best funny boat names

Funny Boat Name Ideas

Boat names always take a while to find one that you like but for those that don’t take it too seriously, there are a whole range of funny boat names that will bring a smile to peoples faces. Whether you are adding the name to your yacht or inflatable dinghy, there are non-permanent methods of […]

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vhf marine radio functionality

VHF Marine Radio Functionality

Installing a marine VHF radio on board your boat in either a fixed or handheld form is highly recommended. You cannot predict when you may find yourself in trouble and if you do not have any way of calling for help, you will be in serious trouble. This article is for those requiring further information regarding […]

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what causes boat to capsize

What Do I Do If My Boat Capsizes?

Capsizing your boat is a scary experience that you will not want to repeat. Even for experienced swimmers and boaters, there will always be an element of fear as the boat turns over. So, you might be wondering – What do I do if my boat capsizes? The most common cause of a boat capsizing […]

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