdoor parties.

Choosing the best subwoofer for your boat can be fairly difficult if you are new to the world of audio installations.

There are various terms you will come across such as peak power, RMS and impedance, and others. All the main factors are discussed below.

Power Ratings

There are two power ratings that you should take note of when choosing a marine subwoofer.

These are RMS power ratings and peak power. The majority of brands will clearly state the values as labels on the back of the subwoofer.

RMS stands for “Root Mean Square” and is simply an equation for the best value of the waveform. This is required for a recommended power rating.

It is measured in watts but some brands do calculate the value differently, so keep an eye out for that.

The Peak Power rating is usually the largest number on the subwoofer. In short, it is how loud the subwoofer can go without blowing.

Of course, you will need a matching marine stereo head unit and amplifier in order to play it to high quality too.


Impedance is a measurement of electrical resistance, which is measured in ohms. Most high-quality subwoofers have an impedance rating of 4 ohms.

If you are using an expensive amplifier, they may require a particular electrical resistance in order to work properly. That is fairly important if you are wanting powerful bass.

Marine Subwoofer Installation

Setting the marine subwoofer up on the boat can be easy in most cases. It is all dependent upon the setup of your boat.

You might have very little hands-on knowledge of installing audio equipment. In this case, it may be best going for a plug and play subwoofer such as the Bazooka.

However, it is fairly basic wiring and can be set up much easier than you expect.

Mounting is the hardest part of the installation. You will want a snug fit so that it looks good on board your boat.

However, it is still nothing to worry about. Just ensure you take proper measurements of the speaker before causing any permanent damage.

Marine Grade Materials

Many people will focus on just water-resistant or waterproof materials but there is more to it.

UV can cause bad damage to speakers. So can various other factors that come from being in the marine environment.

Before purchasing a marine subwoofer, ensure that it is salt, fog and UV certified as well as waterproof.


Adding a marine subwoofer to your audio setup on your boat for additional bass is a worthwhile investment.

It can be done cheaply or properly at a cost with brands such as JL Audio and Kenwood producing top of the range examples.

If you are going to be drilling into your boat, you will want to install the best you can find. It’s highly recommended to do so.

It is tempting to install an automotive or even home subwoofer to your boat. Sure, it will work if it’s covered.

However, the boat is surrounded in a wet environment the majority of the time. The UV will also cause damage to overtime.

It is simply not worth it and a powerful marine subwoofer is all geared up ready for the marine environment.

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