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5 Best Marine Battery Chargers 2019

Batteries that have lost charge and does not have enough power to start the engine will require a boat battery charger. There is a range of batteries from deep cycling, flooded and AGM, that require certain amount of amps to power up.

The best marine battery charger is the ProMariner 43021 ProSport 12 that uses 100% of the charging amps and automatically distributes charge among all the batteries.

Boats can go weeks on end without usage and the battery will be losing charge as each day passes. Ensuring you have a marine battery charger to recharge a dead boat battery will come invaluable when you need it most.

Best Battery Charger For Boats

Marine Battery ChargerTypeAmperage
ProMariner 43012 ProSportOn-Board5-20A
NOCO GeniusOn-Board4-40A
MinnKota MK 315DTrolling On-Board5A
Schumacher SpeedChargePortable15A
Marinco ChargeProOn-Board5-10A

Deciding the size of the marine battery charger is dependent upon the type and size of your battery. Other factors come into play such as whether your boat is docked most of the week and connected up to shore power. The boat battery charger needs to match the sum of DC loads and another 10% of the amp-hour capacity of the battery.

Avoid damaging your high end marine battery by undercharging and overcharging. Most chargers will automatically switch off the charging once fully charged to prevent damage.

Portable boat battery chargers are a worthwhile investment that can charge multiple batteries at once. Below is a list of the best marine battery chargers that will ensure your battery has good health with maximum charge.

ProMariner 43012 ProSport 12 Marine Charger

The ProMariner brand produce a range of marine electrical products and have a reputation for excellent build quality. The ProSport 12 is the base model but has all the functionality that a boat owner requires to maintain their boat battery.

The ProSport series will fully charge marine batteries in a respectable 8 to 10 hours and is compatible with flooded, gel, AGM and HP AGM batteries. The ProSport also has dedicated charging types that are selectable depending upon which marine battery you are charging.

The Distributed On Demand technology used in this marine battery charger ensures 100% of the available charging amps are fully utilized. This is advanced technology that not many cheaper alternatives will be able to carry out.

Overall, the ProMariner 43012 ProSport 12 is the best marine battery charger for boats that has sophisticated technology to ensure the batteries health is not effected.

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NOCO Genius GEN1 Waterproof Boat Charger

The highly popular NOCO Genius brand has taken both the marine and automotive world by storm with excellent battery charging technology. The Smart on-board battery charger for boats comes in a range of forms with multiple banks for those charging more than one battery.

With 10 amps per bank, the NOCO Genius is a powerful marine charger and it will work with all boat batteries including wet, gel, MF and AGM.

This charger is completely sealed and fully waterproof with a IP rating of 68. The technology inside of the charger includes a vosFX processor, which automatically monitors the battery to safely charge it when it requires.

Overall, it is a high performance marine battery charger and one of the best. The ProSport alternative has slightly better technology and options but the NOCO Genius is slightly cheaper and has more charger options.

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MinnKota MK 315D On-Board Battery Charger

MinnKota are the a well known brand known for produces some of the best trolling motors for boats of all sizes. Their on-board boat battery charger uses the latest technology that ensures the battery is charged safely.

The MK 315D trolling battery charger has 3 banks that produce 5 amps each and there is automatic temperature compensation and multi-stage charging. In terms of waterproofing, it has been tested in saltwater and for peace of mind comes with three years warranty.

Other features of this trolling motor battery charger include a digital microprocessor to protect your battery, twice as fast charging in high temperatures, short circuit, reverse polarity and ignition corrosion and more.

Overall, it is the best battery charger for trolling motors and made by the very brand that produces top rated trolling products. It is more expensive but if you require it for your trolling motor battery, there is no other alternative that comes close.

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Schumacher Portable Marine Charger

The Schumacher SSC-1500A-CA Ship ‘N’ Shore 15 Amp SpeedCharge is a portable marine battery charger that is lightweight and has a retractable handle for easy portability. There is various display modes and setting to switch between from charge rates to battery types.

The Schumacher charger also has fully automatic charging control to protect the battery from overcharging as well as multi stage charging.

The unique selling point of the Schumacher SSC-1500A-CA Ship ‘N’ Shore is that it can be taken wherever you wish. It is the best portable marine battery charger for the money and it will easily bring your dead boat battery to full charge.

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ChargePro On-Board Waterproof Battery Charger

The ChargePro by Marinco uses a microprocessor controller for accurate charging of flooded, AGM and gel boat batteries. It has a universal input of both 120 and 320V with an intuitive charging operation.

As with the ProSports and NOCO alternatives, there is automation in terms of switching off the charge when its fully charged.

Overall, the Marinco ChargePro is a refined and quiet marine battery charger that will maintain boat batteries automatically. It is similarly priced to the other on-board battery chargers and has a range of different amperage to choose from.

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Marine Battery Charger Buying Guide

Ensuring that your marine battery is kept topped up so that it can function at its best is fairly important. There are multiple ways of doing this from top rated marine solar panels as a source of power to the latest boat battery chargers.

There are many cheap chargers around that will work for a while but they do not feature the latest technology. Automatic charging that stops when the battery is fully charged is essential for the health of the battery itself.

Other factors to consider is the fact that there are many types that include more amperage and the choice of portability or on-board.

On-Board v Portable Boat Battery Chargers

For smaller boats that simply do not require an on-board charger, the portable examples such as the Schumacher charger are ideal. However, they are not as powerful nor refined as the on-board alternatives, which can be installed almost anywhere inside or “on-board”.

Larger boats require bigger and more batteries to keep all the electronics and starting of the engine fully functioning. Investing into one of the recommended marine battery chargers above ensure the battery is always at the optimum amount of charge.

Battery Compatibility

Boat batteries comes in a range of types with the main types being flooded (also known as wet), gel and AGM batteries. Each require certain charging modes in order to charge safely and efficiently. Some are very sensitive to overcharging and it is therefore vital that there is automation.

Wet batteries are the best at handling overcharging because they are not sealed but they do require maintenance during the off-season. A maintenance mode features found on many chargers such as the ProSport is ideal for charging wet batteries.

The most popular marine battery is the AGM type as they are maintenance free and survive shocks and vibrations better. The charger you choose for AGM batteries should have automation that prevents overcharging and is temperature sensitive.

Finally, Gel batteries are the most expensive to purchase due to their build quality but require accurate charging that is regulated often. The Marinco ChargePro would be ideal for charging gel batteries safely.

Charger Size and Number of Banks

When choosing the marine battery charger, you will notice that there is a variation of sizes, amperage and banks. If you own a relatively large vessel with many batteries, a charger with the same amount of bank as batteries would be required.

The majority of chargers will have 5 to 10 amps per bank but as a rule of thumb, he boat battery charger needs to match the sum of DC loads and another 10% of the amp-hour capacity of the battery.

Power Source for the Battery Charger

The majority of marine battery charger rely solely on shore power for their battery charging requirements. This is perfectly fine when docked up but if you were out to sea and the batteries on the boat go low, what can you do?

Using a powerful marine inverter is the best way to charge your batteries when out to sea. They have multiple outputs such as 12V DC, 120V AC and so much more.

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