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5 Best Marine Grill BBQs 2019

The majority of people enjoy a good barbecue but when you have a boat barbecue to cook on, it is made even better. A marine grill can mount to a range of areas on a boat from the pontoon boat railing to the transom and other locations.

The best marine grill is the Magma Newport 2 Infra Red Gourmet Series, which is constructed of polished stainless steel and has a new resigned combustion system.

Mounting a boat BBQ is easier than you think as the many will come with a mounting system such as a fishing rod holder mount or a bracket set to connect to railings.

Best Boat Grill For BBQs

Marine GrillsGrilling AreaInfrared
Magma Gourmet Series162 Square InchYes
Dickinson Sea-B-Que220 Square InchNo
Magma Connoisseur Series108 Square InchNo
Kuuma Stow and Go125 - 316 Square InchNo
Magma Kettle Gas226 Square InchNo

Firing up the grill whilst on the water has become very popular over the last few years and are much cheaper than you would expect. It can also mount to a range of boats due to the variety of mounting kits and brackets available.

The majority of marine grills are fueled by gas, which is slightly more expensive than charcoal but offers convenience. They are easier to operate, deliver efficient heat and offer the chef cooking the food more temperature control.

Marine BBQs are a fun investment to add to your boat and will certainly improve your enjoyment on the waters. Below is a list of the best marine grills that will easily mount to your boat so that you can enjoy a barbecue.

Magma Newport 2 Infra Red Gourmet Series

Magma is a market leading brand in the world of marine gas grills and the A10-918-2GS model is one of their most rated BBQs available. It is constructed of a marine grade polished stainless steel that makes it look great and provide protection against defects such as corrosion.

It includes a hermetically sealed thermometer for complete control of the temperature, swiveling control valve, tempered glass viewing window, fold away legs and much more. In terms of the size, there is a 162 square inch grilling area, which is more than enough room for cooking multiple steaks.

The Anti Flare infrared technology is something new and has the effect of producing intense yet evenly distributed heat that reduces flare ups. This results in immediate cooking of any drippings from the food, which provides excellent flavor.

Overall, it is one of the more expensive marine grills but it is completely worth paying the extra. It is the best boat BBQ and when using Magma’s mounting system, installation is fairly simple.

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Dickinson Marine Sea-B-Que

Dickinson Marine is another premium brand within the marine grill space and the Sea-B-Que is a stainless steel construction that uses a roll away hood to access the grilling area, which is very large at 220 square inch.

The octagonal design works well for most boats and included are free standing deck legs, 4 removable porcelain grill sections, spark igniter, thermometer, stainless steel latch and a removable drip tray.

It is by far the best large marine grill that has been built to withstand impact damage and the salt water environments. Dickinson Marine also offer the same style in a smaller size but having a larger grill is always recommended.

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Magma Connoisseur Series

For boat owners that want to stay with the Magma brand but cannot stretch to the price of the Infra Red Gourmet Series, the Connoisseur series is the best alternative.

It uses the same marine grade mirror polished stainless steel and comes with a grilling area of 108 square inch. For firing up the connoisseur series marine grill, it uses propane gas and it will heat up to over 400 degrees in minutes.

The Connoisseur series is the cheapest way into the Magma Boat BBQ scene and it is still a top rated boat grill but there are many others available for a similar price that offer more features. You are paying for the Magma brand and its worth the bit extra for the ultimate marine grill, which is the Infra Red Gourmet Series.

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Kuuma Stow and Go Propane Marine Grill

The Kuuma Stow and Go is a cheap marine grill that come with 5 choices of grill sizes (125, 160, 175, 216 and 316 square inch) as well as the choice of a propane, charcoal and kettle grill style of boat BBQ.

It is constructed from 100% stainless steel with no assembly required and includes a removable grease tray. In terms of mounting, the single arm mounting bracket is the most popular choice but it can also be mounted via other methods.

Kuuma Stow and Go is targeting boat owners that are looking for a cheap boat barbecue and they have done this very well. There are no stand out features and it is a simple grill with a great selection of sizes to choose from.

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Magma Marine Kettle Gas Grill

Kettle Grills are is most cost effective way of lighting up a BBQ on board of a boat. Even the Magma kettle grill is reasonably priced when compared against many of the standard boat BBQs.

There is a choice of either a 15 or 17 inch grill size where both are made with a mirror polished stainless steel construction. Many cheap kettle styled marine grills have poor quality hinges but the hinged lid on the Magma BBQ will not slam shut and uses a “stay cool” handle with air cooled supports.

Magma’s patented swiveling turbo venturi tube allows the chef to adjust the control valve onboard, outboard or wherever is easiest. Combined with the cleverly designed burner, blowouts are a thing of the past.

Overall, it is the best marine kettle grill that offers great value for money and easy cooking onboard of your boat. As it is a Magma BBQ, it is built to last and maintains their reputable build quality throughout.

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Marine BBQ Buying Guide

Firing up the BBQ is a satisfying feeling but a marine grill on your boat whilst in the sunshine on the waters is even more satisfying. Cooking food on a large boat grill will involve the BBQ itself, propane gas (most popular) and a mounting system and brackets. With all this equipment, you will be able to host a BBQ in the middle of the ocean.

Choosing a grill for your home is fairly straight forward, however a marine grill require a bit more thinking. It is important to note that you cannot simple install a domestic BBQ onto your boat because they will be heavier, use cheaper steel that will rust and provide further complications. Below are some factors that you should consider before purchasing a marine gas grill.

Boat BBQ Construction

As with any addition you add to your boat, it must be able to withstand a salt water environment. In order for a marine grill to work, it need to be ideally constructed from a marine grade stainless steel material.

Cheap boat barbecues tend to use a poor quality steel that will simple rust after a years usage. Considering they are fairly expensive to purchase, it is worth spending the extra for a stainless steel material that will last 5 times longer.

Fuel Types

In order to use a BBQ, you will require fuel in order to fire it up. Propane gas is the most popular source because it is convenient, easy to use and allows the chef complete control of the temperature. The majority do use propane gas but many people will prefer the charcoal taste and in that case, the Kuuma Stow and Go would be ideal as it offers both fuel types.

Mounting A Boat Grill

Rod holders or deck sockets are the most popular option for mounting a boat grill but it all depends on the boat. If you have a pontoon boat, a railing bracket system will probably work best as it will be out of the way but easy to access whilst cooking.

Infrared Technology

For boat owners looking for the ultimate boat grill, you will want to keep your eyes out for infrared technology. The Magma Gourmet series offers this feature and it uses a similar technology to that of a domestic microwave.

In short, the technology transfers the heat to the food, which allows the barbecue to sear from the outside yet keep the inside moist. Not only does this make the food even more tastier but it also makes the BBQ get to temperature much quicker.

Maintenance of the Boat BBQ

The stainless steel construction is great for protection against rust but does require regularly cleaning of grease. Once cleaned and dried, it is highly advised to cover it with a BBQ cover to prevent any build up on salt when not in use.

In terms for the insides of the BBQ, you will want to get rid of any residue and clean the grease tray regularly. As with standard barbecues, there is no need to extensively clean the insides but every 6 months is more than enough.

The grates of the boat grill will be similar to the standard BBQ and adding a touch of vegetable oil will prevent your food sticking. If the food does stick and grease has built up overtime, you can use an oven cleaner and a brass wire brush to give it a deep clean.


The recommended boat grills in this article are all highly rated and will offer an excellent barbecuing experience on the waters. Magma is the best brand in terms of marine grills and there are various models offering different features.

Mounting the boat grill can scare many people off the idea of getting a BBQ but as long as you purchase the dedicated mounting system, it is very easy to install the grill to your boat.

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