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Ultimate Guide To Boat Upgrades and Maintainence

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At The Marine Lab, a large proportion of the articles are related to boat parts, upgrades, modifications, maintenance and more.

Just like a car on the road, boats require regular servicing. Parts break from time to time and require replacing.

In the US, some of the most popular boats include pontoon, cabin cruisers, sail, bowriders, fishing boats, flats boats, speed boats, trawlers, runabouts and of course, the inflatable boat.

All of these boats require maintenance of some sort and can be upgraded with various parts as shown below.

Failing to take care of your boat can be far more problematic too. If you were to break down in the middle of the sea, it can be difficult to call for help.

Of course, there’s more technology available now. You are able to request help using a VHF, EPIRB, and other communication devices.

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The motor of any boat is the main talking point when it comes to maintenance.

Outboard motors come in a range of capacities. Many speed boats may have multiple for extra speed on the waves.

They are one of the most expensive components of your boat. It’s worthwhile investing in the upkeep with regular servicing.


Boats will spend the majority of the time outside. This means they require protection from both UV rays and water, which can find its way inside the cabin and other electrics.

The effects of this mean that the boat will become “weathered” from being in the marine environment.

Spending time and cleaning your boat with various polishes and interior cleaners can revive its factory finish. It also increases the resale value.

Boat detailing is a big business with a wide array of products available on the market.

Boat Maintenance


Installing various speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and the top of the range stereo may not be for every boat owner.

However, for those that love music, investing in a quality boat audio setup can make riding the waves far more enjoyable.

Of course, you may be tempted to use a cheaper automotive audio setup but you will soon find yourself replacing them.

This is because they are not designed for the marine environment as they will not be able to handle the UV rays from the sun or water being splashed against them.


Technology has become far more advanced over the last century and has made the world of boating not only safer but more enjoyable.

From devices that help anglers find fish to communication devices that will call for help in an emergency.

Your budget will play a big part as some of the latest and most advanced boating technology is not what you call cheap.


Upgrading parts of your boat that include anything from the bilge pump to ladders to get in and out can make a huge difference.

There are hundreds of different parts that are available for your boat where some are luxuries and others are essentials.

Investing in quality parts will see far fewer issues and the old saying “buy cheap, buy twice” is very relevant within the boating industry.