best marine subwoofer for boats

5 Best Subwoofers For Boats 2020

Subwoofers for boats can take the strain from the other speakers in order to provide a deeper and crisper sound. Marine subwoofers include additional waterproof protection and marine-grade materials for safe usage on boats. The best marine subwoofer is the JL Audio 10″ M10W5-SG with a peak power rating of 500W and 250W RMS, which […]

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best marine stereo

The Best Marine Stereo 2020

Marine stereo systems have improved greatly over the years with advancements such as Bluetooth connectivity and other intuitive designs. Unlike standard automotive stereos, marine alternatives are suited to the marine environment. The best marine stereo is the Fusion Entertainment MS-RA70, which has Bluetooth connectivity for audio streaming and an intuitive design that fits in all […]

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Best Marine Speakers

The Best Marine Speakers 2020

Marine speakers are designed to withstand the tough marine environment and are available as 6.5, box, tower and other types of the speaker. The acoustics on board a boat are different from other environments and you will require speakers designed for boats. If you are on a budget, the Kenwood KFC-1653MRW 6.5 marine speakers provides […]

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marine amplifier for the money

The Best Marine Amplifier 2020

In order to get the most out of your marine speakers, you will need a marine amplifier to increase the amplitude of the electrical signals for higher quality audio. You can also wire a marine subwoofer to the amplifier for additional bass. The best marine amplifier is the JL Audio M700, which is a 5 channel, […]

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