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Starting as a small and simple blog, we have since become a global brand with mentions in large organization publications. We provide detailed reviews and advice with anything to do with the marine industry.

More About TheMarineLab.com

All of the content for this website is written by our team who spend hours researching for the latest and best information. The marine industry can be broken down into boating, fishing, kayaking, water sports and much more.

Our team is split into researchers, product testers and writers, which allows us to publish content like we do. The style of the content is either a product review and buying guide article or a tutorial guide. We are open to suggestions on content that we have not yet fulfilled and we would like you get in touch for our team to begin their research.

about the marine lab

Where It All Began

The Marine Lab team

Founded in April of 2017, The Marine Lab has come a long way with over 100,000 (and rising) unique visitors each month. Since receiving this recognition, we have taken specific measures to ensure all our content is of the highest quality and suitable to our audience.

On the topic of the audience, 80% of all the traffic is from the US. The other 20% is shared around the world.

We always like to hear back from our readers and if you would like us to cover a certain topic, let us know!

Our Mission

The aim of the website is simply to be the "go to" online resource for anyone looking for marine based advice or product reviews. To an extent, we are achieving our goals but we want to cover every single aspect of the marine industry that we can.

Content quality is extremely important to our team and for this reason, we DO NOT ACCEPT GUEST POSTS on this website. All articles are written by our knowledgeable team in order to maintain our high standards.

Unlike many other marine websites, we actually put to use our advice and conduct testing of products. The content that you read, whether that be about fishing to trailers is content that you can trust. We are constantly researching and updating the site on a daily basis to ensure you are kept up to date with the latest marine trends.

About Ian

The Marine Lab team

Although born without gills, the place you will find Ian is either on or in the water. Ian’s Everglades 243cc is his home away from home while he engages in all types of activities water-related.

He is passionate about creating a community of marine enthusiasts who benefit from each other’s knowledge and love of the water.

Dedicated to sharing valuable information (the best bait on Indian River is shrimp, sand fleas and mullet) and encouraging respect for marine ecosystems, Ian does some of his best work from the deck of his West Wight Potter 19 sailboat.

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