10 Ways to Prevent Galvanic Corrosion on Boats

Did you know there are more ways to prevent galvanic corrosion from happening on your boat? When you hear the word corrosion, you probably think about the rustling of iron and steel. In general, corrosion involves rustling, but in a more specific sense, corrosion means the natural process of converting metals into its more stable […]

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What is the Cause of Most Boating Accidents?

Boating rocks! You know that. But you must also know that boating accidents happen and you need to do everything in your power to avoid them. Nevertheless, you’ve probably asked yourself why these water accidents happen anyway.  While there might be hundreds of unpredictable things that can lead to boating accidents, we’ve decided to list […]

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Boat Teak Decking Basics. A Quick Guide.

Teak decking for your boat is a perfect choice as teak wood has natural properties that make it ideal for deck application. Teak is naturally water-resistant, essential in boat decking. This excellent wood will not warp or crack when in wet environments.  Teak seems to be made specifically for boats as the wood itself does […]

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How to secure boat before the storm

12 Tips to Secure Your Boat in The Storm

Boating is fun and exciting, but not until bad weather comes and you realize you did not secure your boat in the storm. Boating in the storm is risky because it may pose life threats. That’s why it is essential to develop a storm preparedness plan when boating in the storm. Whether you are a […]

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Flats Boat in Florida Mangroves

The Best-Rated Flats Boat Accessories and Parts

One of the best and most durable fishing boats, flats boats are invaluable for fishing skinny water.  These boats are perfect to use in protected, shallow waters that are less than a foot deep.  Equipped with an outboard engine for propulsion, a flats boat can accommodate two to three people and be maneuvered with a […]

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First-time boat owner and his family aboard a newly-bought boat

First-time Boat Owner Must-have Items Checklist

More than the boat itself, having critical items and accessories is vital for all boat owners. If you’re new to boating, you might want to start your list of first-time boat owner must-haves. We have gathered the best boating accessories for new boat owners. We hope that this will give you a head start on […]

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Boat dock hydrant station

Boat Fire Protection Checklist

Being surrounded by water does not equate to being fireproof; isolation from the land makes your situation even more dangerous. Factor in as well all the flammable items you have onboard. It’s literally “playing with fire” when you embark without going through your fire protection checklist. 6 Sure-Fire Causes of Boat Fire “Knowledge is power.” […]

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Boat on a Boat Lift by the lake

What Is a Boat Lift and Why You Need It

Many boat owners are unaware of why boat lifts are important to keep on their property. In this guide, we will describe and talk about the different types of boat lifts. We’ll go through why it is good to have one and what features to look for. With this information, you will soon be able […]

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Effects of water pollution visible in the water near boats in the marina

How To Reduce Water Pollution When Boating

You love your boat, and you love nature. You know that your actions in and out of your boat can increase or decrease water pollution and therefore have an impact on the environment. And yes, you want to accentuate the positive and minimize the negative. In the United States, over 11.85 million people own a […]

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Hand sanitizer bottle on wooden table in tourist boat for passenger washing hands to help stop spreading outbreak coronavirus covid-19, selective focused , steering wheel and seat blurred background.

Onboard Personal Hygiene Checklist

If you consider yourself a boater you know how important personal hygiene is while onboard. What you are about to read is not brand new information. Whether you spend hours or weeks on your boat, alone or with your friends, fishing or just sunbathing, there are certain on-boat hygiene basic rules to consider. This might […]

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