best marine subwoofer for boats

5 Best Subwoofers For Boats 2018

Subwoofers for boats can take the strain from the other speakers in order to provide a deeper and more crisp sound. Marine subwoofers include additional waterproof protection and marine grade materials for safe usage on boats. The best marine subwoofer is the JL Audio 10″ M10W5-SG with a peak power rating of 500W and 250W […]

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best led boat trailer lights

5 Best LED Trailer Lights 2018

When reversing your boat into the ocean, your trailer lights play a big part in instructing those behind you on what you are doing. In the marine environment, they should be submersible trailer lights as they will be placed in saltwater in some cases. The best submerisble trailer lights is the SeaSense Low Profile Tail Light, […]

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