The 5 Best Boat Navigation Lights

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Boat navigation lights are an essential piece of equipment on your boat. Navigation lights will help prevent collisions at night or during times of low visibility.

Being visible to other boaters is essential to keep everyone safe and your boat damage-free. Boats are investments, and navigation lights are an inexpensive way to protect that investment.

A fun way to use boat navigation lights is to get some of the Best Underwater Boat Lights 2021 [LED Marine Lighting]. These boat lights help to make your boat stand out and add style to your boat.

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Best Boat Navigation Lights

Boat Navigation LightsFeaturesOur Rating
ObscurscoWaterproof: IP674.9
SebnuxCOB LED lights4.8
Attwood 51002 nautical mile range of visibility4.8
Obscursco LEDDC 12 V. 6 Watt4.7
Attwood 91320Quick on, quick off mounting

Here are the reviews of the 5 Best Boat Navigation Lights of 2021

1. Obcursco Boat Navigation Light, Marine LED Navigation Light

Best for a boat that is less than 39 feet long, the green and red sidelights are visible at 225 degrees from one nautical mile. 

Very bright 6W LED bulbs to meet the USCG (United States Coast Guard) requirement for 2 nautical mile visibility. Whether it is strong spray or pouring rain, the IP67 waterproof design will be able to withstand the weather. 

The Obcursco has a triple chrome-plated anti-corrosion housing cover, so it will not be damaged by saltwater. 

The bi-color navigation light uses LED lights to guarantee the brighest level light and the maximum length of bulb life of 50,000 hours. The Obcursco boat navigation lights will give your peace of mind for the safety of yourself and others when out on the water.

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Key Features:

  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Lumen: 5LM, 6 Watts
  • Ant-corrosion chrome-plated cover

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2. Sebnux White LED Fold Down Boat Stern Light Boat Anchor Light for Pontoon and Fishing Boat (12″)

The Sebnux white illumination uses an all-around 3nm reliable 5000k LED light to ensure you are highly visible on dark nights or low light conditions. 

The marine-grade anti UV PE66 base has corrosion-resistant stainless steel tubes that will give you a long service life in harsh conditions. 

Built with industry-leading opticals, the advanced COB light design of the Sebnux has the stable electrical properties that you need in a marine environment. With a quick cooling function, excellent brightness, and lower energy consumption, these boat navigation lights will help to keep you safe when you are on the water. 

The fold-down design of the Sebnux enables you to lower the light when not in use, and the 180-degree adjustable mounted base gives you flexibility when the light is in use.

Key Features:

  • COB LED lights
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Low energy consumption

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3. Attwood 5100-24-1 All-Round Frosted Globe Pole Light 24″

Attwood 5100-24-1 All-Round Frosted Globe Pole Light 24″

Most of us boaters think about boat navigation lights for when we are on the water at night, in low light conditions, or in stormy weather.

Your navigation lights are just as important when you are cruising through the marina or at anchor. The Attwood is designed for easy installation and maintenance. 

The efficient light output of this 24-inch all-around frosted globe pole light will serve you well. It provides a 2 nautical mile range of visibility in a 360-degree radius which enhances your safe navigation.

Key Features:

  • 360-degree radius of visibility
  • 2 nautical mile range of visibility
  • Easily removed for storage

4. Obcursco LED Navigation Lights Deck Mount

Another set of boat navigation lights from Obcursco this pair varies slightly from the first pair we reviewed. This set, rather than a lamp with both red and green lenses, has two separate lights. 

One is red, to place on the port side of the boat. The other is green, to put on the starboard side of the boat. The durable stainless steel housing covers on the lights are anti-corrosive to withstand saltwater. 

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The 3W LED beams will help your craft to be visible for one nautical mile. Designed with a sealed waterproof ring, the rings will keep your lights safe from water getting inside.

Key Features:

  • Great for Pontoon boats, too
  • Works on boats up to 40 feet
  • DC 12 V. 6 Watt

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5. Attwood 14190-7 Water-Resistant Portable Clamp-On LED Light Kit

One of Attwood’s most durable and portable LED boat navigation lights, the 14190-7 has a C-clamp mount that enables the light to be placed on or removed quickly from the boat for great versatility. 

Powered by 3 AAA batteries, there is no need to wire the Attwood into your boat’s wiring system. The marine gray color will work well with any boat color scheme. 

The water-resistant lights will work on both bow and stern; just use the heavy-duty C-clamp to put them in place.

Key Features:

  • Uses 3 AAA batteries
  • Portable
  • Quick on, quick off mounting

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The Importance of Boat Navigation Lights 

Navigation lights, just like the lights on an automobile, provide illumination on roadways; lights on a boat allow you to see nearby vessels and for those vessels to see you.

Navigation lights will give you information about the size of other vessels, their activity, and their direction of travel. 

This information helps you determine an appropriate course of action that you need to take when approaching other vessels.

A Boat Owners Responsibility Regarding Boat Navigation Lights

As the owner of a boat, you are required to know about navigation lights.

You are:

  • Legally responsible for displaying lights that are the proper color and brightness.
  • Responsible for the correct location and visibility on your boat.
  • Responsible for displaying the appropriate lights on your boat at night or in low light conditions.
  • You must know the type and heading of vessels in your vicinity.
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The Legal Requirements for Boat Navigation Lights

If you operate a recreational boat at night, you must display navigation lights between sunset and sunrise. 

If you anchor your boat at night outside a designated anchorage, you must have an all-around light visible for at least 2 nautical miles.

Minimum Visibility Range

  • Boats less than 39.4 feet, sidelights must be visible for at least 1 nautical mile. Any other boat lights must be visible for at least 2 nautical miles.
  • Boats less than 65.7 feet, a masthead light must be visible for 3 nautical miles. Any other navigational lights must be visible for 2 nautical miles.
  • Boats over 65.7 feet and less than 164 feet must display a masthead light visible for 5 nautical miles. Any other navigational lights must be visible for 2 nautical miles.

 Infographic from BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water

Guideline To Use For Boat Navigation Lights

 Infographic from West Marine

Here are guidelines for navigation lights:

  • Port sidelights are red
  • Starboard sidelights are green
  • Both port and starboard need to shine from dead ahead to 112.5 degrees aft on either side.
  • Stern lights are white. They shine aft and 67.5 degrees forward on each side. (in this way, the sidelights and stern light create a full circle of light)
  • All-round lights shine through 360 degrees and are white.
  • Masthead lights are also white. They shine from 112.5 degrees on the port side and dead ahead to 112.5 degrees on the starboard. This is a total of 225 degrees forward. The masthead lights must be above sidelights.

If you have a sailboat under power, it is considered a powerboat and must follow the rules designated for powerboats.

In Conclusion

A boat owner has specific responsibilities regarding displaying the appropriate lights at night or during times of low visibility. 

It just makes common sense to protect yourself, your passengers, and the investment you have in your boat by using boat navigation lights.

These lights are inexpensive, easy to use, and should be part of the essential gear you have on board.

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