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5 Best Underwater Propulsion Scooter 2020

An underwater scooter is one of the latest crazes that allows divers to travel underwater with ease. The prices have dropped significantly since they were first released and you will see more and more of these at beaches and pool parties.

The best underwater sea scooter is the Sea Doo GTI that offers 100 feet of depth and 3 MPH of speed at a reasonable price compared to the alternatives.

The underwater scooter is often referred to as a Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV). The benefits of an underwater scooter is that the diver will suffer less fatigue from swimming and won’t need to consume as much air.

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Best Sea Scooters for Snorkeling

Underwater ScooterDepth RatingSpeed
Sea Doo Dolphin15.5 Feet2.0 MPH
Sea Doo GTI100 Feet2.5 MPH
Yamaha RDS300100 Feet3.0 MPH
Yamaha Seal15.0 Feet2.0 MPH
Sea Doo SD15001-RS1130 Feet4.35 MPH

As an underwater DPV is a premium watersports gadget, it’s important you get the best for the amount of money you spend. There are 5 factors that are used to determine which underwater scooter is right for you:

  1. Battery Life. Very important if you go very far into the sea and find yourself without any battery juice left.
  2. Size. If the DPV is for a child, the smaller the better. However, if it is for a professional diver, you will want a bigger size one for more power.
  3. Power Output. With high-quality batteries mated with a large propeller, you can achieve high power outputs for faster speed underwater.
  4. Depth Rating. The higher the depth rating, the higher the quality the DPV will be as it will be using higher quality material.
  5. Buoyancy. For faster underwater speed, you will want a less buoyant DPV. Premium DPV’s will have a control to alter this to your own weight.

Sea Doo is market leaders in the sea scooter game but recently Yamaha has begun to produce their very own. After much research, below is a list of the best underwater sea scooters that provide good depth and speed for a reasonable price.

Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Underwater Scooter for Kids

best underwater scooter for children
The Sea Doo brand is well known for its underwater scooters for all uses. This DPV, in particular, is ideal for children and adults from the age of 8 plus that is built with safety in mind. Features such as a floating chassis, shut down automatically, large protective grills and more. The specification of this Sea Door DPV are:

  • 1.5 hours of use before it needs to be recharged
  • Weighs 12 pounds
  • Max speed of 2 MPH
  • Max Depth of 15.5 feet
  • 180 days warranty

It is the best underwater scooter for children where it will provide them with great enjoyment. Its recommended charging overnight for use the next day. This is one of the best pool toys you can buy for your children whilst on your holidays.

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Sea Doo GTI Underwater Scooter for Divers

best underwater scooter for divers
Aimed at water enthusiasts and divers that require performance underwater is the Sea Doo GTI. The Sea Doo GTI DPV has the very desirable adjustable buoyancy control that allows users to get the setting correct against their own weight. The specification of the Sea Doo GTI is as followed:

  • 2 hours of use before it needs to be recharged
  • Weighs 18 pounds
  • Max speed of 2.5 MPH
  • Max Depth of 100 feet
  • 180 days warranty

The main statistic that stands out with great presence is the maximum depth rating of the GTI model. With 100 feet depth capacity, the user of this DPV is able to explore deep into the ocean without breaking the internal components at a steady 2.5 miles per hour.

Overall, the extra price you pay for the GTI provides improvements over the children’s aimed model and it is the best underwater scooter for divers. This DPV will give you plenty of battery time to visit wrecks or fishing areas as well as decent speed.

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Yamaha RDS300 Seascooter with Camera Mount

scoote with standout feature is clearly the 100 foot depth,The Yamaha brand is known for its powerful reliable outboards for boats but their sea scooter is rated for depths of 100 feet. It has a 2 level rotational control and can reach speeds of 3 MPH underwater, which can be achieved in saltwater. Other specifications that are worth mentioning are:

  • 1.5 hours of run time under normal use
  • Max Depth of 100 feet
  • Heavy-duty hull protection
  • Weighs 18 pounds
  • Max speed of 3 MPH
  • 24″x 15.2″X 12.3″
  • GoPro mounting

The standout feature is clearly the 100-foot depth, which is the same as the Sea Doo GTi below. However, the main drawback is the price that you must be willing to pay. For the price, you do get the best underwater sea scooter you can buy and a reputable brand that is known for reliability.

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Yamaha Seal Recreational Series Sea Scooter

one a half hours of normal battery use.The Yamaha Seal Series is a cheap sea scooter that maintains the reputable Yamaha brand and provides great features. It is more than half the price of the “big daddy” RDS300 but of course, it does not have the similar specification, it does however include:

  • Max Depth of 15 foot
  • Max Speed of 2 MPH
  • 1.5 hours of runtime
  • Total weight of 12 pounds
  • GoPro mounting
  • 11.25″ x 11.25″ x 19″

It uses a sealed lead-acid battery, which can achieve one a half hours of normal use with a clever auto shut off for safety. It is a lightweight sea scooter for children to easily use and of course, it is a fully waterproof construction with Yamaha high-quality materials.

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Sea Doo SD15001-RS1

the fastest underwater scooter
What everyone wants to know is what is the fastest underwater scooter. The answer is the Sea Doo SD15001-RS1 with a max speed of 4.35 MPH ( 7 KM/H). Other features of the SD15001-RS1 are:

  • 1.5 Hours run time until it needs recharging
  • 3 Gears
  • Depth rating of 130 feet
  • 12 Month warranty

Thanks to the 3 rotational speed selection of the gears, you are able to adjust the speed and acceleration easily. The Sea Doo SD15001-RS1 is for those looking for more speed from their underwater scooter at a relatively cheap price.

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What is the Best Underwater Diver Propulsion Vehicle?

As you can see from the three recommended underwater scooters, they are all by Sea Doo. They are the market leaders within the underwater scooters niche and completely wipe the floor of the competitors. Such competition comes in the form of brands such as Apollo and TUSA that cost a few thousand dollars.

Overall, the most popular underwater scooter is the Sea Doo Dolphin because it offers great value for money. The reason why this is important is that the majority of its life will be spent unused unless you have a pool and regular hot weather. If that is the case, you could upgrade to the GTI or SD15001-RS1.

If you are looking for the ultimate underwater scooter, you are most probably a professional diver. The TUSA SAV-7 EVO-2 is built for people who are serious underwater explorers looking to explore the underworlds with the ultimate machine. The price reflects the seriousness of this DPV but you are also able to more than three divers at the same time, so it could work out cheaper than buying three other premium DPV’s.

How do Underwater Scooters Work?

An underwater scooter is a battery-powered gadget that features a propeller that is caged off from a protective grill. There will be two control triggers that allow the users to tilt the direction of the scooter to their intended direction.

Using high-quality PVC material, the battery is fully waterproof (and so are any other electrical components) for reliable use underwater. Premium DPV’s can reach up to 5 mph, where the cheaper version will struggle between 1 to 2 mph.

Some diver propulsion vehicle machines will have buoyancy control to increase the speed through the water. If the DPV is more buoyant, it will naturally start to float up, therefore the diver will need to force it to go in the straight line. Premium units have a buoyancy control switch to program it perfectly against your weight and use.

The underwater scooter is very easy to use and suitable for both children and adults. Due to the prices when they first came out, they were only really accessible to divers, but now prices have dropped significantly, which means snorkelers, holidaymakers and more people can enjoy them.

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