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5 Best Boat Deck Chairs 2021

Buying a boat deck chair that is suitable for the harsh marine environment is an excellent investment. Unlike a normal chair, they provide a high compression comfortable seat that is UV and mildew resistant.

The best boat deck chair is the Wise Folding Chair with Aluminum Frame, which has 8 legs for additional stability and is available in various different styles.

Compared to a static chair integrated into the boat, a deck chair provides additional portability due to its lightness and some have the ability to fold.

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Best Deck Chair For Boats

Boat Deck ChairMaterialLegs
Wise Folding ChairPadded Vinyl8
FORMA High BackPolyfor Fabric8
SeaTeak WindriftSolid Tweak4
Garelick CanvasPadded Canvas8
Forma AstronNautolex Vinyl Fabric4

Deck chairs are great for a wide range of things from fishing, large gatherings on board your boat, taking away with you to the beach and so much more. Investing in a sturdy chair that will last much longer is highly recommended.

For cruising on the ocean, ensuring the deck chair has adequate padding to absorb all the movements is crucial. If not, expect a bad back at the end of the day as the bumps from the waves can be relentless.

Whether you own a gigantic yacht or a small pontoon boat, purchasing a deck chair will be one of your best decisions yet. Below is a list of the best boat deck chairs that provide comfort and portability.

Wise Folding Deck Chair with Aluminum Frame

comfortable boat deck chair.

Wise produces a range of boat deck chairs but this one, in particular, is the most popular thanks to its sturdy design. With 8 durable legs and a 6 Gauge Brite Dipped Anodized Aluminum Frame, it is certainly built to last.

For those with limited space onboard their boat, the dimensions are 30 inches high, 26 inches wide and 24 inches deep.

The additional legs and armrests do make it wide but this results in a comfortable boat deck chair.

If you are looking for a chair to match the style of your boat, this chair is available in four designs with different piping colors.

Most boat owners find that a plain white chair will look fine without ruining the look and feel.

In terms of the material, it is a marine-grade heavy-duty vinyl that is mildew resistant and UV treated.

It also uses a high compression foam padding that adsorbs the bumps from cruising on the ocean.

Overall, it is the best folding boat deck chair for the money and offers a sturdy chair suitable for all weight capacities.

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FORMA MARINE High Back Deck Chair

foldable boat deck chairs

For those that prefer a fabric chair over a vinyl material, then Forma Marine has the boat deck chair for you.

It uses high-quality polyfor fabric, which is suited for the harsh seawater and it has excellent resistance to mold build-up.

In terms of the frame, it is an aluminum alloy anodized 1-inch tube, which uses rust-free hardware and sits on anti-skid leg tips.

The armrests are very elegant and made from rounded teak and the whole construction is built to last.

These are foldable boat deck chairs that can withstand approximately 100 KG under normal usage.

They are a premium example of what you are able to buy and the best fabric deck chair for your boat.

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SeaTeak Windrift Folding Deck Chair

best reclining deck boat chair

Another material that is highly desirable for a boat deck chair is high-quality teak, which can withstand the marine environment.

Teak is not a cheap material, so you will have to pay a premium but they provide an excellent look and feel.

The SeaTeak deck chair is constructed of a harvested 100% solid teak and stainless steel legs for superior durability compared with the cheaper alternatives.

It also reclines in 6 different positions so that you can be at your most comfortable.

If you are looking for a premium solid teak chair and don’t mind spending a lot of money on one, the SeaTeak is ideal.

The main drawback is the cost but it is the best reclining deck boat chair and you will find it hard to find another with such quality.

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Garelick Deck & Yacht Chair

comfortable boat deck chair

Garelick is a well-known brand in the marine industry but is often quite expensive compared to the alternatives listed in this article.

However, nevertheless, they do produce excellent deck chairs that come in a range of different styles.

This chair in particular by Garelick has a very similar design as the FORMA MARINE alternative above.

However, this chair would be slightly more comfortable as the one-piece canvas has a 1-inch thick foam padding. It also has 8 legs for extra stability and a more sturdy look and feels, which is a big bonus.

It is a great alternative for those that want a comfortable boat deck chair with the additional padding and being a Garelick product, it will be very durable.

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best small deck chair

For sitting around the table onboard your boat, a large deck chair can sometimes be a bit too much.

The Astron model by Forma Marine is a high end folding deck chair that uses nautolex vinyl fabric to avoid any mold build-up.

As with the other deck chair by Forma Marine, it uses an aluminum alloy anodized 1-inch tube for the frame and rust-free hardware.

The unique selling point of these chairs is the compact design that folds down to just 11 cm wide and 70 cm tall, which is great for storage.

Overall, it is the best small deck chair that folds down smoothly for easy storage.

The Astron model is expensive but it is built to the highest of quality with no expense spared and it would be a worthwhile investment, which is built to last.

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Boat Deck Chair Buying Guide

Boat deck chairs are the chairs equipped on the ship to offer extra seating space in the boat.

What makes the deck chairs stand out from other seats is because these seats come in different designs, styles and also sizes for the users to choose from.

Meaning, you can get a reclined, foldable, and double deckchair designs as well.

They are also suited to the harsh marine environment so that they can withstand any bumps and keep the person sitting on the chair comfortably.

On top of this they are water and UV resistant because after all, it will be outside most of its life.

Unlike the captain boat chairs, a deck chair is able to fold down so that it takes up less room when being stored.

Below are some factors that you should consider if you are in the market for boat deck chairs.

The Materials

If the chair will be remaining on the boat, make sure that the materials used in the construction are weather resistant such that the seat will not get damaged by the water or even UV rays.

The standard material used in making the boat deck chairs include the canvas, plastic, steel and also wood.

For those that prefer to buy a deck seat made of canvas materials, make sure that the canvas is resistant to water from the rains or splashes from the sea.

Also, ensure that the cloth cannot fade from the harsh sun rays. It should be waterproof and easy to dry up in case it gets water, plus, be resistant to fading.

Steel Materials

Steel deck chairs are quite standard as well although the majority of people do not recommend them since they are bit heavy thus making their transportation to be a bit hard.

But if you opt to buy steel deck chairs for your boat ride, make sure the steels are made of non-rusting materials and also they should be coated with non-rusting paint to ensure that they retain their manufacturing color for a long time.

foldable boat deck chair


Seats that are made of plastic material are quite easy to clean since the material does not absorb water and a lot of dirt.

Also, you don’t need to use much water when cleaning plastic as you can quickly wipe it with a damp cloth.

On the other hand, some boat deck chairs like the wooden ones require special maintenance since such seats cannot be cleaned with water unlike the steel and the plastic.

Therefore to ensure their durability, make sure to offload them from the boat once you are done with your rides.

You can still clean the seats using particular products designed for wood but avoid using abrasives to prevent the color from the seats coming off.

Wooden boat deck chairs are suitable for large boats which are a bit high since such boats do not come into contact with wetness from the sea.

The canvas deck chairs can be easily cleaned using a brush and detergent but avoid using bristles brush to prevent damaging the fabric.

The steel decks seats can also be cleaned with a damp cloth although it is advisable that you avoid leaving them in the outdoor areas.

For easy maintenance of the seats, make sure to keep them indoors during the winter or other rains seasons and only take them out again during the warm or hot seasons.

This way you will be able to prolong their durability since rainwater tends to damage the materials of the deck chairs.

The Design

There are three main designs when it comes to boat deck chairs, these include the standard, reclined and the most desirable, which is the foldable deck chair. 

Foldable chairs are suitable for people who would want to use the seats on special occasions.

They are easy to carry around since you can reduce their sizes and they also don’t require much storage space considering you can be stuck them in one place.

The recliner chairs are suitable for sunbathing while at the boat since they can be formed in different sleeping positions.

Some can be reclined to create a daybed for sleeping and so on

The standard designs are chairs that cannot be either folded or reclined. They are made of one form which cannot be changed.

Your needs and the storage areas will determine the choice of the deck chairs based on your design.

For example, if you don’t have ample storage space in the boat or at home, standard chairs would be ideal for you since they can be kept in one place without moving them too much.

But, if you have ample storage space, then folding deck chairs can work for you since they are easy to move around and can be reduced in size to minimize the storage space and create more space in the boat.

But when choosing the style of the deck chair, make sure to focus on the movement and durability too.

Ensure the folding chairs are crafted in lightweight form for easy carrying around while the standard designed deck chairs should be made with durable materials to withstand the weather climates.

Most reclined deck chairs are foldable but if you want them to stay in the boat, make sure the materials are durable as well.

One design feature that is often forgotten about is the rubber at the bottom of the legs.

Unless you have thick marine carpet, it can damage the boat with the hard material of the leg.

Therefore, its fairly important that you check for rubber feet if you want to prevent damage to your boat.

Comfortable Deck Chairs

The comfort offered by the seat is an essential factor you need to focus on when choosing the boat deck chairs.

Even if the chair has the steel frame, make sure the seating area and the back are padded to ensure durability and comfort especially if you are sitting for long periods of time.

Most deck chairs that are made with steel materials are usually equipped with a leather padding on the seat and the back area to offer support.

For extra convenience, choose the chairs that are equipped with a mesh-like structure at the back to allow free flow of air when seated.

If you opt for deck chairs that are made of canvas material, ensure they are strong enough to support you without sinking too much on the seat.

Those made with wooden material should also come with cushions for comfort.

Weight Capacity

The size of the chair goes hand in hand with its ability to support the weight. This is most important for those who opt to buy the canvas boat deck seats.

Every seat has the maximum weight that it can help and so, before you buy the chair, check out the amount of weight it will comfortably support to ensure durability.
Some seats are compatible with a weight of 150 pounds while others especially the reclined seats can support a person who weighs up to 500 pounds.


If you are planning for a boat trip with your friends and you would want to buy some deck seats for extra seating space, use the above buying guide to help you choose the most suitable seats for your trips.

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