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The Best Submersible Trailer Lights 2019

When reversing your boat into the ocean, your trailer lights play a big part in instructing those behind you on what you are doing. In the marine environment, they should be submersible trailer lights as they will be placed in saltwater in some cases.

The best submerisble trailer lights is the SeaSense Low Profile Tail Light, which comes with marine grade tinned wires and stainless steel hardware for durability.

LED trailer lights are preferred over the older halogen bulbs as they are a sealed diode unit that are more watertight. When installing the submersible lights to your trailer, ensure you use marine graded wiring with additional protection against corrosion.

Best Submersible Trailer Lights

Boat Trailer LightsDimensionsHardware
SeaSense10.5 x 10 x 3.6 inchesYes
Wesbar 40756010 x 10 x 6 inchesYes
Optronics GloLight6.5 x 1.8 x 2.2 inchesYes
Dry Launch SP7RBX-CL137.5 x 3.8 x 2.8 inchesNo
MaxxHaul 7020512 x 11.3 x 3.7 inchesYes

Compared with normal trailers such as horseboxes or car transporters, a boat trailer has the additional stress of being submersed in water. For this reason alone, you should always go for a marine led trailer light over a standard alternative.

Additional steps to the installation such as shrink wrapping all the connectors for protection will make the lifespan of the lights much longer. Preparation is key to ensuring the lights are as waterproof as possible.

LED trailer lights that are wired correctly will last many years but the biggest issues is corroded ground wires from poor installation. Below is a list of the best submersible trailer lights for use with your boat trailer in the ocean.

SeaSense Submersible Trailer Light

The low profile SeaSense Tail Light is a pricey bit of kit but the materials used for installing the LED trailer lights are of high quality. For example, the kit includes marine grade tinned wires, stainless steel hardware and an impact resistant lens.

The LED’s themselves draw a low amperage, which ensures your marine battery retains all its power for the ocean. The design and high quality materials make installing these LED trailer lights much easier than sourcing hardware individually.

Overall, the SeaSense tail lights are the best submersible trailer lights you can buy that are good for use in salt water and will last many years.

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Wesbar 407560 LED Waterproof Tail Lights

The Wesbar 407560 is a direct competitor to the SeaSense alternative and they are a completely sealed construction that prevents water damaging the circuit board. The kit includes a 25 inch trailer wiring harness with connectors and a license plate bracket.

Thanks to a compact design (4 x 6 inches), these lights can squeeze into tight spaces and meets the FMVSS/CMVSS requirements for trailer over 80 inches.

Although the Wesbar 407560 LED trailer lights are expensive, they do come with a limited 1 year warranty for peace of mind. They are a top rated waterproof trailer light with the fully sealed bulb capsule being the standout feature.

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Optronics GloLight Sealed Trailer Light

Optronics offer a range of trailer lighting but the GloLight sealed trailer light kit is sonically sealed to ensure that they are waterproof. The LEDs themselves even come with a lifetime warranty and use solid state components for performance.

The kit comes complete with grommets and plugs with the ability of installing these lights in any 360 degree position. They are known for being much brighter than any OEM trailer light thanks to the solid state components that not only improve brightness but also reliability.

The Optronics GloLight are a cheaper alternative to many in the article and are the best boat trailer lights for the money. If there were connectors and marine grade tinned wire included like the SeaSense, it would be the ultimate package.

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Dry Launch Marine Trailer Light

The Dry Launch SP7RBX-CL13 marine LED trailer lights are designed to fight both sun and saltwater, which is very important considering the environment of boat trailers. They are completely submersible and waterproof and uses air-trapping to prevent dirty water getting inside of the lens.

They are a direct replacement to any marine OEM trailer light and the lenses are ultrasonically welded, which means there are no gaskets required during the installation of the Dry Launch trailer lights.

If you are looking for a direct replacement for a broken light or simply want to provide your trailer with a fresh look, these are the best cheap trailer lights that are fully submersible.

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MaxxHaul 70205 LED Trailer Light Kit

The most popular trailer light kit is by MaxxHaul that includes a stop, tail and turn signal light with two amber clearance lights and a wiring harness. There is even hardware to install the LED trailer lights rather than sourcing it yourself.

The powerful LED bulb found within the taillights is DOT compliant and can be submerged in water thanks to copper coated aluminium wires resisting corrosion.

Although the wires are copper coated, they will not be as durable as a marine grade tinned wire alternative found with the SeaSense tail lights. However, the MaxxHaul is very cheap considering all the items within the kit.

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Boat Trailer Light Buying Guide

If you were to use a standard horsebox or car trailer light installation kit and bulb construction for your boat trailer, you will run into issues. For starters, the majority are not waterproof or sealed, so water will get into the lenses straightaway. On top of this, the wiring will not be friendly with saltwater, which means they will corrode in very little time.

Ensuring you purchase a high quality marine LED trailer light setup is crucial if you want them to last many years. Below are some factors that you should consider when searching for marine trailer LED lights.

Trailer Light Hardware

Many people will spend a large amount of money on a high quality LED trailer light but buy cheap with the hardware. This is a huge mistake as the hardware and wiring is the most important part and you will only end up having to rewire it at a later date.

Mounting hardware needs to be able to withstand saltwater with stainless steel being the most desirable. The wiring is even more important with a marine grade tinned wire being the best way to wire lights for boat trailers.

It is so tempting to go cheap with the hardware and wiring but this is the one part of the whole setup that requires high quality materials.


The installation of submersible trailer lights can vary from trailer to trailer but it is the wiring and preparation that is the most time consuming part. Installing the LED lights for the boat trailer is relatively straight forward and in most cases a direct replacement.

When wiring the lights, you will want to think long term and to do this, you should ensure you are waterproofing the connections if you plan on submerging the boat trailer.

The best way of doing this is by having all lights having a separate ground wire to a junction box, the lights themselves having shrink wrap connectors and then adding liquid electrical tape as a safety measure. Preparation is key and taking your time during wiring will pay off when you hear about people rewiring every other year.

Design and Dimensions

You can be as unique as you want when it comes to trailer lights and there are many designs to choose from. Many people prefer a low profile and boxy shape whereas others prefer the oval design that compliments their boat.

Regardless, before buying ensure you take measurements to prevent wasting your time and realizing they won’t work or fit correctly.


Even though upgrading your boat trailer lights is cheap and easy to do, it makes a huge difference to the overall appearance. Bright LED trailer lights are the first thing people will notice as you back the boat into the ocean or travelling down the highway.

Investing into a top rated marine trailer light that comes with stainless steel hardware and marine grade wiring is advised. All of the above are highly rated throughout the boating community and are submersible when installed correctly.

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