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Our List of Top-Rated Made in the USA Water Sports and Boating Gear

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Buying made in the USA products helps to stabilize our economy. And when the economy is doing good, you are doing good, which means you will have more time to get out on the water!

To contribute to the idea of buying American made products, we have compiled a list of items that are made here in America. 

The list consists of kayaks made in American, a cooler made in America, a water float made in America, and other items that will make your time on the water even more enjoyable.

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Our List

1. Cooler Made in the USA – Igloo Glide Pro 110 Roller

No more lugging! No more tugging a heavy cooler! Fill this Igloo up to the top with ice and drinks and use the telescoping handle for 50% less lifting effort. 

The handle allows you to maneuver the cooler easily, and the larger wheels make for smoother transport over various terrains. 

Even filled to the top, one person will be able to pull this cooler along the beach alone.

Stainless steel hinges are virtually indestructible, and a drain port allows for easy draining of melted ice. 

Started in a small metalworking shop in 1947, Igloo now has a 1.8 million-square-foot, three-building in Katy, Texas. 

From their modest beginnings, they now have over 500 different products that are sold worldwide. 

This Igloo Glide Pro 110 Roller will work well on the boat, at the beach, or when you go camping.  

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2. Fishing Sit-On-Top Kayak -Perception Pescador Pilot 12

Our List of Top Rated Made in the USA WaterSports and Boating Gear

You will have the advantage when fishing in the Perception Pescador with its sit-on-top pedal drive.

Superior stability will make it possible for you to cast off even from a standing position. 

Sit in a lawn chair style seat that has two-level seat adjustments. The breathable mesh will help to keep you from overheating and be comfortable all day. 

The pilot drive propeller system makes it easy to propel the kayak, even in reverse. 

Both of your hands will be free for fishing, taking pictures, or showing the length of the one that got away. 

The front and the rear of the kayak has open storage for your cooler, tackle or other gear.

You can also feel good about purchasing the Perception Pescador Pilot, an awesome kayak made in America. 

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3. Transport Case – Pelican1660 Case With Foam

Transport Case - Pelican1660 Case With Foam Made in the USA boating gear

Ideal for protecting those sensitive and precious items you want to bring on board your boat, the Pelican Transport case can store and protect those items. 

The case is watertight through the use of tongue and groove fit and a polymer o-ring. 

An automatic pressure equalization valve releases built-up air pressure and keeps water out at the same time.  

No matter where you go or what you are engaging in, the Pelican can enable you to take your gear along and keep it safe at the same time. 

Perfect for your expensive camera and photography equipment, or your fishing, outdoor sports, or even professional equipment, the Pelican can keep it safe and free from damage. 

Pick n’Pluck foam allows you to customize the interior of the case to fit the equipment you want to protect. 

With the corporate headquarters located in Torrance, California, you will be purchasing a made in America product from a company with over 46 years of experience. 

Pelican has grown the Pelican BioThermal product portfolio to be the most comprehensive in the industry. 

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4. Board storage wall rack – T-Rax SUP 4

Board storage wall rack - T-Rax SUP 4 Made in the USA water sport products

Your surfboard is valuable to you. You have made memories on the waves with that board, and you know that you want to make many more. 

The T-Rax can protect your board, keeping it ding free and off the floor when it is not in the water. 

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The T-Rax is made from solid military-grade 6061 T6 billet aluminum. You’ll find no hollow, plastic, or wooden parts on the T-Rax, just the highest quality materials. 

Proudly made in the USA, this surfboard rack will not rust, rot or corrode. You will find that the T-Rax is exceptionally durable and will hold four surfboards securely without sagging. 

Keep your valuable boards protected in their own storage rack until it is time to make more memories.

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5. Dry Bag – Seattle Sports Glacier Clear Heavy Duty Waterproof Dry Bag 

Made in the USA Dry Bag - Seattle Sports Glacier Clear Heavy Duty Waterproof Dry Bag

There is not much that can put a damper on your day on the water as when the objects you need to keep dry get wet. 

Not only is it very inconvenient, but it can also be costly, depending on what items you soak. 

The Seattle Sports heavy-duty waterproof bag will help keep those essential items safe and dry. 

These bags are durable with an abrasion-resistant bottom and side protection built-in. The clear vinyl lets you see what is inside the bag without having to open it. 

RF welded seams and a 3-roll top closure with clip to keep the water out. There is also a D ring for tie-down and lashing. 

This waterproof bag is great for the boat. Made in the USA, Seattle, you can take this Sports waterproof bag on all of your adventures.

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6. Foam Surfboard – Formula Fun – Shortboard Fish 5’3″

Easy to carry and super fun to use, the Formula Fun foam surfboard eliminates the need for messy wax so you can hit the waves right away. 

If you throw the Formula Fun in your car to be ready after work, you will not have to be concerned about the wax melting in the hot car and making a monutential mess.

The Formula Fun foam surfboard does not require wax of any kind to get a smooth ride on the waves. 

Lightweight and waterproof, you can also feel good about this board as it is entirely made from recyclable materials. 

The Funboard comes with fins and a leash string. You will surely be able to have fun and be kind to the environment at the same time using this made in America Formula Funboard.

When your board surfs its last wave, just bring it back for a $50 credit towards your next one. 

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7. Carbon Fiber Paddle – Backwater Paddles Assassin

Whoever thought that your paddle could serve several functions?  Backwater Paddles did! 

The hook feature on the paddle end enables you to grab on to your fishing line. You can also snag your decoy or hook onto a tree limb.  

Equally helpful is the serrated teeth edge on the paddle. Use the paddle edge to push off from smooth rocks, or pull yourself onto the shore. 

Both the form and function of this adjustable paddle will give you the edge over any other kayak paddle. 

This awesome water sports gear made in the USA will provide you with more freedom, comfort, and confidence in the water. 

Check out the Backwater Assassin Paddle in action. 

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 8. Boat Dock Tie Bungee – Boat Lines & Dock Ties

The last thing you need or want is for your watercraft to drift away with all your equipment. So having your valued investment firmly secured to the dock is of utmost importance. 

You need to be able to depend on the cords you use to do this with. Containing no metal to rust, these Boat Lines and Dock Ties bungees are machine sewn. 

The nylon cover provides UV protection and adds to the life of the anchor line. 

Nine-inch loops on either end of the bungee make for secure attachment to the docking cleat. 

Made in the USA, each dock tie is hand-assembled and inspected. 

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9. Lake Pad Made in the USA – Floating Oasis

A great way to have fun in the sun, the Floating Oasis water pad will keep the kids entertained for hours. 

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Measuring a generous 15 feet long and 6 feet wide, it is the perfect item to have on the lake. 

If evenly distributed, the Floating Oasis can hold up to 1500 pounds of giggling girls or boisterous boys. 

Adults will also appreciate the ability to float upon the gentle waves on the Oasis pad. A D-ring makes it easy to tether to a dock or favorite spot. 

Tear and puncture resistance, UV resistant, and easy to clean with soap and water; this made in the USA water float will bring family and friends hours of fun.

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10. Water Hammock – Floatation iQ H

Here is the perfect lay-back and relax water hammock for those summer days at the lake, or even in your pool. 

Easy to take along wherever summer takes you, this iQ water hammock will be your go-to hammock for chilling. 

No need to inflate, just unroll, and you are ready to enjoy a comfortable session in the water.

The H-shaped hammock can also be tethered in place if preferred. 

The large hammock can hold up to 250 pounds, and the small size will hold up to 175 pounds. 

Easy to store and easy to take with you, this iQ water hammock will be the ideal floater to have for family and friends. 

Made in America with non-toxic PE foam, this water hammock is easy to clean and resistant to tears and punctures.

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Why Buy Made in the USA products?

Americans love boating! 

It’s hard to choose just one reason why, but it remains a happy fact nonetheless. 

It is a chance to unplug and tune back in with nature. Or, it may be because every outing is an adventure, and Americans love adventure. 

Or it might be that you love the freedom that comes with being on the water with no traffic signals, no traffic jams, and not one orange construction cone in sight!

You might also love boating because it is good for your health. Over 82% of Americans feel that just being around water is relaxing, and 72% feel healthier after they have spent time on the water.

Americans Love their Country

Just as you love boating, you also love your country. Those two loves can be combined so that one supports and nurtures the other.

Just as being on the water gives you a sense of freedom and independence, those attributes can be translated into action by supporting the land that you love through the boating products you purchase.

It is an easy thing to do. You need certain items for your time on the water, and by buying those products that are made here in American, you foster that freedom and independence for your country too. 

Having fun on the water and strengthening American is a no-brainer. It may be hard to choose one reason you love being on the water, but there are numerous reasons you should help strengthen America.

One of the most obvious reasons is that when you keep your dollars here in America, it makes the economy strong. Keeping America strong means that we rely less on other countries to sustain us.

In today’s market place, you have more choices than ever before. Everything is just a click away.

It may be tempting to click with abandon, but if you take a few minutes to look for American made items, you help to protect American jobs. 

When you protect American jobs, you also enable those American workers to provide for their families.

That is a good thing for everyone. You know that it is never a position of power to owe a debt to another person. 

It is the same for our country. If we look to other countries to support us, it puts the United States in a position of weakness. 

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When you buy American, you strengthen our country and our workforce. 

Good For The Environment

As a boater, you probably appreciate and value our environment. Being out on the water gives you a sense of connectedness with nature. 

When you buy American products and services, you are helping the environment. Any product that is manufactured overseas requires transport to get to the US. 

A lot of natural resources, like petroleum, are used to get those goods across the ocean. That transport creates more emissions that are released into the atmosphere and do even more damage to our environment. 

Another factor to consider is that here in America, US manufacturers are required to use processes that are cleaner for the environment. 

Simply put, products manufactured here in American create less pollution than those that are made overseas. Buying goods here in the states is good for the environment.

Strengthens US Manufacturing

Buying American also strengthens our manufacturing. When so many products are purchased from overseas, our manufacturing wanes and many US citizens are unable to find relevant jobs and earn a living wage. 

Buying American made products keeps manufacturing jobs here at home rather than shifting to a foreign country. 

Not all countries are proponents of democracy and our way of life. 

When you strengthen US manufacturing by purchasing goods made in the US, you help to ensure that your access to vital goods will not be impacted or restricted by political conflict.

Future Generations Will Thank You for Buying Made in the USA products

When you get that time away on the water, you probably prefer to leave weighty issues onshore. 

No one can blame you for that. 

It is the peace and relaxation of the boating experience that draws us to the water again and again. 

Just know that when you are looking for boating gear and water accessories, if you buy American, you will be benefiting all of those who come after you. 

That might be your own child, or relatives, and all of those citizens of the US. When you secure business here, you secure the future for yourself and others. 

Your children will have the stability to plan for their futures, knowing that they will be able to find work here in the states. 

A strong economy impacts every generation and enables them to build on what came before. 

Tax Dollars At Work

While complaining earlier about orange construction cones, the cones are a sign of a strong economy because every US manufacturer pays taxes. 

Those taxes are used to benefit US citizens. The monies are used to fund re-investments in education, national defense, transportation, social security, and research in science and technology. 

Billions of dollars annually are paid in taxes that contribute to the American economy. In other words, buying water sports gear made in the USA can help fix the potholes in the roads. 

Small Businesses Are Big Factors

When looking for boating gear made in the USA, know that the small business you purchase it from is one of the many small businesses that generate 80% of the jobs in America. 

That is a staggering statistic. Another significant statistic is that over 70% of the entire US economy is driven by consumer spending. 

So either directly or indirectly, those small businesses earn revenue from consumer spending. 

Hopefully, that gives you an idea of how critical it is that American consumers support American businesses. 

Collectively, consumers buying choices can make or break a small business. 

The more you buy from fellow Americans, the faster the economy grows, and the stronger the economy becomes. 

In Conclusion

Boating and being on the water is just plain fun. It is refreshing, relaxing, adventurous, and brings you a freedom that renews your spirit. 

While you are making purchases to enhance your favorite sport, consider your opportunity to buy made in the USA products and therefore support America to keep being the land of the free. 

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