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5 Best Boat Trailer Dollies 2019

The use of a trailer dolly assists with your efforts of maneuvering your trailer around the boat yard or its storage location. There are many heavy duty trailer dollies but for boats, kayaks and other water applications, the extra weight capacity is not required.

The best boat trailer dolly is the Tow Tuff Adjustable with a weight capacity of 800 LBS and features two 12 inch wheels and a swivel caster.

Navigating your boat trailer into tight spaces on your own is quite difficult and cannot be done with your vehicle. The use of a dolly for a boat trailer simplifies the movement within a tight space and is a worthwhile investment.

Best Trailer Dollies For Boats

Trailer DollyWeight CapacityWheels
Tow Tuff HD1,000 LBS3
Trailer Valet XL10,000 LBS2
MaxxHaul 70225600 LBS2
Giantex600 LBS2
Yaheetech 600 LBS2

A trailer dolly for your boat can come in a range of designs and features depending upon your budget. Adjustability, additional wheels and even electric motors are extras to the standard trailer dolly.

For boat owners looking for a cheap trailer dolly, only two wheels will be within budget but you will still be able to move the majority of boats and trailers.

A solid construction that is easy to assemble and will be durable for many years of usage is highly desirable. below is a list of the best trailer dollies for boats that will make maneuvering in tight spaces much easier.

Tow Tuff HD Adjustable Trailer Dolly

The HD Dolly Adjustable Trailer Moves with Caster by Tow Tuff is a unique three wheel dolly with a 1,000 LBS weight capacity and adjustable ball height from 21 to 33 inches. There is two 16 inch flat free tires and a single 10 inch swivel caster.

The dolly is made from a heavy duty steel frame with a hammer tone that is powder coated to protect against corrosion. This Tow Tuff boat trailer dolly comes with a 1 year limited warranty and it is built to last.

In terms of usability, there is a 40 inch handle, 21 to 33 inch adjustability, caster wheel for heavy loads and flat-free tires that will travel over all terrain. All of these features compile together to become a very easy to use trailer dolly for boats.

Overall, it is the best trailer dolly for boats and other application with it ticking every box in terms of boating. However, the Tow Tuff HD Adjustable Trailer Dolly is not exactly cheap but this is overpowered by the benefits.

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Trailer Valet XL Motorized Trailer Dolly

For those looking for something special, the Trailer Valet XL is a motorized boat trailer dolly that uses a drill attachment to get things moving. It is capable of moving trailers with a gross weight capacity of 10,000 LBS, which is seriously impressive.

In order to handle the 10,000 LBS weight capacity, the wheel use “Never Flat” solid rubber tires and roll smoothly on flat packed surfaces. With automatic brakes, the trailer will also never roll freely, which is a big safety bonus for many on declines.

Using your vehicle to move your large vessel is fairly difficult and made worse when you need to move it into a tight space. The Trailer Valet XL is a premium motorized trailer dolly that can easily accomplish the maneuvering and can be the difference between finding a new storage location or selling your pride and joy (which you wont want to do of course).

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MaxxHaul 70225 Trailer Dolly

The MaxxHaul is a cheaper alternative to the Tow Tuff model shown above and is perfect for moving boats around with ease. It is a two wheel design that is capable of moving trailers up to 600 LBS in gross weight.

Both the wheels are 12 inches and use pneumatic tires for easy movement across all terrains. It is a heavy duty trailer dolly with a steel frame construction, which has a powder coated finish for maximum protection in all weathers.

For the money, you cannot beat the affordability of the MaxxHaul 70225. It is the best cheap boat trailer dolly you can buy and for this reason its high popular worldwide.

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Giantex Trailer Hand Dolly

The Giantex is the cheapest boat trailer dolly available and features a heavy duty steel frame that can hold up to 600 LBS in gross weight. The two 10.5 x 3.5 pneumatic tires are durable and run smoothly on all terrains without any issues.

Unlike the other alternatives, this has an extra long handle, which for many boat owners will be easier for manual maneuvering in tight spaces.

For those on a strict budget that are looking for a low cost trailer dolly, the Giantex is a great example of what can be bought for very little. It is simple to assemble and you can be moving trailers in less than 20 minutes of putting it together.

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Yaheetech Heavy Duty Trailer Dolly

The Yaheetech is another boat trailer dolly that has a weight capacity of 600 LBS but its made from an iron construction as opposed to steel. It is then powder coated for protection against corrosion so that it is long lasting.

Considering the high quality of the materials, the price is quite surprising and it is a worthwhile investment, especially for those that feel their back is taking a punishment from pulling trailers around without a trailer dolly.

The Yaheetech and Giantex are both very similar in terms of the construction and pricing. Either of these models will not disappoint and offer a cheap way into using a trailer dolly for your boat.

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Boat Trailer Dolly Buying Guide

Giving your back a break from the punishment of dragging the trailer and boat from the water will require a dolly. A trailer dolly is a wheeled construction with a handle up high for the user and a leverage point down low that connects to the trailer. They come in a range of forms and even motorized with the use of an electric drill to spin a mechanism.

The heavy duty construction will usually consist of a long handle, two or three wheels and a tow hitch that you attach to your trailer.

Once connected, you are able to drag the boat to wherever you need to place it. The dolly is far easy to maneuver than a vehicle, which means placing the boat into storage, which may be a tight space is much easier.

Of course, it is not always that straight forward as you will want a trailer dolly that is correct for your boat. Below are some factors that you should consider before taking the plunge on the first one that you think is suitable.

Weight Capacity

If you are not in a good physical state to be pulling boats from slipways or around the boat yard, you shouldn’t really worry too much about the 5,000 LBS and over loads. However, trailers without the boats usually weigh less than 500 LBS.

Motorized trailer dollies such as the Trailer Valet can handle 10,000 LBS without breaking a sweat but it is very expensive and out of budget for many boat owners. The third wheel found on some trailer dollies often increases the weight capacity from the 600 region to above 1,000 LBS.


Adjusting the hitch to the meet the trailer earlier without having to push the handle all the way down makes things much easier. Those finding themselves connecting to the trailer in different situations, especially on uneven grounds may find this feature very useful.


The Trailer Valet XL is a clear winner in terms of weight capacity and having the ability to crank the mechanics using a drill but the price is simply too expensive to be classed as the best trailer dolly. For this reason, the Tow Tuff is the best buy for its all round abilities but of course, if you can stretch your budget as far as the Trailer Valet XL, it is definitely the ultimate toy in the world of trailer dollies.

What Are Your Thoughts?

  1. Hey Morgan. so looking at the various type of trailer dollies that are available I’m trying to decide which one will be able to handle my 22′ walk-around boat and trailer. Manufacturer dry weight is 2200 LBS and then I have to account for the trailer as well. Would these low cost dollies such as the Giantex and the TowTuff really handle this kind of weight without having to put an extra strain on your back? or would this type of weight require one of the more expensive battery powered dollies that says it can handle 5,000+ LBS. Please let me know your opinion.

    1. Hey Neisha – Manufacturer guidelines are only their to cover themselves really but I think the TowTuff will probably handle that amount of weight. Of course, it will be fairly tasking pulling that weight with a manual trailer dolly.

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