best boat underwater lights

The Best Underwater Boat Lights 2019

Adding underwater boat lights is a simple way of making it stand out in the water when it is parked up. You will notice LED underwater lighting on most yachts but most modern small boats are starting to jump on the trend. The best boat underwater lights are the LED Lumitec SeaBlazeX that comes with a range […]

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best boat carpet

The Best Marine Grade Carpet For Boat 2019

Boat carpet needs to be marine graded and withstand harsh damp environments without breaking apart. Luckily, installing boat carpets is fairly straight forward and easily installed with pre-glued backing that simply sticks straight on. The best boat carpet is the Do It Yourself Carpet by Marine Carpeting that is dense high-quality carpet at 32 oz […]

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best boat steering wheel system

The Best Boat Steering System 2019

Adding steering to your boat is not as simple as installing a steering wheel to the cockpit. A complete steering wheel system is require with all the cables and other components that make a full kit. The best boat steering system is the Bay Star Hydraulic Steering Kit, which is used for single station outboard powered […]

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best air pump for inflatable boat

The Best Air Pump For Inflatable Boat 2019

Inflatable boats have the major benefit of easy transportation and storage when deflated. The drawback of this is that they will require inflation before use and this can be time consuming without the correct air pump for inflatables. The best air pump for inflatables is the Two Stage Electric Turbo Pump By Sea Eagle that […]

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outdoor storage cover for boat

The Best Boat Covers 2019

Using the appropriate boat covers as protection during outdoor storage, trailering or within the winter environment is highly recommended. Without protection, the boat may suffer from discoloration, fading, debris and moisture build up and more. The best boat cover is the Classic Accessories StormPro, which is designed to be heavy duty for maximum protection and comes […]

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boat grill

The Best Boat Grill 2019

The majority of people enjoy a good barbecue but when you have a boat grill to cook on, it is made even better. A boat BBQ grill can be mounted in a range of areas that include the pontoon boat railings, transom and other locations onboard the boat. The best boat grill is the Magma […]

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boat anchor

The Best Boat Anchor 2019

A boat anchor is used to hold the boat in place by ensuring that the boat does not move due to external forces such as the tide and winds. It is placed in the river bed or sea and is integrated into the body of the boat with what is known as the rode. The best […]

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best anchor lines for boats

5 Best Boat Anchor Ropes 2019

Mooring up to a pontoon or throwing your anchor in at a prime fishing spot will require a strong anchor rope dedicated for marine usage. An anchor line usually consists of both a rope and chain, which connect the anchor to your vessel. The best anchor rope is the Norestar Braided Nylon Anchor Line that is designed to […]

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best boat bilge pump

The Best Bilge Pump For Boats 2019

A bilge pump is essence is a water pump used to remove bilge water and is usually located below the waterline. It uses a desired pressure to direct water through an intake valve and then through the outlet barge where it leaves the boat. The best bilge pump is the Shoreline Marine, which is compact and […]

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best marine toilet

5 Best Marine Toilets 2019

Leaving your boat to find somewhere to use the toilet can be time consuming and frustrating. A marine toilet is the answer to your problems and is specifically designed for the harsh marine environment. The best marine toilet is the Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet, which uses all stainless steel hardware and dissembles quickly […]

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