Rain Gear For Fishing

5 Best Rain Gear For Fishing

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The weather can be very unpredictable at times and it’s vital that you own rain gear for fishing in case you are caught out by a wet spell of weather.

Fishing can be enjoyed during any type of weather but as long as you come prepared.

The best rain gear for fishing is the Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit, which uses non-woven materials for maximum waterproof and breathable performance.

During the winter, as soon as you start getting wet, the coldness will set in and it’s vital that everything you are wearing is waterproof.

However, if you are hit by a rainstorm in the summer, you may become hot, so the rain gear needs to be breathable too.

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Best Rain Suit For Fishing

Fishing Rain Gear Preview Colors
Frogg Toggs All Sport 9
Navis Marine Coastal 2
Coleman Rain Suit 1
Viking Open Road 3
RainRider Rain Suits 2

Rain gear for fishing is also great during windy days too as the waterproof material prevents any cold air from touching your body.

Staying dry, however, is the main objective and this can be achieved with a full rain suit, parka, jacket, bib, and other clothing.

When choosing rain gear, it’s important that you check the sizing and maybe opt for a slightly bigger size.

Rain gear for fishing is normally worn over the top of your normal clothing so that you are kept warm and dry.

There is a whole range of clothing that makes up the appropriate clothing to wear for wet and windy days.

Below is a list of the best rain gear for fishing that focuses on complete suits that are waterproof and breathable.

Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit

adjustable cord and leg openings suit

Frogg Toggs is a well-known brand in the fishing industry and this is their answer for rain gear for fishing.

It is a two-piece fishing suit that contains a lightweight 100% polypropylene jacket and pants that are both adjustable to fit perfectly.

The full-length jacket allows for easy movement with adjustable weight and comes with a hood that can be detached.

It also features a full-zip front with a storm flap and guttered cover to ensure that you are kept drying even in the toughest of storms.

In terms of the pants, they have a 1-inch elastic waistband with adjustable cord and leg openings for a comfortable fit that will go over another pair of pants.

Overall, the Frogg Toggs 2 piece fishing suit is the best rain gear for fishing that is affordable and ensures you are kept dry at all times.

The only drawback is the lightness, which makes it not as durable as some of the alternatives.

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Navis Marine Coastal Fishing Rain Suit

fishing rain suit that is extra special

For those that have the budget for a fishing rain suit that is extra special, then this Navis Marine rain gear is worth looking into.

It is a premium fishing rain suit that ensures you are kept warm and dry during fishing, sailing and when out to sea.

It contains two layers of breathable fabric for optimum comfort, which is also wind and waterproof.

The fabric is also water repellent with a fully taped seam, which lets no water inside of the suit.

The Navis Marine rain suit is also very breathable considering the durable water repellent finish.

Although the Navis Marine rain suit is pricey, it is definitely a worthwhile investment for those serious fishers.

It is the best fishing rain gear you can buy but only if you are willing to pay the premium.

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Coleman PVC/Nylon Rain Suit

most durable rain suit for fishing

Coleman is another big brand in the marine industry and their 2 piece fishing rain suit is a more durable alternative that includes pockets, which also provide access to pant pockets worn underneath the rain suit.

In terms of the waterproof qualities, it is constructed of a durable 20 mm PVC with a nylon lining for maximum protection from the elements.

Breathability can be an issue with thick rain suits but Coleman has made sure that this is not the case.

There are front and rear vents that allow for airflow but due to the thickness, it may still get fairly hot depending on the weather.

Overall, the Coleman rain gear is by far the most durable rain suit for fishing and will ensure you stay dry without breaking the bank.

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Viking Open Road Waterproof Fishing Suit

excellent all round fishing rain suit that is lightweight and durable

For those that want a fishing rain suit that comes with bib pants and is heavy-duty, this Viking Open Road rain suit is ideal.

It is constructed of 100% rip-stop polyester (150D) with a PVC backing that is fully waterproof and windproof.

To ensure that it is durable, it has also been double stitched, taped and heat-sealed, which also makes it even more waterproof compared to cheaper alternatives.

In terms of breathability, there are multiple fronts and rear vents in the jacket.

The jacket also features adjustable wrists, cotton corduroy collar, 2 large pockets, and an adjustable and detachable hood.

The bib pants include a quick release buckle, fly access and an elastic waist for comfort.

Overall, they are an excellent all-round fishing rain suit that is lightweight and durable.

As an added bonus, it comes with storage back for storing the rain gear away when not in use.

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RainRider Rain Suits

Whether you are camping, walking the dog, doing yard work, golfing, commercial fishing, building, and road construction, with this gear, you do not have to worry about rain.

Its stretch knit rain ensures waterproof features; the jacket and pants are made of 100% Polyester.

The fabric is durable, MicroWeld seam construction protects you from intense rainfall, they have strong resistance in the rain, even inclement/foul weather.

Also, their design is comfortable and comes in your aid. The gear has double entry front pockets. Back cape for ventilation.

Stowable hood. No noise, and comfortable fabric for ease of movement. Underarm and back vents which are helping you keep warm enough for the rain but not too hot.

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Rain Gear For Fishing Buying Guide

Hardcore anglers need appropriate gear to handle getting wet either from the sporadic rain while fishing or splashing the back of water during fishing.

Thus, fishing gear is vital in preventing you from getting wet since you will not allow getting wet to come in between you and fishing.

The fishing gear should possess specific features such as being breathable, windproof, and waterproof but at the same time fits your budget.

Additionally, the outfit should allow the angler to move freely and at the same time releasing body heat generated from the constant motion.

Manufacturers have a difficult task of making these attires with all these attributes.

Below are some features that you should be looking out for when searching for a raingear for fishing.

raingear fishing

Should be Waterproof

The fishing apparel should be able to endure the thousands of water drops falling on it, and this is especially important if you have electronic equipment that helps in fishing, this depending on the material and its use. Numerous materials have an additional coat that resists water.

Entry-level rain suits use Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyurethane as the waterproofing agent with the application of both of them done to coat the fabric shell usually either polyester or nylon.

It covers the fabric pores making it water-resistant and offering wind resistance at a reasonable price.

Furthermore, some rainwear is made from PVC entirely making them rainproof but have poor breathability thus wearing them for an extended period is uncomfortable especially in hot weather.

Other entry-level gears have a polypropylene sandwiching a breathable membrane to improve airflow.

Plenty of Storage Space

These spaces are critical especially in rainy weather since your hands will have more important things to do other than grasping your valuables.

Therefore, look for an outfit that has plenty of storage spaces and can be closed with either a Velcro piece or zip.

It would be an ideal location to put devices that are not waterproof keeping them dry thus preventing them from being damaged.

Moreover, the pockets will help you warm your hands after prolonged exposure to cold.

fishing in rain

Should be Lightweight and a Resistant Material

Manufactured products whether gadgets or clothing experience lots of threats coming at them but holding up against the challenges is crucial.

For rain gear, the first essential thing is keeping away moisture in areas where it is not needed while at the same time maintaining practicality and ease of use of the gear.

An incorrect balance of clothing materials results in them being extraordinarily weighty, and despite being waterproof, one trait will have been sacrificed for another.

Therefore, the materials going into making the gears should be practical and light but at the same time able to rebuff rain.

Well Done Seams

Even the best materials are useless if there nothing is there to hold the parts together.

Water creeps in through seams as these are the weak spots, and you should avoid cheap sealing options like glue which let in water after prolonged contact with water.

The best seals are usually sewn and later strengthened by waterproof adhesive tape to prevent leaks from getting through the smallest holes.

Safety Feature Inclusion

In heavy downpour despite having the best outfit to handle the weather, things can go wrong despite all your efforts.

It is therefore crucial as an additional precaution to wear suits that will assist you to float and protect you from cold temperatures and water.

Lastly, your outfit should possess the reflective capability, and in case of an emergency, you would be easily spotted and rescued.

Should be Breathable

The rain attire should allow air circulation and thus should be made from membranes and high-end fabrics which are ideal because they ensure moisture and heat control while at the same time being breathable and waterproof.

Despite being more expensive than polyurethane and PVC, they do perform better.

Should have proper ventilation A proper rain attire should have at an inbuilt venting option as this will boost the circulation of air, which is very helpful especially in hot weather.

Light-weight models have ventilation openings at the front and back yoke.

Rain Suits For Fishing

Necessary Gear for Fishing

When the weather changes and becomes colder and drizzles a lot, this is when anglers like to go fishing due to increased chances of catching fish.

It is, therefore, crucial to have in place a suitable rain attire for angling and below are some of the fishing gear you should have to have a comfortable and fun fishing experience.

Good Rain Boots

Anglers prefer fishing on the dry ground be it on a boat or dry land. However, waterproof boots are necessary since when the rain pours, the ground softens creating puddles and mud all over.

Hence, wearing water-resistant boots prevents water from entering, and you will not get uncomfortable while fishing and enjoy the experience.

Hiking boots and rubber boots can also do the trick, although the latter is uncomfortable.

If you already own a pair of boots but aren’t watertight, spray them with a waterproofing spray that coats them with a clear water repellant.

Waterproof Trousers

Having these trousers is vital, and there is a wide variety to choose from ranging from expensive to affordable ones.

Nevertheless, the pants should be comfortable when worn. For the cheaper models, you should wear them on top of your trousers when it starts raining, and they will insulate and prevent you from getting wet.

Rain Jacket

It is imperative to have a good rain jacket since your upper body’s exposure to rain whether you are fishing from a stand in the river or boat is a must.

There are two types of rainproof jackets the PVC raincoat and the second albeit more expensive rain jacket is breathable and water-resistant.

However, if you intend to do fly fishing, the latter is preferable because the continuous casting action makes you sweat faster than preferable.

Moreover, when buying a jacket, go for one with extra pocket spaces which can be helpful.

Fishing Gloves

Despite being necessary only during the colder days, gloves are ideal to own.

Wet hands get colder quicker consequently making your fingers numb and thus becoming a problem when holding the fishing rod particularly with the winds blowing.

There are a variety of gloves available with different features.

Fishing Rain Suits

These suits are entirely rainproof, lightweight and are cheaper in comparison to purchasing jackets and trousers separately, with most manufacturers offering these jacket and trouser combination.

Thus, if you are looking to save some money, this is the best fishing gear for you and at the same time being of high quality.

Furthermore, breathable fishing suits provide you with a better quality unlike the PVC variety since it insulates better and is also more durable.


Protecting yourself from the wet weather whilst you fish can be fairly difficult without the correct rain gear fishing.

There is a wide range of rain suits for fishing that tackle this issue and ensure you stay bone dry and warm.

All of our recommendations are waterproof and windproof with adequate airflow for breathability.

Rain suits however only go so far and if you are serious fishermen, you may want to choose premium examples of each type of clothing.

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