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5 Best Inflatable Island Floats 2020

An inflatable floating island can hold adults and children as well as being able to hold multiple users.

There are several different types of floating islands from designs that allow you to relax with a drinks holder to those that encourage you to play or hold on.

The best inflatable floating island is the Tropical Tahiti Floating Island with multiple seating areas for both adults and children and a weight capacity of 1,320 LBS.

Inflatable floating islands are much larger and use higher quality materials compared to your average inflatable.

They are designed to accommodate multiple people so that you can rest and enjoy the water in sheer comfort.

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Best Inflatable Floating Island

Inflatable IslandDimensionsWeight Capacity
Tropical Tahiti155″ x 129″ x 30″1,320 LBS
Bestway Lazy Days130" x 130" x 26"900 LBS
CoolerZ Rapid Rider157″ x 122″ x 27″793 LBS
CoolerZ X5 Canopy157″ x 122″ x 27″1,388 LBS
Intex Canopy Island78″ x 59″ x 27″400 LBS

An inflatable floating island can be used in most large pools and the beach with a range of designs available.

They can be as small as a single person float but there are even some 10 person inflatable islands available.

The main aspects to consider is that it is easy to inflate and deflate, durable, safe on the water and fun to use.

However, many people confuse them with a towable tube for boating but these must not be towed at all.

There is a large number of inflatable islands in the market with varying prices.

To make your buying decision much easier, below is a list of the best inflatable floating islands with a range of designs and multiple person accommodations.

Tropical Tahiti Floating Island

the best Inflatable Floating Island you can buy

The Tropical Tahiti is one of the biggest inflatable floating islands available, it’s huge!

It will feel like your own private island that can accommodate at least 6 people with an option to choose the even bigger version that can hold 8 people.

It features backrests, six cup holders, two built-in sofa loungers and coolers to make it feel like your own living room.

The Tropical Tahiti inflates to 155″ x 129″ x 30″ and has a maximum weight capacity of 1,320 lbs.

Due to the size, you should expect at least 20 minutes to completely inflate it but we recommend a powerful inflatable air pump to reduce inflation time.

Once inflated, this island is excellent for the pool or beach and it doesn’t get much bigger than this.

Overall, it is the best Inflatable Floating Island you can buy and available to accommodate 6 or 8 people with a larger size.

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Lazy Days River Inflatable Float

best floating islands for the money

The Lazy Days floating island seats up to 6 people with 3 extra-wide backrests so that you relax comfortably.

The bottom of the floating island is meshed and the inflatable is constructed of high-quality inflate-shield puncture-resistant material.

In terms of dimensions, this floating island is 129 inches in length, 129 inches in width and 26 inches in height.

The maximum weight capacity that is expecting is at least 900 pounds, which equates to around 6 adults.

Interesting features to note are 3 grab handles, 3 extra wide pillow backrests for your back, 6 cup holders, anchor bag and a mesh bottom to keep you cool.

Overall, it is one of the best floating islands for the money and long-lasting quality.

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CoolerZ Rapid Rider Inflatable Island

best cheap inflatable island

The CoolerZ Rapid Rider can accommodate 4 people and it is the best cheap inflatable island.

It features 4 cup holders, mesh bottom floor, built-in backrests, easy to reach grab handles, two cooler and much more.

With the mesh bottom floor, you are able to dip your feet into the water, which is great for keeping cool.

If you in and out of the pool/sea, the heavy-duty handles allow for a good grip to pull yourself back onto the inflatable.

In terms of the technical specification, the inflatable itself contains 2 air chambers for additional safety in case one burst out at sea.

It is a large inflatable island too with the following dimension of 101″ x 101″ x 21″ with a weight capacity of 793 lbs.

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CoolerZ X5 Canopy Island Inflatable

best inflatable floating island with a canopy

Another floating island by CoolerZ but this time it is the X5 model that isn’t as cheap but it can accommodate 7 people and features an excellent canopy.

If you are looking for an island that is capable of holding all your drinks and cooling them too, the CoolerZ has six cup holders and two cooler bags.

As with the Rapid Rider above, it has a mesh bottom floor that allows you to keep your feet cool.

A feature that I think is unique and useful is the “swim-up” platform that makes getting out of the water much easier.

Overall, it is the best inflatable floating island with a canopy and it provides protection against the sun for those wanting to be on the water.

The CoolerZ is a large 157″ x 122″ x 27″ in size and has a weight capacity of 1,388 LBS.

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Intex Inflatable Floating Canopy Island

shade for half of the inflatable

If you are looking for the best canopy inflatable, then the Intex inflatable lounge is the answer.

The detachable sunshade provides the right amount of shade during a sunny day and can be set up and removed fairly easily.

To provide additional buoyancy and safety, it has two air chambers to hold the 78″ x 59″ x 27″ and a weight capacity of 400 lbs.

We recommend that you have no more than 2 people on the inflatable for maximum comfort and room.

Unlike other canopy inflatable lounges, this one can hold myself who is over 6 foot 5 without having my legs hanging off the side.

Made from heavy-duty vinyl PVC which is 18 gauge thickness, you can rest assured that it will survive a few knocks.

The canopy itself provides shade for half of the inflatable, therefore you will need to cover up to the back for full shade.

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Inflatable Floating Island Buying Guide

There are bad and good inflatable islands but you can pinpoint the best floating islands by considering the 5 points before buying one.

Buying online will be the best option because your local supermarket usually only stocks cheap inflatable islands.

Weight and Person Capacity

The majority of inflatable islands are designed for more than 2 people (otherwise they would be a normal inflatable).

The biggest floating island that I’ve seen is for 10 people but the price was eye-watering.

In general, a 10-foot inflatable will be able to hold 1,000 pounds in weight but it all varies dependent upon the brands.

Materials used for the Inflatable

99% of the time, inflatable islands will be made from vinyl PVC due to its inflating and deflating properties.

Some may contain foam but clearly this can not be deflated. Vinyl PVC in a tough material in general but what makes a high-quality inflatable island is its thickness.

The higher the thickness, the more durable the floating island will be. They start from approximately 10 to 20 gauge thickness.

Vinyl PVC is designed for the pool and beaches, therefore the saltwater in the sea will not damage the material.

However, you will want to ensure that the inflatable you buy has UV resistant PVC otherwise it may break down the material under direct sunlight.

Floating Island Features

The main advantage over the standard inflatable is that an island will have much more space, which means more room for additional features.

The best inflatable islands will include features such as:

  • Drinks holder for your beverage
  • Cushions and dedicated seating
  • Handle grips for getting in and out
  • Drinks cooler (high end)
  • Canopy to stay out of the sun
  • Enjoyment such as steering wheels, drinks bar and much more

Inflatable islands of today are getting better and crazier each day. However, the number of features that it may have will result in a premium cost.

Inflatable Ease of Use

Considering inflatable islands can hold up to 10 people, they can be quite large.

This means that they require more inflation, deflation, storage, and transport compared with other inflatables.

9 times out of 10, you will require an inflatable air pump to assist in the inflation.

Cost of the Inflatable Island

There are cheap inflatable islands that are less than $100 dollars but there is the other end of the scale that goes to $1000 plus.

It is completely down to your budget but if you are planning to use the inflatable for a week’s holiday in the sun, it may be best to go for the cheaper islands and bin it after.

However, the premium inflatable islands are very impressive and normally use high-quality vinyl PVC. This means they can be reused multiple times without any rips or defects.

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