How To Mount A GoPro On A Fishing Boat

If you are wondering how to mount a GoPro on your fishing boat, the answer is that there are several ways to do so, and they are easy to do. GoPros enable every angler to capture all the fun, excitement, and action that fishing entails. It is great to show friends and family the fantastic […]

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9 Safety Tips For Solo Boating On a Fishing Boat

Solo boating is a fun and enjoyable activity as long as you are prepared for it. This is an excellent opportunity for you to spend your alone time in the sea, fishing. But while the sound of being solo on a fishing boat is exciting for the lovers of the sea and adventurous souls, it […]

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How to Winterize Your Boat the Right Way. A Complete Guide

It’s time to think about how to winterize your boat! Winter can be one of the toughest times for a boat not adequately prepared to weather the freezing temperatures. When properly winterized, you could save thousands of dollars in repair fees and countless hours in a repair shop.  You will be able to winterize your […]

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99 Boaters Wished They Knew THIS Before They Got Their First Boat

So, you’re thinking about buying your first boat? Take a look at the following comments 99 different boat owners made to the question: “What was one thing you wished you knew before buying your first boat?” As you will discover, some of their comments are hilarious or ironic but they will unveil lessons only experienced […]

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Boat tea-meeting activities

Best Team-Building Activities on a Boat. Unwind And Work Creatively.

You can organize team-building activities on a boat as much as anywhere else. It’s an excellent way for both employers and employees to unwind and work on some particular team-related issues. But with all the recreational ideas out there, how do you get started? How can you ensure that everyone will have a memorable team […]

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Learn how to read a fishfinder in our guide

How to Read a Fishfinder

What is a fishfinder? Fishfinder is a piece of portable equipment that tells you the story of the water beneath your boat. It allows you to receive imagery of what’s underneath, locate where fish gather, and a perspective of how fish respond to your bait. Learning how to read a fishfinder and be good at […]

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beginners guide to boating

Boating Rules and Tips for Beginners

Driving a boat for the first time is a daunting experience and made harder without knowing the boating rules whilst in the water. Our aim is to increase your confidence by answering in detail each question or scenario in detail. You may even have experience driving a boat on the waters but its always a […]

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fishing for bass fish best tips

How to Catch Bass Fish

If you have done bass fishing, you will already know that it is not as easy as putting a line in the water and waiting for those bass fish to bite. One of the best things about bass fishing is that it takes skill and patience to accomplish success. It is, therefore, significant to put a […]

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safely drive a boat in big waves and wind

How to Drive a Boat in Rough Waters

Have you ever driven your boat in rough waters? Wished you were prepared? Whether you find the weather has turned on you out at sea or you are an adrenaline junkie, you need to stay safe in rough seas. To drive your boat safely during rough waters requires knowledge of your boat capabilities and driving […]

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best way to catch trout fish

How to Catch Trout. Best Tips for Trout Anglers

Are you wondering how to catch more trout using your new fishing rod? Or are you a trout fisherman who wants to learn some new tips? There will be no more coming back empty-handed when you learn to catch trout. In this article, I am going to elucidate some simple and easy ways to catch […]

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