best led boat trailer lights

The Best Submersible Trailer Lights

When reversing your boat into the ocean, your trailer lights play a big part in instructing those behind you on what you are doing. In the marine environment, they should be submersible trailer lights as they will be placed in salt water in some cases. The best submersible trailer lights are the SeaSense Low Profile Tail […]

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best trailer hub rebuild kit

5 Best Trailer Hub Assembly Kits

Rebuilding your boat trailer hubs is a worthwhile exercise to improve the safety of your trailer whilst towing. The wheel bearings are made up of the cup, which is pushed against the hub and cone that contain the rollers. These should all be replaced at the same time for a complete rebuild. The best trailer […]

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best kayak trailer

The Best Kayak Trailer

Kayaking is made more fun when you are able to try out new locations. Owning a kayak trailer enables you to take multiple kayaks all at once to any location. The best kayak trailer is the Malone Auto Racks MicroSport, which can transport 4 kayaks at once with a 350 LBS weight capacity and 5-year warranty. […]

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best marine winch for heavy duty use

The Best Boat Trailer Winch

In order to get your boat on and off the water from your trailer, you will require a boat trailer winch. They are available as manual (hand driven) or 12 volt electric winches that are compact and easy to install to your trailer. The best manual boat trailer winch is the Fulton F2 Two Speed, […]

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best transom saver

The Best Transom Saver

The purpose of a transom saver is to protect the transom of your boat from damage whilst trailering. An outboard motor is a heavy lump and even when fully tilted, it requires a transom saver in order to support the weight. The best such device is the Attwood Heavy-Duty Transom Saver, which is available in […]

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best boat trailer tires

The Best Boat Trailer Tires

Boat trailer tires are subject to salty water and are rarely cleaned, which makes them prone to problems. Many people may not even check their trailer tires or hubs before setting off on the road, which is not advised. When it comes to searching for a tire for your boat trailer, you will want to […]

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best tie down straps for boats

5 Best Ratchet Tie Down Straps

Securing your load with a ratchet tie-down strap is essential for safely traveling on your boat, kayak, or other watercraft. The majority of straps are made using heavy-duty polyester that is soft but securely anchors your load without causing damage. The best ratchet tie-down strap for your boat is the Fulton 2060366, which is a […]

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boat on trailer with cover

Five Small Boat Transport Must-Haves

Yes, there’s such a thing as a small boat transport must-haves list! Whether you want to go fishing, float down a river and listen to the water and have a few drinks, or you just want to have a fun day with family and friends, transporting your boat safely is half of the trip. That’s […]

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boat trailer jack

The Best Boat Trailer Jack

The purpose of a boat trailer jack is to raise and lower the trailer so that you can hitch it to your vehicle. It will also keep the trailer level when not attached to the vehicle and stabilizes the trailer for loading and unloading when the trailer is parked. The best boat trailer jack is […]

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White truck pulling a boat trailer with a boat on it

Boat Trailers – A Complete Guide for Beginner Boaters

According to Wikipedia, a boat trailer is designed to launch, retrieve, carry, and sometimes store boats.  Now that we know the basic definition, let’s talk more in-depth about the trailer that might hold our boating investment. While there are over 11.9 million registered boat owners in the United States, not all of those who own […]

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