Best Easy Grip Slip-Resistant Overshoes For Extra Safety

Best Easy Grip Slip-Resistant Overshoes For Extra Safety

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The slip-resistant overshoes are not optional on slippery or greasy boat surfaces. They can save your life!

In order to prevent accidents, you will need to wear overboots or slip-resistant overshoes.

They will be able to keep your feet and shoes dry in any terrain and prevent you from falling and receiving any severe injuries.

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Product Reviews

Slip-Resistant OvershoesPreviewFeature
USHTH Safety reflector on heel
VXARPortable foldable and reusable
Servus SuperFitMolded boot buttons
Whose LemonThicken rubber sole
NEOS 11″ VillagerLow profile Superlite outsole

#1. USHTH Black Waterproof Rain Boot Shoe Cover with reflector

The USHTH Black Waterproof Rain Boot is a shoe cover that is designed with a safety reflector on the heel and 100% high elastic PVC materials.

The waterproof PVC material will be able to keep your footwear dry when you’re on your boat or in any other weather conditions or terrain.

Its versatility means you can use it for both everyday purposes and traveling, cycling, hiking, etc. as well.

With its wide mouth design, you’ll find it easy to put on and take off. Adjust the elastic band to achieve a comfortable fit.


  • Designed with a non-slip rubber bottom
  • Anti-skid compatibilities
  • Fully adjustable


  • May run too small for some shoe sizes

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#2. VXAR Rain Shoe Cover Waterproof Overshoe Black 3XL

VXAR Rain Shoe Cover Waterproof Overshoe Black 3XL

The VXAR Rain Shoe Cover is a 100% waterproof overshoe cover that is lightweight, foldable, and economically safe to use.

Store it in the free waterproof bag after use. Increase the durability and life of your footwear by protecting them with these high-quality overshoe covers. They also slip on and off quickly and easily.


  • High durability with no tears or leaks after many uses
  • Designed with professional PVC material
  • Easily adjustable


  • May wear out quickly

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#3. Servus SuperFit 12″ PVC Dual Compound Men’s Overboots

Protect your valuable work boots or recreational footwear from water, dirt, mud, and other deteriorating elements with Servus SuperFit 12 in. PVC Dual-Compound Men’s Overboots. 

Featuring a unique oversized design, these overboots can be slipped over your largest work boots with ease. 

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Extra-large kick-off lugs allow you to remove them hands-free, so your hands stay clean even when your shoes are dirty. Designed as an extra level of defense for any outdoor boots, these PVC overboots provide 100% waterproof protection from the elements. 

The unique PVC dual compound formulation creates a comfortable stretchy top and an extra-durable outsole to make them last longer.

Honeywell Servus is a quality PVC line of footwear, offering a wide range of protection from liquid and chemical hazards ranging from organic, common in petrochemical and food processing industries, to acids and oils in heavy manufacturing industries. 

Honeywell Servus Boots are constructed with the finest materials to ensure optimal durability, protection, and comfort.


  • 100% waterproof protection
  • Grip outsole adds extra traction and footing
  • The oversize design fits over work boots or recreational footwear


  • Some users find the boot a bit hard to get on and off

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#4. Rain Boot Waterproof Shoes Cover

Rain Boot Waterproof Shoes Cover Reusable PVC Rubber Sole Overshoes Galoshes XXXXL

These Whose Lemon overshoes are simple, fuss-free, and affordable. Lightweight, durable, and completely waterproof, they do the job well and help your feet remain comfortable and dry.

It can easily be folded and conveniently stored inside a backpack or carrying case once you are finished with them.


  • Slip-resistant thickened sole
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Comes with a full money-back guarantee


  • May need to pay attention to the size

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#5. NEOS 11″ Villager Waterproof Overshoes

NEOS 11" Villager Nylon All Season Waterproof Overshoes (VIS1), XXL

The Neos 11″ Village Nylon overshoes are great to use for all seasons in any outdoor weather.

The nylon material is also windproof and will not get caught on thistles or brush.

The hook and loop strap system on these overshoes will ensure that they remain secure over your footwear while providing an extra level of comfort.

You also get a tough 160 denier nylon outer layer and a waterproof membrane for adequate water-resistant protection.


  • Slip-resistant
  • Tough and hardy nylon upper layer
  • Lightweight design protects against fatigue


  • They can produce a lot of noise

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Slip-Resistant Overshoes Buying Guide

Slip-resistant overshoes are perfect to use for any season or on your boat. Most of them can be folded and stored easily too.

In this guide, we’ll show you the best slip-resistant overshoes, and talk about their importance. We will also give you some tips.

Importance of Anti-slip Overshoes


Anti-slip overshoes will help you, and your boat shoes remain safe in wet, muddy, and slippery terrain,  especially when you’re out on the boat.

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The extra level of safety will prove to be exceptionally beneficial. Being equipped with anti-slip overshoes will help you remain resistant to slipping on wet or greasy surfaces.

And they will protect your footwear by keeping them dry and clean.

Perfect for Daily Activities

Overshoes are perfect for any outdoor activities, such as fishing or hiking.

They can keep you from slipping while fishing in your boat or keep you safe on the shore, especially if it is raining.

When you are finished fishing outside, you will be able to remove the overshoe covers to protect the surface of your floor or deck from black sole marks.


Wearing overshoes out in wet or greasy terrain is a more hygienic option than wearing just your shoes.

It will be able to protect your feet from getting soaked by water or mud and prevent you from tracking water or dirt into your home.

Many brands of overshoes are hand, machine, and autoclave washable, but you must let them dry naturally. You can also prevent black sole marks on the deck of your boat.

Features to Pay Attention to

Level of Grip and Slip-resistance

One of the most prominent features of overshoe products is its level of grip and slip resistance.

Overshoes with a high-quality grip will help protect you from accidents, whether you are partaking in outdoor activities or workplace activities.

Many potential risks can lead to injuries in the workplace. Having slip-resistant overshoes will be able to prevent common injuries like falling on greasy or slippery surfaces.

Regular shoes will not be able to provide you with the grip or friction you will need to avoid falling.

Not only will slip-resistant overshoes keep you safe out on your boat, but they are also quite comfortable.

With the right size overshoe covers, you will be able to move easily and comfortably on any surface without having to worry about falling.

Designed to Fit Your Shoes

You will notice that overshoe covers come in many different sizes and materials.

Some will be sized to match your specific shoe size while you might have to buy a few sizes bigger with particular brands.

Always make sure that the size of the overshoe covers will fit over your shoes quickly and securely.

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Easy to Use

For the most part, overshoe covers are designed to be put on easily when you’re ready to use them and take off when you are finished with them. They should also be easy to maintain and clean for multiple uses.


Your overshoe covers should be comfortable enough to wear outside or even indoors. 

The rubber design used in most overshoe covers will allow you to move around your environment easily.

The cushiony feeling that your covers provide will make your wet environment more bearable, especially if you are always on your feet, or usually deal with walking across slippery surfaces.

How to Clean and Care for Your Shoes

You will need to clean your slip-resistant overshoes quite often, especially if you need to use them regularly.

Take note of these tips and tricks to properly clean and care for your overshoes.

Items You Will Need

There will be a couple of items you will need to gather before starting the cleaning process.

They are a bowl of warm water, dish soap, and a stiff nylon bristle brush. For some slip-resistant shoes, you may also need a grid cleaning tool and a wear indicator tool.

Tips for Cleaning Slip-Resistant Shoes

Make sure that the outsole is pointing straight up and down by holding it at a 90-degree angle. Doing this will help keep your shoes dry while you are cleaning it.

If there is a right amount of hardened material between the treads, you should soak your shoes in 1/4 inches of water to help soften the materials before you start cleaning your shoes. Do not soak your shoe any further than the midsole.

The first step is to scrub the outsole of your slip-resistant shoe with the nylon brush using warm water and dish soap.

Scrub along the direction of the grooves and make sure you continue to hold the shoe straight up and down so you can avoid getting the shoes wet.

You will then rinse the outsoles off to get rid of the soapy residue and any dirt resting in the sole.

Rinse and repeat those two steps as necessary until the sole of your shoe is completely clean.


If you are looking for something that will help protect you from slipping and falling on wet or greasy boat surfaces, finding the right overshoe covers will be crucial.

Preventing accidents and keeping you steady while walking is the benefits that come with slip-resistant overshoes.

If you’re often in wet, muddy environments, they are a worthy investment you shouldn’t miss out on.

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