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Ultimate Guide To Boat Detailing

Detailing a boat can be hard work and having the correct tools will save a large amount of time. For example, imagine working in a detailing product into the hull of the boat without a boat buffer and doing it all by hand. This would not take hours but more like days of hard work and you will not achieve the same finish either.

Improving the appearance of your boat with simple detailing products that are designed for the marine environment can make a big difference. Both the exterior and interior of your boat will require detailing at some point and having the correct products for the job makes the job far easier.

Boat Polish

Before you begin to wax your boat, its important that you have removed any defect in the hull or gelcoat beforehand. The UV light can cause deterioration and fading of the fiberglass and an abrasive boat compound will be required to restore the fiberglass body back to the factory finish.

Using the best boat polish, you are able to remove heavy oxidization, fading and other defect fairly easily. Using a buffer will result in easier and better results but if its only a small portion, there is no harm applying the polish by hand.

Depending upon the defects, you may want to choose a more abrasive polish in some cases. For example, if you are moored up to the dock, collisions between boats is fairly common and paint can rub into your boats hull. This may require a stronger polish to remove completely. Some polishes can even be used on various other surfaces but be sure to check the instructions beforehand.

boat detailing

Boat Wax

To reduce the damaging effects of the marine environment and UV rays, we highly recommend you use the best boat wax you can buy. This will provide adequate protection and improve the shine of your boat.

As with the polish, it can be applied via a machine buffer or by hand but depending upon the size of your boat, you may want to choose the buffer option.

In terms of the wax, you can opt for various types that include synthetic, paste and quick spray with some being more effective than others.

Deck of the Boat

Just like fiberglass, the deck of the boat can become weathered overtime due to general wear and tear and the UV rays. By using a durable, non slip deck paint, you are able to revive the deck and ensure it is capable of withstanding a large amount of foot traffic and general wear and tear.

You will also have the option of choosing various different colors that may suit your boat decor more than the original paint that was on the deck.


Detailing your boat on a regular basis ensures that it is protected from the harsh marine environment and of course looks great on the water. Faded fiberglass and dirty upholstery does not do any favors but is easily improved when using the right boat detailing products. You can view all our boat detailing articles that will give you various choices when it comes to cleaning your own boat.