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The Best Boat Trailer Tires 2019

Boat trailer tires are subject to salty water and are rarely cleaned, which makes them prone to problems. Many people may not even check their trailer tires or hubs before setting off on the road, which is not advised.

The best boat trailer tires are the Freestar M-108 Radial that has a 8 ply construction with a load range of D, which has a max weight rating of 1,820 LBS.

When it comes to searching for a tire for your boat trailer, you will want to pay particular attention to the load range. This will be marked on the sidewall and you will want to ensure that it is suitable to carry your boats gross weight.

Best Boat Trailer Tires

Boat Trailer TiresPackageWeight Rating
Freestar M-108Tires Only1,820 LBS
Carlisle Radial Trail HDTires Only2,150 LBS
Trailer King STTires Only1,820 LBS
Rainier ST RadialTire & Rim1,360 LBS
Wheels Express IncTire & Rim1,820 LBS
eCustomRimTire & Rim1,360 LBS

As with all tires, they will wear out overtime but boat trailer tires in particular are often neglected. They are rarely checked and they can become damaged by UV, moisture, incorrect inflation and other wear and tear factors.

Simply driving around the boat yard is not a thorough test of your trailer tires. Whilst on the road, you will be driving a lot faster than the boat yard and this can cause problems to the tires. Therefore a visual check of the tires prior to heading out on the road is critical.

Researching for trailer tires for your boat is not exciting but improving your knowledge will help keep you towing the trailer safely. Below is a list of the best boat trailer tires that are available in a range of ratings and load ranges.

Freestar M-108 8 Ply D Load Radial Trailer Tire

The Freestar boat trailer tires are by far the most popular choice for many and this is thanks to an 8 ply construction. This means it is excellent for heavy duty usage that may involve uneven roads or dirt tracks that lead to the water.

Other features of the Freestar M-108 boat trailer tires include:

  • 1,820 LBS max load
  • Load range D
  • Speed rating J
  • ST 205/75 R15 tire size

Overall, the Freestar M-108 are thicker and flexible compared to most alternatives with a heavy duty construction. They are the best boat trailer tires for the money with similar rated tires costing more than double the price.

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Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire

Carlisle are one of the best boat trailer tire brands with a range of sizes available for all applications. The Radial Trail HD tires are highly rated for their durability in real world conditions and improved tread wear regardless of the terrain.

Features of the Carlisle Radial Trail HD Tires include:

  • Max weight capacity of 2,150 LBS
  • Load range of D
  • Speed rating of M
  • ST 205/75 R15 tire size
  • Max PSI of 65
  • 15 different sizes available

Overall, the Carlise Radial Trail HD are the best boat trailer tires for heavy loads with an impressive 2,150 LBS load capacity. The brand itself is very reputable worldwide and you have the option to choose a range sizes too.

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Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire

The Trailer King Tire another popular boat trailer tire that is suitable for high load application. This is due to the nylon overlay construction, which gives the tire superior strength and durability. For peace of mind, the manufacturer also provides a nationwide limited warranty.

Other features of the TRAILER KING ST Radial boat trailer tires include:

  • Max weight rating of 1,820 LBS
  • Load range of C
  • Speed rating of L
  • 6 ply composition
  • 205/75 R15 tire size

Overall, these boat trailer tires provide the best weight and speed ratings and are ideal for long journeys. This is thanks to enhanced center grooves that ensure a consistent tracking and optimum stability when the trailer is being towed.

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eCustomRim Trailer Wheel & Tire

For those that are on a budget and need to replace both the tire and rim, the eCustom wheels are the best option. The classic styling of white powder coated wheels with chunky trailer tires is a favorite of many boat owners.

Features of the eCustomRim Wheels and Tires package includes:

  • 2 steel wheels and tires
  • Max weight capacity of 1,360 LBS
  • Load range of C
  • 6 ply construction
  • Maximum pressure of 50 PSI
  • Speed rating of M
  • 175/80 D13 tire size
  • 5 lug 4.5″ bolt configuration

Overall, the eCustomRim Trailer Wheel and Tire combo are the best cheap boat trailer tires and wheel package that are great replacements for your current set. They are cheap but the rubber tire and rim are both high quality. The only improvement that we recommend is that you galvanize the rim to protect against corrosion in order to maximize the lifespan of the wheel.

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Wheels Express Inc Trailer Wheel

The Wheel Express Inc boat trailer tire is mounted onto a 14 inch rim with a Bias tire that is designed for the marine environment. It features a 5 lug 4.5″ bolt configuration that is suitable for a range of boat trailers.

Other features of the Wheel Express Inc boat trailer tires and wheel include:

  • Maximum weight capacity of 1,820 LBS
  • Load range of C
  • Max pressure of 50 PSI
  • Tires size of 205/75 R15
  • 8 ply construction

Overall, it is a heavy duty trailer tire and wheel combo that is reasonably priced for those on a budget. The tread is deep and you can rest assure that this trailer tire will be long lasting for many thousands of miles.

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Rainier ST Radial Trailer Galvanized Wheel & Tire

For those that want the best boat trailer tires and wheel setup that is ready to bolt on, the Rainier ST is a great choice. Unlike other boat trailer wheels that have simply been painted, these have been galvanized to ensure exposure to salt and moisture does not result in corrosion.

Other features of the Rainer ST galvanized boat trailer wheel include:

  • Max load capacity of 1,360 LBS
  • Load range of C
  • 175/80 R13 tire size
  • Max pressure of 50 PSI
  • 5 lug 4.5″ center configuration
  • Speed rating of M

Overall, it is the best galvanized boat trailer wheels and tires, which is great trailer than are regularly in and out of the salty water. They are also compatible with all the boat, utility and cargo trailers for those that use their trailer wheels for multiple applications.

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Boat Trailer Tires Buying Guide

Boat trailer tires are often neglected and are not checked on a regular basis compared with tires found on your car. This is really worrying because unlike standard automotive tires, boat trailer tires will be subject to far tougher conditions that include constant exposure to UV rays, moisture and much more. This will also effect the rim itself because it it has not yet been galvanized, it may corrode, which causes tires to deflate overtime.

Other notable parts of the trailer that should be maintained accordingly are the boat trailer hubs. These should be regularly checked along with your boat trailer tires to avoid being left on the side of the road. We are speaking from experience because after picking up a recent boat and trailer combination, the wheel actually fell off the trailer, which is shown in the image below.

To help you make an informed buying decision with regards to boat trailer tires, we have produced the below buying guide.

boat trailer hub failure

Load Range & Weight Ratings

You will notice that every trailer tire will have a load range marked on the sidewall with A being the lightest to E being the heaviest rating. The measurement is used to determine the maximum weight capacity that each tire can carry with many boat trailers being between B and C.

Many boats do not weight that much and requiring a heavy weight rating for tire can be pointless at times. However, if your boat exceeds the load range/weight rating of the tires, you are landing yourself into a world of trouble. It is highly advised to go with the manufacturers recommendation in terms of weight capacities.

Tire Inflation

So many people forget to check the air pressure of tires on their cars let alone on the trailers of boats. Unlike the car tires, boat trailer tires require much higher PSI and need to be checked regularly as they do heat up.

You should always inflate the tire when cold as the PSI will increase as the tire becomes heated whilst travelling. Running a flat trailer tire is will more than likely cause a blow out at high speeds when you least expect it.

For those that travel at a faster speed than most other driving towing, you should be putting in a higher PSI. Speed rating will be displayed on the side wall of the tires, where the common rating is 66 MPH but many exceed to 66 to 75 MPH.

Wear and Tear

Many trailer tires are built to last many years but you should perform visual checks on a regular basis. You will want to firstly check for the most common issues, which is cracking on the sidewall, inability to hold tire pressure and general tire wear.

It is always important to check the age of the tire as some trailer may not get that much use, so the wear and tear may be minor. Simply check the sidewall for the DOT time stamp, which all tires will have. If it is too old, it is advised to change immediately before any long journeys.

Trailer Usage

You should always ensure the tire you put onto your boat trailer are labeled with ST, which signals it is designed for a trailer. All of the best boat trailer tires above have the ST marking on the sidewalls and are safe to use.

If you are also buying a rim to fit the tire too, you may want to check that it has been galvanized. The rim of a wheel that is not galvanized will become heavily corroded overtime and can cause the tire to lose pressure. However, if the rim is not galvanized, you can simply do it yourself at a relatively cheap cost.

Tire Size

When it comes to choosing a tire size for your boat trailer tires, you will want to try to keep to OEM recommendations. However, you may install a new rim that is a different size, which may mean you have to reduce or increase the profile of the tire so that its fits.


Boat trailer tires are relatively cheap and can be long lasting but so many people decide to take the risk on damaged tires. All of our recommendations are all suited to the tough marine environment and are suited to a range of applications.

If you notice any damage to your tires or wheels of your boat trailer, get them changed before hitting the road.

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