5 Best Boat Rod Holders – Our Top Recommendations

Having one of the best boat rod holders along when you go fishing can increase your chances of success and enjoyment when you are out on the water. Rod holders are an invaluable tool that can give you a hands-free approach while waiting for the big one to bite. We feel that the Scotty #230 […]

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The Best Collapsible Backpacking Fishing Pole

Like most anglers, when out in nature, you want to fish should the occasion arise, and a backpacking fishing pole will allow you to do just that. Being a lightweight, budget-friendly, and telescopic fishing rod, the PLUSINNO Fishing Rod is our favorite rod to take along on any backpacking trip. With a rod that collapses […]

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Jet Ski Fishing Accessories: Our Top Recommendations

Water sports enthusiasts and experienced anglers enjoy the thrill of fishing with a jet ski as a way to get around. Jet skis are great for navigating small waterways, which allow you to go to hard-to-access fishing spots.  This fuel-efficient watercraft is also preferred by many because it is faster than a regular boat. And […]

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How to Use a Fish Stringer [Keep Your Fish Fresh]

Thank God there’s a tool that helps you both enjoy the day on the water fishing and keep your catch fresh. It’s called a fish stringer. But you already know that. The question is: how to use a fish stringer the best way? Fortunately, keeping your catch fresh is relatively easy when you use a […]

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Ice Fishing Gear List: Our Best Recommendations

Ice fishing, in the past years, has gained popularity as a fun extreme weather activity. But to stand the activity for a longer period, you need the right ice fishing essentials to keep you going. What do you need for this one-of-a-kind activity? Here is an ice fishing gear list – our best recommendations! Portable […]

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Wading Boots

The Best Wading Boots

Wading boots are designed to be worn along with fishing waders and they ensure you are kept dry and have superior traction whilst walking or wading through the water. Many come with interchangeable studs for additional traction when needed. The best wading boots are the Redington Fly Fishing Skagit that is compatible with studs and […]

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best fishing float tube

5 Best Fishing Float Tubes

For those that are on a limited budget and do not want to spend large quantities of money on an inflatable boat, there is an alternative. This comes in the form of a fishing float tube, which can are great for bass and fly fishing due to the design. The best fishing float tube is […]

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best boat fish finder

5 Best Fish Finder GPS Combos

Fishing is more fun when you can pinpoint the position of the fish. Using a top-rated fish finder you are able to navigate and find the type of fish you wish to catch. The best fish finder for boats is the Lowrance HDS-7 Gen-3 with built-in Bluetooth, WiFi, CHIRP sonar and impressive 7-inch display. If your […]

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