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All the content that you see on The Marine Lab is written by our team and nobody else. With over 120 detailed posts on the website, we have come a long way since early 2017.

We are constantly researching and upgrading current content as well as producing new posts on relevant marine products and guides. Below you will find 3 of the latest posts.

Who Is Behind The Marine Lab?

The website was founded back in April 2017 and has grown into a large online resource for many people in the marine industry.

In terms of the content on the site, it can be broken down into fishing, boats, kayaks, trailers, water sports, marine accessories and advice. All of which have been research and written by our knowledgeable team.

Unlike many of the other similar sites, we are actually hands on and take parts in all activities and upgrades mentioned on

We started as a small blog but have since grown into a much larger website that is being noticed by many magazine and other large organizations in the industry.

For more information about the background of The Marine Lab, you can read more here.

Our Team

the marine lab team

Our team is made of enthusiasts with a passion for certain areas. Ian is the main author of the content you will see on the website but there are many involved with the research gone into the content.

As mentioned earlier, all content is written by our team. We are not sponsored in anyway and we do NOT ACCEPT GUEST POSTS on this website and this is to maintain our high standards in terms of content and build trust with the audience.

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