best transom saver

5 Best Transom Savers 2018

The purpose of a transom saver is to protect the transom of your boat from damage whilst trailering. An outboard motor is a heavy lump and even when fully tilted, it requires a transom saver in order to support the weight. The best transom saver is the Attwood Heavy Duty Transom Saver, which is available in […]

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fiberglass wax for boat

5 Best Boat Waxes 2018

Using a quality boat wax to restore shine and increase the protection of your boat is highly recommended each year when its out of the water. Without protection, a fiberglass boats can suffer oxidization, which will result in a dull appearance. The best boat wax is the Meguiar’s M6332 Flagship Premium Marine Wax that provides a […]

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best boat deck chair

5 Best Boat Deck Chairs 2018

Buying a boat deck chair that is suitable for the harsh marine environment is an excellent investment. Unlike a normal chair, they provide a high compression comfortable seat that is UV and mildew resistant. The best boat deck chair is the Wise Folding Chair with Aluminum Frame, which has 8 legs for additional stability and […]

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best marine toilet

5 Best Marine Toilets 2018

Leaving your boat to find somewhere to use the toilet can be time consuming and frustrating. A marine toilet is the answer to your problems and is specifically designed for the harsh marine environment. The best marine toilet is the Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet, which uses all stainless steel hardware and dissembles quickly […]

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best marine speakers for bass and audio quality

6 Best Marine Speakers 2018

Marine speakers for your boat are a must have accessories for those who loves music. They provide high quality sound whilst being water resistant and withstanding lashes of water without breaking or distorting the sound. The best marine speakers for your boat are the Kenwood KFC-1653MRW 6.5″ 2-way with great value for money and impressive […]

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