What is A Boat Slip?

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If you own several boats or planning to buy one for yourself because you love the fun that boating brings, you are probably wondering if you should buy or rent your boat slip. This seems like a typical question, but it can be complicated to some. What is a boat slip anyway?

A boat slip or a boat deployer is a ramp that ships the boat from the land to the water. Many people, even boating enthusiasts, often referred to this as the dock. Still, while they both launch your boat from the ground to the water, the two are very different. 

According to a blog in dockwa.com, a boat slip is “the section of a dock in which captains park their boats.” You may think of the slips as individual parking slots for your boats, while boat docks are the structure that put those slots together. 

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What Is The Difference Between a Boat Slip And a Boat Dock?

There are a lot of noticeable differences between a boat slip and a boat dock. These two nautical jargons should not be confused with one another.

Boat owners might not know that difference upfront. Still, it is worth knowing, especially if you want to grow your investment and do business.

Choosing between a boat slip or dock depends on how you are going to use them. It also depends on the type of boats you have. Boat slips are not as spacious or wide as docks.

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Docks usually have a t-shaped portion as slips serve as a parking space for boats. You can both have a dock and a slip or just a slip, but choosing between the two will always depend on the watercraft you have.

If it is for minimal use, only docks are advisable. On the other hand, if it will be used for a wide variety of watercraft, a slip is the one you should get.

It is also good to note that boat slips can be customized to fit your boat’s size or watercraft. If you have a lake or riverside property, building custom-sized slips are advisable.

Should You Rent or Buy a Boat Slip? 

Suppose you own a boat or several watercraft and don’t own property beside a body of water. In that case, you might be thinking of ways on how to properly park and care for your precious properties.

Buying or renting a space in a marina near you is an option but deciding if you need to rent or buy a boat slip at a marina is not easy. There are still a lot of things to consider. 

For one, you should take into consideration the sizes of your boats. Different boats require different boat slips. You should choose the one that will fit your boat perfectly so you won’t have problems putting it in place after use.

Aside from selecting the right slip for your boat size, it is also important to consider how you will maintain your slip and the watercraft itself. 

You should also consider your working budget. There are different ways to rent or buy a slip, but one thing that should be kept in mind is if it is something you can afford.

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If you are a yacht club member, then boat storage might be one of the privileges in exchange for a hefty membership fee. If this is something you cannot afford yet, you can also consider renting a public slip.

Buying a boat slip have a lot of advantages. Building a slip can increase your property value if you own a house by the lake or by the river. You might own a slip in a marina.

In that case, you can have the option to have it rented out, especially if you are moving from one location to another. 

Other Things to Consider When Deciding to Get Your Boat Slip

Your boat and your other belongings’ safety is a must to consider when choosing a boat slip. If you are a member of a private yacht club, then despite the high price, they surely offer your property’s security.

Wherever you decide to rent or buy a boat slip, one piece of advice should be followed because it should be well-lit. It is not around a dangerous neighborhood because this is a threat to your property and people living on your property.

Aside from pricing and security, water traffic and congestion should also be part of your decision. Knowing the water traffic and congestion of the place you’re planning to store your watercraft can help you plan your boat trips.

Heavy water congestion can cause the deployment of your boat from land to water to require more time. As for high traffic areas, it can be dangerous because it can cause accidents and collisions.

In Conclusion

A boat slip differs significantly from a boat dock. Depending on many factors, you can either rent or buy your title to secure your boats.

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If you own a property by the water, it is right to buy a dock and a slip. Aside from the fact that it will keep your boats safely parked, it can also increase your property’s value. 

The right boat slip and dock for you will depend on a lot of factors. This includes your boat’s size, budget, location preference, investment preference, and others.

Taking the time to do your research before making any decision is necessary to know you are on the right path. You should also consult a marine operator to get the best options if possible.

When boating, you can even watch other people do their activities by the dock and move their boats from their slip to help you with your decision. This is a long-term investment and, therefore, should not be rushed. At the end you the day, you will ultimately decide on whatever will work for you.

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