How To Mount A Transducer On An Aluminum Boat

If you have a fishfinder and are unsure about how to mount a transducer on an aluminum boat, this article will provide the steps to take for transducer mounting. Your fishfinder will depend on an efficient transducer to send and receive signals. The transducer is the very heart of an echosounder system.  This device will […]

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Best Floating VHF Radios – Enjoy Boat Rides Safely

Whether you are an avid or every so often boater, your priority should be safety, both your own and the safety of those who might accompany you on the foamy waves. We have compiled for you a list of the best floating VHF radio in 2021 and a very comprehensive guide to VHF radios and […]

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Man operating a GPS Chart-plotter

The Best Marine GPS Chartplotter – Navigate With Confidence!

The marine GPS Chartplotter has become vastly populated with a range of systems available. These include small 5 inch displays to interactive 24-inch screens with a variety of features to play around with and suited to different types of boating. The best marine GPS Chartplotter is the Garmin GPSMAP 78sc Chartplotter, which features autopilot compatibility, […]

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best marine vhf radio

The Best VHF Marine Radio

The marine VHF radio is a vital safety tool that is underrated by many but you would have wished you had one during an emergency. VHF itself stands for “Very High Frequency” and the radios are available as a fixed or handheld device. The best handheld VHF marine radio is the Standard Horizon HX870 with its […]

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best marine battery power station

5 Best Marine Smart Battery Boxes

Waterproof marine battery boxes prevent the battery from getting damaged through water or heavy impact. A smart box will also ensure the battery connections are secure and keep it sealed away from the environment. The best marine battery case is the MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center with easy access terminals for connecting leads and other safety […]

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marine radar system for boat

The Best Marine Radar

The purpose of marine radar is to prevent the risk of colliding with other boats or objects in the ocean. The stronger the radar, the better it will perform and identify even the smallest of objects such as inflatable dinghies to buoys. The best marine radar is the Simrad HALO20+ 36 NM, which uses the latest marine […]

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Marine Battery Charger

The Best Marine Battery Charger

Keeping your marine batteries in perfect condition will require a suitable marine battery charger. They are available in a range of different sizes with an onboard charger being the most popular choice due to its convenience and efficiency. The best marine battery charger is the ProMariner ProSport 20 that uses 100% of the charging amps and […]

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Best Marine Inverter for boats

5 Best Marine Inverters For Boats

The purpose of a marine inverter for your boat is to supply much-needed power for your electrical appliances. Inverters simply convert direct current to alternating current by increasing the voltage. The best marine inverter is the Xantrex 806-1210 PROwatt that has a built-in digital display for DC volts and output power as well as other clever […]

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best solar panels for boats

5 Best Boat Solar Panels

Boat solar panels are the best environmentally friendly alternative to recharging your powerful marine battery with the engine. They are fairly simple to install yourself and not as hard as many people make out. The best boat solar panel is the Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline that comes as a complete kit with a wanderer […]

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Best Marine Battery

The Best Marine Battery

In order to start the motor or power up electrical equipment on board your boat, you will need a reliable marine battery. You have two types to choose to depend upon its usage, which includes a starting and deep cycle ones. The best marine battery is the Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop with a powerful 12 […]

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