5 Best Boat Rod Holders – Our Top Recommendations

Having one of the best boat rod holders along when you go fishing can increase your chances of success and enjoyment when you are out on the water. Rod holders are an invaluable tool that can give you a hands-free approach while waiting for the big one to bite. We feel that the Scotty #230 […]

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best boat steering wheel system

The Best Boat Steering System

Adding steering to your boat is not as simple as installing a steering wheel to the cockpit. A complete steering wheel system is required with all the cables and other components that make a full kit. The best boat steering system is the Bay Star HK4200A-3, which is used for single station outboard powered boats and […]

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best boat underwater lights

The Best Underwater Boat Lights

Adding underwater boat lights is a simple way of making it stand out in the water when it is parked up. You will notice LED underwater lighting on most yachts but most modern small boats are starting to jump on the trend. The best boat underwater lights are the LED Lumitec SeaBlazeX that comes with a range […]

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best inflatable tube to tow with boats

The Best Towable Tubes For Boating

Have Maximum Fun On The Water at Any Age Using towable tubes for boating to pull behind boats is great fun for all the family and requires no athletic ability apart from hanging on. They are available in a range of styles from a hot dog tube to a 3 person tube with various seating […]

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dog climbing a yellow boat dog ramp

Best Dog Boat Ramps – Review and Buying Guide

Why use a dog boat ramp? Dog boat ramps are the best way to help your pet get in and out of the water with the least amount of hassle. There are so many different types on the market, so you might be having trouble finding a place to start. Don’t worry; we’ve done the […]

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9 Safety Tips For Solo Boating On a Fishing Boat

Solo boating is a fun and enjoyable activity as long as you are prepared for it. This is an excellent opportunity for you to spend your alone time in the sea, fishing. But while the sound of being solo on a fishing boat is exciting for the lovers of the sea and adventurous souls, it […]

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How to Winterize Your Boat the Right Way. A Complete Guide

It’s time to think about how to winterize your boat! Winter can be one of the toughest times for a boat not adequately prepared to weather the freezing temperatures. When properly winterized, you could save thousands of dollars in repair fees and countless hours in a repair shop.  You will be able to winterize your […]

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best solar panels for boats

5 Best Boat Solar Panels

Boat solar panels are the best environmentally friendly alternative to recharging your powerful marine battery with the engine. They are fairly simple to install yourself and not as hard as many people make out. The best boat solar panel is the Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline that comes as a complete kit with a wanderer […]

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