Various types of aluminum boats on display

Aluminum Boats and Their Place in the Boating Industry

“There is nothing harder than to make people use a new metal. Luxury items and ornaments cannot be the only sphere of its application. I hope the time will come when aluminum will serve to satisfy daily needs.” Sainte-Claire Deville – French chemist 1856 Aluminum is part of our everyday life.  It is hard to […]

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The Pontoon Boat Renaissance – Luxury, Comfort, and Pleasure for Everyone

The pontoon boat of yesterday is often slow and a bit cumbersome, and known primarily as “party barge.” There is nothing wrong with that history, as the pontoon served a purpose back then. Today’s pontoon may physically resemble those boats of yesterday, but the boat’s performance today is nothing like their ancestors. This renaissance has […]

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Boat Wrapping Shinning in THE SUN

Boat Wraps. Pros and Cons for Tuning Up Your Boat

Let’s Wrap this One Up You are one of the fortunate ones who can spend time on the water in a boat soaking up the sun!  Whether it is a big boat or one on the small size, it doesn’t really matter.  Being out on the water makes life worth living! So how do you […]

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