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Catch and Cook Fishing: 7 Tips to Prepare Freshly Caught Fish

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If you are a fisherman, you’ve heard of the “catch and cook” type of fishing. But have you ever tried it? If not, let us introduce you to it.

Everybody knows fishing is fun. If you feel anxious, stressed, or simply bored, you go fishing. It has that therapeutical side to it.

But fishing is also a great form of social bonding. Friends fish together making it a special experience, a beautiful memory.

There’s almost no need to say that fishing is always connected to eating and drinking of some sort. Some people catch and release (C&R) the fish immediately others choose to cook them right away.

And we bet you are one of those that enjoy not only the smell of fish but the taste of its meat, freshly cooked on the site.

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The Easiest Way to Catch and Cook Fresh Fish

Use the right accessories.

If you plan to have a catch and cook fish session on your campsite, don’t forget to bring the right kitchen accessories. Make sure to bring a sharp fillet knife that you will use to clean the fish.

Clean the fish thoroughly.

It would be best if you cleaned the fish thoroughly. This way, you can ensure that no unwanted parts are left before you cook it. For instance, you have a wild trout to clean, here’s how you can clean it:

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First, use a sharp knife to slit up the center of the belly.
Avoid cutting it deeply. Instead, do it in a straight line.
Next, cut up to the gills then stop before you reach the v-shaped point.

Remove the gills and blood sacs.

Insert your finger in the fish’s mouth and press the tongue down. Extend the v-shaped tab to the bottom side of its lower jaw.

Free the tab by sticking the knife through the thin part. Pull the entire gill and remove all the dark-colored blood sac. Rinse the fish and dry it with paper towels.

Repeat the process.

Clean all the fishes you have caught by repeating all the process. Doing them for the second time could be easier since you know what to do. Make sure that all of them are thoroughly cleaned before proceeding to cook the fresh fish.

Place the fish on canvas reels.

If you are not cooking the fish after you have cleaned them, you need to store it in an area that keeps the fish fresh.

Some people use canvas reels to ensure the freshness of the fish. But in the case that you will cook it as soon as you have cleaned them, proceed to the next step.

Prepare the ingredients.

After cleaning the fish, you may prepare the ingredients depending on the recipe you are following. For instance, if you want to fry it, consider a healthy cooking oil. But if you wish to a savory dish, you need to prepare all the ingredients such as onions, garlic, pepper, and the like. You may also need barbeque sticks if you are planning to throw a barbecue party at the lakeside.

Cook the fish.

After cleaning and preparing all the necessary ingredients, it’s time to turn your fish into a delicious meal. There are many easy recipes you may consider to cook the fresh fish.

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But if you want the most natural way, you may consider frying it using the flour method. To do it, you need to coat the fish with bread crumbs, cornmeal, or flour. Any of these options will keep the outside of the fish from burning while cooking it inside.

Prepare a pan and preheat the cooking oil. Next, place the fish on one side and wait for a few minutes. Then, flip the fish to cook the other side.

Usually, it takes five minutes to ensure that it is well-cooked. But you also need to consider the size of the fish. You may eat the cooked fish together with rice, salad, or any vegetable dish.

Many people love to go camping because it is when they can catch and cook fresh fish. This natural food is an excellent source of protein and other minerals needed by the body.

No wonder several individuals make fishing a hobby. Not only is it exciting, but it also provides stress relief and self-fulfillment.

If you are considering catching and cooking fish, make sure to wear the proper fishing gear and bring all the necessary items.

Besides, familiarize yourself on how you can prepare freshly caught fish. Doing so allows you to enjoy the freshest and sweetest meals that you can share with your loved ones.

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