What to Wear Fishing: 10 Items Every Angler Must Have

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Deciding what to wear fishing requires more than browsing through a closet to find what you are comfortable with. 

When going fishing, the wrong choice of outfit can ruin your entire trip.

This is the reason why we’ve put together this list of what we consider to be must-have outfit items for every angler. Take a look and let us know if you found it helpful.

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1. Polarized Sunglasses.

FAGUMA Sunglasses

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These glasses are specially made for outdoor activities such as cycling and fishing. They can ultimately block horizontal light waves, and only vertical rays that can fit through eye-opening will pass through.

If you are the type who get destructed by light glares reflecting off flat surfaces and water, this is the perfect glass for you.

Polarized glasses are different from UV glasses that block UV rays. However, they can also filter UV and other harmful rays from the sun. 

2. Maximum Sun Protection Hat

GearTOP Fishing Hat

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It would be best if you had maximum protection from the sun when going fishing and what better way to start with it is to have a top protection hat.

Hats are essential because they keep your entire head protected from the sun. When fishing during the winter, they work by keeping your head warm. 

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To better protect your head, chose a hat with a wide brim. Choose also a hat that offers UV protection so you can keep your skin protected as well. Some hats are designed with mesh tops to keep the head fully ventilated. 

3. Ball Cap

Columbia Ball Cap

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If you are not a fan of a hat with a full brim, then the ball cap is the one for you. There are ball caps that are specifically made for fishing.

Most are made with cotton and have a mesh back for ventilation.  Others still find them more comfortable and easy to wear.

4. Neck Gaiter

Doerix Neck Gaither

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This gear is recommended for added protection, especially during the summer when the sun is always showing its peak.

A neck gaiter is versatile and can be worn as a face mask, bandana, head wrap, hood, and a lot more. It is also a one size fits all. A neck gaiter is made from breathable material and offers UV protection. 

5. Long Sleeve T-shirt

HUK Long Sleeve T-shirt

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When going fishing, choose a lightweight, comfortable shirt and can repel water to keep you dry. It is also recommended to wear a long sleeve shirt to keep your arms protected from the sun and keep insects away.

Choose something that is made from polyester and lightweight, and offers UV protection. There are shirts specifically made for fishing.

They offer the best UV protection and anti-microbial property that protects the skin from bacteria caused by elements such as sweat. 

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6. Rain Suit


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It is essential to invest in waterproof outerwear if you enjoy fishing. This will protect you from unexpected changes in the weather when you go fishing.

You may want to check out a windproof rain suit and cause the weather to be chilly, especially when you are surrounded by water. Choose something that is made from polyester, is breathable, lightweight, and versatile. 

7. Vest

Bassdash Strap Fishing Vest

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If you are going boat fishing, then a vest is essential. An ideal vest should have an adjustable shoulder, and the waist strap is lightweight, repels water entirely, and is made from breathable material.

Apart from its safety features, a vest can give you an extra layer of protection during cold and chilly weather.

When writing down the list of items about what to wear during fishing, this piece of equipment should always be part of. 

8. Waders.

FISHINGSIR Fishing Chest Waders

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Waders are overalls that are used on various outdoor activities for protection. The coverage can extend from the chest, thigh, and the whole body.

In fishing, waders are especially useful to keep your body dry when you want to stand in deeper water. But waders are not used all the time when fishing.

This will depend on the type of fishing activity that you will be doing. If you are not going in deep waters, then this protective gear might not be needed. Waders also serve as extra protection during cold weather. 

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9. Gloves

KastKing Mountain Mist Fishing Gloves

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Some don’t like wearing gloves when fishing because it can make the process difficult, like when casting the rod. However, you might want to keep a pair of gloves with you always if there is a need for it.

You can wear it during cold months to keep your hands warm and remove them if you find it difficult to wear it during fishing.

However, during summer, it is recommended to wear gloves to protect your hands from harmful UV rays. Gloves explicitly made for fishing have anti-slip features, have UV protection, and are smart-phone friendly. 

10. Shoes 

WHITIN Men’s Cross-Trainer

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Choosing the right kind of footwear is essential when going fishing. It would be best if you moved around with ease and you have to make sure that water won’t enter your shoes. 

There are comfortable; water-resistant shoes made for many outdoor activities. These shoes have soft footbeds and are flexible, allowing your feed to be protected and comfortable at the same time. 

You may also opt to have the barefoot shoes that are lightweight and feel “barely” there with non-slip outsoles. These shoes are also quick-drying, which makes the job of cleaning easier for you. 

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