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5 Best Waterproof Marine Stereos 2018

A marine stereo has become increasingly popular as modern technological advances allow for water resistance within electrical components. A marine stereo can provide a peaceful soundtrack on your leisurely paddle across the estuary.

The best marine stereo that is waterproof is the Infinity INF-PRV250 with its intutive user interface and features such as Bluetooth, MP3, USB, LCD Screen and more.

Many boats will have a basic setup when it comes to their audio system setup. However, just like replacing the radio in a car, upgrading and replacing an old stereo in a boat well worth your time and effort.

Best Waterproof Marine Boat Head Units

Marine StereoOur RatingPrice
JVC KD-X33MBS4.7Check Price
Dual AMB600W4.6Check Price
Kenwood KMRM312BT4.8Check Price
Infinity INF-PRV2504.8Check Price
JBL PRV-1754.7Check Price

Before marine stereos were a thing, many boat owners would result to using the standard automotive radios. The problem was as soon as water hits it, the electronics would break down and you would need another.

Luckily there are top rated marine stereos that are designed to be water resistant and continue to work. They offer just as much functionality as any car radio and are even slightly cheaper in some case which is fairly odd.

With so many stereos available, reading the specifications on whether they are suitable can be a big task. We have researched rigorously and below is a list of the best marine stereos for your boat with single din and larger stereos in this article.

JVC KD-X33MBS Single Din Marine Stereo

JVC are highly known in the car audio market for providing the highest quality sound. There is no exemption within this marine grade single din heat unit. Using a built-in amplifier, the JVC KD-X33MBS is able to provide a powerful 50 watt x 4 channels of sound and 22 watts RMS.

To increase the water resistance of the JVC marine stereo, there is no CD player included which is a rather large water trap. However, AUX, USB and Bluetooth inputs are available as of course is FM/AM radio stations.

The Bluetooth connectivity of the JVC enables audio streaming and hands free phone calls. This means you are able to keep your phone in a dry storage unit near the radio and still able to speak through the built in microphone in the stereo.

The detachable front facing display gives off a blue illumination that looks very stylish compared to many other brands. The built-in amplifier is capable of handling additional speakers that make this heat unit able to produce a higher quality sound compared to other models.

If you are looking for a stylish head unit that provides capability for speakers, whilst ensuring high quality audio is paramount, the JVC is for you.

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Dual AMB600W Marine Single Din Stereo

The AMB600W is a popular stereo in the electrical marine market and it offers a CD player unlike the JVC alternative. Other forms of audio inputs from the AMB600W are AUX, USB and Bluetooth streaming. The Bluetooth connectivity also allows for hands free calling.

In terms of styling, the Dual AMB600W has gone for a silver head unit that will blend in with the other marine colors. Its very rare that you will find a boat in a black/dark colour, which makes the silver unit very desirable.

The Dual Electronics unit has a built-in 7 band NOAA weather radio with a 3 base EQ and SiriusXM ready. In terms of value for money, the AMB600W has plenty of features over the majority of factory units and is much cheaper than the more well known brands.

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Kenwood KMRM312BT Marine Single Din Stereo

The main competitor to the JVC unit is the Kenwood KMRM312BT that is renowned for its high quality audio. Similar to the JVC, there is no CD player whilst using the Kenwood but this does reduce the risk of water entering the system.

The built in amplifier of the KMRM312BT results in 50 watts x 4 channels and 22 watts RMS. This power output is great for those looking to add additional speakers to their boat but still want to retain their high quality music.

As with the other marine stereos, the Kenwood KMRM312BT has Bluetooth connectivity for audio streaming and hands-free calling.

I personally prefer this Kenwood unit over the JVC as I feel the black color of the head unit is more suited for cars than boats. The KMRM312BT head unit has ticked every single box when it comes to the best marine stereo.

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Infinity INF-PRV250 Bluetooth Marine Stereo

The more modern Infinity Bluetooth marine stereo is very compact but still has a large number of features. With AM/FM Radio, MP3, USB and AUX, there is no limitiations when it comes to audio input. The output figures of 50 watts x 4 channels and RMS of 20 watts x 4 channels surplus for additional speakers.

With a Bluetooth range of up to 32.8 feet, the Infinity marine stereo allows for audio streaming from your device using applications such as Spotify and Apple Music.

The design of the INF-PRV250 is one of the best in this article and the unit is fairly simple to install. The Infinity stereo uses the highest quality materials, which can be seen by the aluminum structure of the stereo that protects against corrosion.

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JBL PRV-175 Marine Stereo

JBL are another premium audio brand that takes pride in their high quality audio. Their PRV-175 marine stereo is a compact 8 button unit with a single LCD display. The power ratings of this JBL stereo are 45 watts x 4 channels and RMS is 20 watts x 4 channels.

The in-dash JVC is capable of FM/AM Radio and USB audio files as well as compatibility with Apple products. This unit does have an AUX port but it is located at the rear next to the 2 sets of 2V pre-amp outputs (front and rear).

As with the previous marine stereos, this JBL supports Bluetooth audio streaming from your smartphone.

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Using a Car Stereo in Your Boat?

The car radio head unit has been tried and tested millions of times, so why is it not advised to use them in your boat? I personally like the idea of using a car radio system in the boat but its extremely important that you use a protective cover. This plastic cover over the head of the radio will give the head unit some waterproof cover.

We strongly recommend looking at the recommended single din radios for cars for the best marine stereo for your boat. Using a car radio with a protective cover is perfect for boats that do not go on “crashy” waves and don’t get wet near the audio system.

However, boats do get wet and not all stereo systems will be located within a cabin. Examples of this may be speedboats, ribs, tenders and more. Marine stereos are designed to be water proof and this is why they cost slightly more than car stereos. The waterproofing will prevent electrical components becoming shorted out as well as other benefits.

Benefits of Using a Marine Stereo

  1. UV Protection from the Sun
  2. Water Resistance
  3. Anti Corrosion Protection
  4. High Quality Material (Compared to a Cars Stereo)
  5. Inclusion of Marine Weather Radio

Of course a car stereo may be cheaper, but for the sake of a few extra dollars, the marine stereo alternative is definitely worth the extra money. The waterproofing and the extra sealed components of the stereo system will reduce water entering the electrical area of the boat.

What is the Best Marine Stereo?

In terms of the single din style, the Kenwood is the winner. The styling suits a boat decking more than the boldness of the black JVC stereo. All the power output channels and audio inputs are all available, making it a very capable and reasonable priced stereo.

The best marine stereo overall has to be the INF-PRV250 by Infinity Audio. Like with the single din radio by Kenwood, it has excellent power and channels for extra speakers. However, its not styled like a car radio, but more for a boat. This for me makes it the winner as this will look much better within a boating environment.

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