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The Best Boat Rocker Switch Panel

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Installing a 12V socket and USB adapter to your boat will allow you to add more electronics to your cockpit.

There is a range of methods to add the cigarette lighter outlet and USB socket but adding a boat rocker switch panel is the best way.

The best rocker switch panel is the FXC Waterproof Boat Switch Panel that has 2 USB slots, 12V outlets. and many other features for the ultimate experience.

A mixture of boat USB sockets and 12V outlets provides a range of compatibility with electronics that you may be using such as fishfinders, phone chargers and more.

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Best Marine Switch Panel

Rocker Switch PanelPreviewUSB & 12V Sockets
FXC WaterproofYes
Kohree 5 GangYes
WATERWICH Marine Boat Car 8 Gang12V Socket
Nilight 90017C12V Socket

The rocker switch panel for your boat is the hub for controlling all the electrics and wiring of the boat.

It also allows for 12V socket and USB adapter connection, which is highly desirable for those wanting to use all their electronics.

Boat rocker switch panels have the added benefit of tidying up electrical wires and ensure fittings are clutter-free.

A high-quality model will make the cockpit more modern and increase the resale value of your boat.

There are a range of styles that include flashing LEDs, real-time data and of course performance.

Below is a list of the best boat rocker switch panels that include 12V sockets and USB adapters for all your electrical requirements.

FXC Waterproof Marine Boat Rocker Switch Panel

the best rocker switch panel

The FXC Rocker Switch Panel uses a heavy-duty ABS plastic that has a waterproof rating of IP67 to protect your electrical wiring from water damage.

It is available as a 4, 6 or 8 gang rock switch panel as well as a range of LED colors for the savvy boat owner.

In terms of the features, it has dual USB adapters (2.1A), 12-24V cigarette lighter, voltmeter measurement with real-time data and much more.

Included is a 1-year warranty and installation is fairly straight forward with instructions that are provided.

For running powerful electronic devices such as GPS Fishfinders as well as bright underwater LED boat lights, it works a treat.

The waterproof FXC is the best rocker switch panel with both USB adapter and 12V outlet connections.

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Kohree 5 Gang Rocker Switch Panel

Kohree 5 Gang Rocker Switch Panel WATERWICH Marine Boat Car 8 Gang

This panel is made of alloy and premium ABS, suitable for Cars, Trucks, Marine Boat, Yacht, Trailer, RV, Caravan, Camper, Bus, UTV /ATV.

Basically, it is suitable for any other 12-24 V Applications.

Features to consider: Cigarette Lighter Socket, Dual USD Port, Voltmeter, ON-OFF Rocker Toggle Switch.

Kohree 5 Gang is well made and uses thick wiring and inline fuses to each switch. It looks great when it’s installed and the installation itself is easy and hassle-free.

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WATERWICH Marine Boat Car 8 Gang

WATERWICH Marine Boat Car 8 Gang Rocker switch panel

Think of one feature you’d want to have in your on-off ignition and this item probably has it!

This kit includes 8 on-off Blue LED rocker switch with rubber seals, 8 circuit breakers, four of 10A, four of 15A and it’s great for all types of circuit control.

A circuit breaker will automatically cut off the power supply and help keep the electrical appliances safe.

The WATERWICH Marine Boat Car 8 Gang panel comes with pre-wired, wiring instructions, mounting screws and a set of labels.

It is also provided with multi-function stickers for DIY your specific needs.

Overall, this is a robust control panel with excellent quality and a rich selection of switches.

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SeaSense Switch Panel 6 Gang

the best buy for people not wanting additional 12V sockets or USB adapters. Rocker switch panel

The SeaSense rocker switch panel is the opposite of the alternative above because it has no 12v cigarette lighter or USB ports.

It only includes illuminated rocker switches and pop-out fuse holders from the corrosion-free aluminum panel.

This boat rocker switch panel uses a simplistic layout to organize the wiring to meaningful switches.

The installation is fairly simple too and it comes loaded with tinned wires that are marine graded for heavy-duty usage.

Overall, the SeaSense is the best buy for people not wanting additional 12V sockets or USB adapters for their boat.

It doesn’t look very stylish but for just doing the basic task of turning electronics on and off, it is perfect.

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Nilight 90017C 3 Gang Aluminum Panel

Customize this 3 gang rocker switch aluminum panel with DIY sign stickers whatever your needs are. 

The pre-wired wiring harness is easy to install in both 12 volts and 24-volt boats and trucks alike. 

Equipped with safe and durable fuses that are easy to replace. They protect the panel from over-heating, over-current, and over-charging along with short-circuiting. 

The Nilight is made from strengthened aluminum, the panel and well-conductive pins provide long-lasting durability.  The panel is 3.8” in length, 2.6” wide, and 3.4” high. 

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Rocker Switch Panel Buying Guide

Tidying up your marine electrical wires into an organized switch panel layout is highly recommended.

Not only are the electrical wires protected from water and UV damage but it makes the cockpit look much better overall.

They are available in a range of styles that include cigarette lighter sockets, USB adapters, voltmeters, switches and much more.

As with any electrical marine products, there are some factors that you should consider but overall, they are quite simple and it’s primarily up to your personal preference on which rocker switch panel you buy.

best boat rocker switch panel

Number of Switches

For boat owners of small boats, it is pretty much pointless having too many switches.

You are better of purchasing a 3 gang switch panel that includes both a 12V cigarette lighter outlet and USB port.

However, for those that own large vessels that require switching for automatic bilge pumps and other marine products, it’s important that you cater to all of them with switches.

Cigarette Lighter and USB Sockets

The addition of cigarette lighter sockets and USB adapters means you are able to connect GPS fish finders, phone chargers and more.

The only drawback of them being added to the rocker switch panel is that they take up additional room but they are always useful.

Other Features

Additional features found on many of the high-quality rocker switch panels include illuminated LED switches, voltmeter, rubber seals, aluminum construction and more.

Depending upon your budget that you are setting yourself, adding features such as these can make a really big difference.


Adding or upgrading your rocker switch panel will make a big improvement to your cockpit.

Installation may require basic knowledge of wiring but instructions and online tutorials will help massively.

In terms of which panel to purchase for your own boat, begin by counting the number of switches you actually require.

Once you know the amount you require, look at one of the recommended rocker switch panels above that include both a cigarette lighter socket and a USB port.

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