Get Ready For The Boating Season With These 10 Inflatable Boat Accessories

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Spring is almost here, and now is the time to get ready for the season with the inflatable boat accessories that you will need. 

Having the right inflatable dinghy accessories will give you a jump on the season and let you get out on the water without delay. 

Accessories for inflatable boats make life on the water so much easier and more enjoyable. We have listed ten small inflatable boat accessories that will be both practical and save you time and money. 

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#1 Boatify SunShade Top Portable Bimini Top

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Fun in the sun can sometimes be too much sun! With a Sun Shade portable Bimini top, you can enjoy being on the water without getting burned. 

Made from marine-grade polyester, the 600D canopy is poly-coated (PU). This coating is applied to one side of the material to make it flexible and water-resistant. 

Choose from 2 bow (fits 7.5 to 11feet) or 3 bow (fits 12 – 13 feet). This dinghy accessory will make your time on the water even more pleasant with protection from the sun and rain. 

#2 Newport Vessels Dinghy Bow Storage Bag

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There is gear that you need to take along in your inflatable or dinghy. But that needed gear can be a nuisance and take up precious space. 

With this boat bow storage bag, you can keep all of those valuables safe and in one spot, taking the hassle out of taking along those items. 

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Made from durable polyester canvas with internal PVC coating, the bag is water-resistant. With the included alloy carabiners and nylon straps, you can secure the bag in the bow of your inflatable or dinghy. 

#3 Seamax Sunlitec Inflatable Boat Bench Seat Cushion

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When you need a bench seat in your inflatable boat, the Seamax seat cushion will serve you well and is made in 6 different sizes to fit almost all inflatable boats. 

Made from marine-grade foam with a detachable under-seat storage bag, this storage bag has a shoulder strap for carrying elsewhere. Three Velcro pads make quick installation of the cushion to the boat bench seat. 

There are two pockets and a cup holder on the front of this inflatable bench seat. This seat is a great way to add extra storage and give you a comfy place to sit at the same time, and well suited to an inflatable.

#4 C-Level, Inc 3 Point Dinghy Towing Bridle

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When you want to take your dinghy or inflatable with you, you can tow it behind your boat with this towing bridle. 

This accessory for the dinghy is a C-level 3-point dinghy towing bridle designed for inflatable boats and tenders that have two towing rings and one bow eye. 

Three attachment points on the boat being towed provide greater stability and safety. The adjustable middle leg allows for even pulling, and the yellow float keeps the bridle from sinking. 

#5 Inflatable Boat Dinghy Rack

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The Dinghy Rack is a support system for inflatable boats to be secured to your vessel. These soft, durable foam brackets for inflatable dinghies are made from marine-grade foam and eliminate permanent chocks’ need. 

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The design allows for installation with the dinghy in the upright position. The brackets prevent bow damage from oarlocks and transoms. The dinghy will sit two to three inches above the bow. 

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#6 Inflatable Boat Rib Mount Rod Holder

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Supply your own glue to adhere to the fitting for this glue-on rod holder for ribs. The deck mount and rod holder fits permanently and securely to any inflatable when you use marine glue. 

The mount is adjustable to multiple vertical or horizontal positions. Made from fiber-glass injected nylon construction, the holder has a 360-degree adjustable rotation and ALOCK rod secure rig.  

#7 GY Air Valves Halkey-Roberts

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An air valve is essential to holding the air in any inflatable, so you need a valve to stand up to the pressure. The Halkey-Roberts (or HR valve) is a high-pressure one-way valve that is one of the most popular for inflatable boats. These valves were made to handle high-pressure without breaking. 

They are also one-way, so the air will go in, but not out of the valve. The locking mechanism inside them holds back any air that tries to escape. Your inflatable is only as good as its valve, so go with the best. 

#8 YYST D Ring Patch PVC Inflatable Boat

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If you need D-rings or even additional D-rings, the YYST D rings will answer that problem. This kit includes 4 D-ring patches that will be perfect for inflatables, dinghies, Sups, and other applications. 

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You will be able to position these rings where it is most convenient for you; just make sure you purchase marine glue to adhere them with.

#9 Gradient Fitness Marine Folding Anchor

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Just the right size for taking along! The Gradient anchor folds up for compactness and convenience. 

It comes with its own padded drawstring storage bag that is only 12″ by 3″, so easy to take along on your inflatable boat. 

The rust-resistant anchor has 25 feet of marine-grade rope and a PVC flotation buoy. The stainless steel snap hook will make for quick and easy connections to your boat. 

#10 Newport Vessels Inflatable Dinghy Boat Cover

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With all the accessories that are handy for your dinghy, the one that you should not do without is a cover! This Newport cover will protect your dinghy or inflatable from excess UV rays with its 

D grade polyester. 

A durable buckle and strap system allows this cover to fit most brands and models of inflatables. 

Double-stitched with interlocked seams, the Newport cover offers excellent durability and ventilation. The cover comes with its own mesh carrying bag for easy storage when not in use. 

In Conclusion

Having accessories for inflatables solves problems, saves you aggravation, and makes your time on the water much more stress-free and enjoyable. 

Get ready now as spring is on the horizon, and these inflatable accessories will give you a head-start when it comes to being prepared for the season.  

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