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The Best Bodyboards: Review and Buying Guide

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Bodyboarding is great fun for both kids and adults with a range of bodyboards available.

The bodyboard is often mistaken for boogie boards but bodyboards use higher quality foam and are designed to capture waves.

One of the best bodyboards is the Own The Wave Super Lightweight Bodyboard that offers a wide-ranging weight capacity and sizes for all ages.

They are common in almost all beach towns because of their sporting function along the beaches.

Bodyboards are employed in a sport called bodyboarding. Bodyboarding is popular because the surfers ride the boards lying down.

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Best Bodyboards

Own the WaveAll Ages
Lucky BumsChildren
Morey Big KahunaBig Guys
California Board CompanyAll Ages

Bodyboarding is an activity that pretty much everyone is able to achieve and have fun in doing so.

There is no athletic ability required other than jumping onto the bodyboard and hanging on to it whilst you caught a wave.

Another benefit of bodyboarding is the fact that it can be an easier learning curve for those that want to begin surfing.

Tackling the art of bodyboarding before moving onto surfing will help you progress much more easily.

Whether you are a beginner, professional or someone simply looking for great fun in the water, bodyboarding is perfect.

Below is a list of the best bodyboards to get you catching waves with ease no matter your size or age.

Own The Wave Lightweight Bodyboard

one of the best bodyboards for the money

The WAVE Weapon bodyboard is part of the lightweight range by Own The Wave and comes with a wide variety of options.

The brand itself is a family-run business that is well-known in the USA and they are that confident of their bodyboard that they provide a 1-year warranty.

Other features of the Own The Wave Bodyboard includes:

  • 9 different color choices
  • Sizes from 33 to 41 inches
  • Hard condensed foam top
  • Water-resistant core
  • Suitable for weights ranging from 65 to 188 LBS
  • Includes a leash for attaching to your arm or leg

Overall, it is one of the best bodyboards for the money that combines all-around performance, excellent build quality, and value for money.

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Bo-Toys Body Board

The Bo-Toys bodyboard has an EPS core, which makes it lightweight. Made with heat lamination technology, the Bo-Toys offer impact strength and durability with this bodyboard.

With a high-density polyethylene, the bottom of the bodyboard is superslick with channels and a crescent tail. The board has a compact feel and is water-resistant for all wave conditions.  

The 60/40 rails on the Bo-Toys board allow for more maneuverability and a chance to hone your skills.

The Bo-Toys BodyBoard features:

  • 33” longboard
  • Bright colors to choose from (red, blue, and pink)
  • Board weights less than 2 pounds, so it is easy to carry
  • Wristband to keep board near

The Bo Toys company backs their products, so if you have any issues with the board, they will respond promptly to any concerns. 

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Wavestorm 40″ Bodyboard

Wavestorm is one of the most recognized soft surfboards and stand-up paddleboard brands in the US. The Wavestorm bodyboards range from 40 inches to 42.5 inches and are available with a variety of deck features. 

The deck, bottom slick skin, core, and components are created to specification and combine to complement each other and make the perfect craft. 

Wavestorm bodyboard is equipped with a durable HDPE High Impact bottom, a superior grade EPS foam core, a stringer for added rigidity, and a patented graphic top deck skin.

The Wavestorm bodyboard features:

  • Strong EPs core
  • Cross-linked water barrier skin
  • Graphic Top deck
  • Engineered deck contour and nose bulbs for improved grip
  • Single fiberglass stringer
  • Suggested weight capacity is 180 lbs

This package comes with two soft foam construction body boards and has a pre-installed leash plug.

After every use, wash your board down with fresh water, wipe dry and store in a cool dry place. 

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Morey Big Kahuna Bodyboard

best bodyboard for big guys,

If you are a heavy guy (or girl) and looking for the best bodyboard for big guys, then look no further.

The majority of boards do not provide adequate buoyancy for large people, which results in a poor experience.

Features of the Morey Big Kahuna Bodyboard includes:

  • Available in 3 different colors
  • 44 inches in length
  • PE core for additional strength
  • Includes a power rod stringer
  • Suitable for big guys over 5 foot 10 inches and over 185 LBS

If you are larger than 5 feet 10 inches and over 185 pounds, this bodyboard will provide the best performance.

The larger board means that catching waves is a lot easier than the smaller bodyboards that the majority of other riders are using.

You will be paying a premium for this bodyboard, however, it’s worth the money.

Think of it this way, if you bought a cheaper small bodyboard, you will have poor floating qualities and you will end up not enjoying it as you should.

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California Board Company Switch Bodyboard

perfect all-rounder bodyboard

The California Board Company are known for their high-quality boards with a verity available.

The Switch bodyboard, in particular, is relatively affordable and suited for all ages and sizes with a weight range of 60 to 120 LBS.

Features of the California Board Company Bodyboard includes:

  • 42 inches in length
  • 4 color choices
  • Sturdy lightweight frames
  • Includes nylon wrist leash
  • Cross-linked polyethylene deck
  • High-density polyethylene slick bottom

For those that are looking for the perfect all-rounder, the California Board Company’s bodyboard is a great choice.

They are also a brand that you can trust with products ranging from professional surfboards to paddleboards.

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Bodyboards Buying Guide

What to Look For in a Bodyboard?

Bodyboarding is continuing to rise in popularity and its great fun for both adults and kids.

There is a wide variety of bodyboards available that are generally suited for affordability, performance or the best of both worlds.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below-buying guide that combines all the factors that you should consider when searching for a bodyboard.

Weight and Size

Buying the best bodyboards depends on your weight, height, and experience.

Bodyboards come in different sizes; small and big. Riding these various boards has different experiences, and therefore you must choose a bodyboard basing on these two factors.

The size of the bodyboard is significant because riding on one with the wrong size can cause accidents.

You will want the bodyboard to reach your belly button when stood on the floor.

A short bodyboard will leave your legs trailing in the water thus making your movement slower.

It’s advisable to shop for a big bodyboard for smaller waves and normal-sized bodyboard when the waves are average.

A smaller board works well in big or shabby waves.


What is a Bodyboard Made of?

The materials used to make bodyboards are mainly plastics. High-quality boards have a foam core and a plastic bottom called the slick.

They also have a deck and rails made of softer foam. In most cases, the slick is coated in surlyn which helps the board to cruise faster through the waves.

The front part of the board is called the nose whereas the back is referred to as the tail and the top of the board is the top part.

Many boards have graphite rods running inside the board, down its length. These bars are called stringers, and they serve to strengthen and spring the board for stability during the cruise.

Material Used in Making the Bodyboard

The two core materials used for making bodyboards are polypropylene foam and Dow polyethylene.

Despite the heavy nature of Dow it has an excellent projection, solid performance in colder water and offers a superb flex.

On the other hand, the PE boards are light in nature and more stiff compared to Dow.

Choice of a Stringer

Another consideration is the selection of the stringer used on the board. A stringer is a tube that runs down through the center of the board, making a solid spine for the bodyboard.

It strengthens the core thereby increasing the projection and providing an instant recoil.

Convenience of Tails

The tails provide a point where water leaves the bottom of the board. Different shapes of the boat have different effects.

There are two main types of tails, which are classified as crescent and bat shapes.

When buying a board, you should consider the width of the tail because of the wider the tail, the more stable and faster the board.

The narrow board makes it easier for the board to maneuver during the bodyboarding.

Rails and Rail Angles

A rail is an edge of the bodyboard which helps in planning through the waves. Steep rails result in more bites which provide the rider an increased control during boarding.

However, the steep rails reduce the rider’s drive. A shallow angle means less resistance which translates to increased speed. It also makes it hard to turn because of the decrease in the vacuum.

Body Board

The Chine

The chine primarily refers to the deck area that bends round to join the other side of the rail.

The chine wraps over the rails and creates a vacuum that sucks the displaced water from under the boat.

The displaced water wraps around the board onto the chine in the same way it does with the rails.

Width of the Board

The wide point refers to the broadest part of the board’s template, running from one rail to the other.

The floatation and ability of the board to maneuver depend on the wider point. A wide board provides greater buoyancy but does make turning difficult.

Nose-to-Wide Point

This is the space between the nose and the widest point of the board. The overall shape and the template depend entirely on the widest point of the board.

If you are a rider who rotates, drives, and balances from the elbow you should consider buying a board with a high wider point because it provides a great surface area towards the front of the board.

The Thickness of the Bodyboard

Another important consideration when buying a bodyboard is the thickness.

Recent changes have seen the production of many thinner boards, approximately dropping from 55mm to 51mm.

The thinner the board, the lower the buoyancy. However, thinner boards have the advantage of maneuverability.

However, the thicker boards increase speed due to their bigger volume but affect the rail-to-rail riding.

Buyers who want speed and big carves should choose thicker boards, while those who prefer maneuverability should go for the thinner boards.

The Rocker

Rocker refers to the gentle upward curve of the board. It recommended having slight rockers that are more focused on the front of the board.

A great rocker provides a loose ride and less of a rocker implies a faster ride with less maneuverability.

How to Maintain and Bodyboard?

After buying your board, it’s important that you take good care of it to ensure that it lasts many years.

You will want to protect the board from saline water and general dirt by rinsing it off with fresh water after use in saltwater.

You will also want to protect the board from extreme temperatures and constant exposure to UV rays.

This will ensure that the materials of the bodyboard do not bubble up, which will happen much faster with cheap alternatives.


Bodyboarding is currently one of the favorite water sports in the world. Unlike other water sports, bodyboarding is the easiest to learn and play.

Although some surfboarders despise bodyboarding, the rate at which it keeps on attracting new players should not be ignored.

The demand for bodyboards is continuously rising with more people wanting to join in on the fun.

All of our recommendations are suitable for a range of ages and weight capacities. Hopefully, you will be able to find the bodyboard you require from the above suggestions.

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