Boat Equipment and Parts

Ultimate Guide To Boat Equipment & Parts

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In order to maintain and own a boat, you must be prepared to get your hands dirty and replace broken parts and boat equipment.

Just like your home or car, things do break over time but the majority of the boat parts can be replaced fairly easily.

However, it’s not just broken parts that you will be replacing. Many boats use old parts that are outdated compared to what is on the market today.

Upgrading boat parts are fairly common and can improve your experience on the water.

Below is a complete guide to all the parts and equipment for your boat.

Anchoring System

In order to remain in a certain location on the sea, you will need a suitable boat anchor that will dig into the ground and withstand the tide and wind.

Standard boat anchors are a combination of an anchor chain, rope, and the anchor itself.

There are various different types of anchors that are suitable for different seabeds. These include grapnel, box, plow, and mushroom.

Larger vessels may opt for an anchor windlass, which is either vertically or horizontally mounted to the boat.

The anchor rode itself is usually a rope-chain construction or a rope only but this is dependent upon your boat size.

Due to their cost, most windlass anchoring systems are found on larger boats and do increase the value of the boat once installed.

Therefore, its a worthwhile investment that will make anchoring far easier.

Investing in durable anchor rope is really important when it comes to the anchoring system you use.

It must be strong enough to withstand the pulling of the anchor and general wear and tear.

The rope will age and you should check the condition of your current rope on a regular basis.

anchoring system

Inflatable Boat Accessories

Many people that have a hobby within the marine industry will more than likely only an inflatable boat.

With the inflatable boat comes many parts and boat equipment that are required.

From an air pump for inflatable boats to an outboard motor for riding the waves, there is a wide variety of accessories available.

One of the best things about an inflatable boat is the fact that it is portable to a certain degree.

You can pull it up from the sea and onto the beach or even transport it to your car.

To make things easier, investing in boat launching wheels that connect to the transom allows you to pick the boat up at the bow and drag it with ease.

Boat Steering

Maneuvering your boat on the water requires a boat steering system that can be installed on an array of boat types.

In terms of the different types of systems available, they include a hydraulic, rotary and or rack system with the hydraulic type being the more desirable of them all.

The hydraulic system does require a more complex installation and a larger investment up front but steering is a major part of boating and not something you want to do a “cheap job” on.

Once you have installed a new steering system, you may want to upgrade your boat steering wheel.

There are various types that are either designed for performance or primarily looks but it is a matter of personal preference.

boat steering system

The cockpit of the Boat

In terms of the inside of the boat, the captain of the boat will have their very own boat seat and a variety of gadgets and gizmos to use in order to operate the boat. some essentials include a boat speed gauge, throttle, and steering wheel.

Of course, there are many more upgrades that you can add. Popular additions include a marine switch panel for controlling other components of the boat and providing a cigarette lighter socket and many more.

Depending on the type of boat you have and whether it has suitable protection, you may even want to add marine-grade carpet to your boat.

Adding carpet provides another level of comfort on your boat and a worthy upgrade for your boat.

Protecting The Boat

Whether you are out to sea or the boat is in storage, it’s worthwhile investing in suitable protection that will protect the whole of the boat when in storage and passengers when out to sea.

Using a bimini top that is compatible with a wide variety of boats is a great protection method when out to sea.

It blocks UV rays and acts as a great cover for when there is bad weather.

When the boat is in storage or left in the sea, protection is crucial in both the winter and summer season.

Even if the weather is perfect, the UV rays will cause damage to the upholstery and the hull over time, which can be costly.

With regards to the bad weather, water can fill up in the boat and the majority of boat owners will disconnect the battery of the boat.

This will mean that the automatic bilge pump will not be running and the water will continue to buildup.

For the reasons mentioned above, it’s worthwhile investing in the best boat covers on the market for your style of boat.

This will provide all-weather protection for whenever the boat is in storage.

For those that store their boats near the dock, investing in boat fenders will also protect the boat from collisions.

They come in several different forms but you should choose the appropriate style to the size of your boat.

boat accessories

Boat Attachments

Not everything all boat parts need to be installed inside the boat with many installed outside via the transom or rails.

One of the most popular is a boat ladder, which makes getting in and out of the water far easier.

They can be installed on the majority of boats big or small with varying amounts of steps and telescoping lengths.

Another popular form of attachment to the boat is a marine grill. They connect to the boat via the transom or rail with a sturdy pole and provide an excellent form of cooking, which is great for parties and the family.

Boat Lights

Lights for your boat not only provide a more improved appearance but you can also use them for safety.

For example, many install navigation lights to their boats to let others know their direction of movements.

Basic deck lights are also a good idea as they make the boat more like a “home” and provide adequate lighting for others to view the boat in the dark to avoid any collisions.

One of the most popular modifications in boat equipment include underwater led lights, which completely change the color of the lighting of the water near your boat and really make your boat stand out in the sea.

Marine Toilet

When you are out to sea and need to use the toilet, you will want to do so in comfort.

In terms of the marine toilet itself, there are various different types that include composting, electric, manual and of course portable.

Of course, you wouldn’t install a toilet on a small or inflatable boat but on larger vessels, they are very common.

The composting is the more desirable option but not every boat will have space for the footprint of this type of toilet.

Therefore the smaller alternative may be the only option to choose.


Many components for your boat will require an upgrade or replacement over time.

There is a huge amount of boat parts and boat equipment available on the market with many ways to improve your boat.

Browse all of our boat part articles to see if anything catches your eye.