top rated steering wheels

5 Best Boat Steering Wheels [Updated]

Unless you have an outboard steering arm, a boat steering wheel is required to direct your boat in the correct direction. They come in a range of shapes, sizes and materials for large or small boats. The best boat steering wheel is the Stainless Steel Pactrade Marine Wheel with its high-quality look and feels that […]

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best boat steering wheel system

The Best Boat Steering System

Adding steering to your boat is not as simple as installing a steering wheel to the cockpit. A complete steering wheel system is required with all the cables and other components that make a full kit. The best boat steering system is the Bay Star HK4200A-3, which is used for single station outboard powered boats and […]

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best boat bilge pump

The Best Bilge Pump For Boats

A bilge pump is, in essence, a water pump used to remove bilge water and is usually located below the waterline. It uses the desired pressure to direct water through an intake valve and then through the outlet barge where it leaves the boat. The best BP is the Shoreline Marine, which is compact and powerful […]

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boat wheels

5 Best Dinghy Wheels

Launching your boat into the ocean either down the beach or a slipway can be hard work without functioning boat launching wheels. Installing wheels to an inflatable boat is fairly simple with just a few bolts through the transom. The best boat launching wheels are the Seamax Deluxe 4, which is suited for a range of […]

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boat grill

The Best Boat Grill

The majority of people enjoy a good barbecue but when you have a boat grill to cook on, it is made even better. A boat BBQ grill can be mounted in a range of areas that include the pontoon boat railings, transom, and other locations onboard the boat. The best boat grill is the Magma […]

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Boat Speedometer

4 Best Boat Speedometer

A boat speedometer can be in the form of a GPS Digital or a manual gauge. The majority of boats will have a dial-in their cockpit that will display their speed to avoid water damage. Upgrading your speedometer with the latest range available will provide a more reliable reading. The best boat speedometer is the Faria […]

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best boat bimini top cover for boats

The Best Boat Bimini Top

Protecting yourself and other passengers of your boat from UV rays or bad weather requires a bimini top. They add to the comfort of your boat by offering shade from the sun and a cover to hide away from the bad weather. The best boat bimini top is the Leader Accessories with all hardware that comes […]

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best boat underwater lights

The Best Underwater Boat Lights

Adding underwater boat lights is a simple way of making it stand out in the water when it is parked up. You will notice LED underwater lighting on most yachts but most modern small boats are starting to jump on the trend. The best boat underwater lights are the LED Lumitec SeaBlazeX that comes with a range […]

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best boat ladders

5 Best Boat Ladders – Get on and off Your Boat With Ease

Jumping into the ocean from your boat is great fun but trying to get back onto the boat is fairly difficult. Simply installing a stainless steel boat ladder to your boat will make a huge difference and encourage everyone to jump in and out of the boat. The best boat ladder is the RecPro Marine 4 […]

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