best 4 stroke outboard engine oil

Best Four Stroke Outboard Oil For Boats

Outboard oil for your boat is not the same oil that is used for car engines. The car’s engine is used every day whereas an outboard motor may sit idling for days on end. Four-stroke oil used for boats is kept in salty and damp environments, unlike the car. The best four-stroke oil for boats […]

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best outboard motor cover

5 Best Outboard Motor Covers

Completely covering your boat and outboard is essential during the winter months. A separate outboard motor cover is usually required as most boat covers only cover the boat itself unless it is tailor-made. The best outboard motor cover is the Wake “M1″Trailerable Cover that comes with 5 years warranty and is both UV and mildew resistant. […]

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best 2 stroke outboard oil

The Best 2 Stroke Outboard Oil

As a 2 stroke power comes from the crankcase, 2 stroke oil must be mixed with the gasoline for lubrication. This means oil is also burnt which increases the exhaust emissions, thus 2 stroke oil requiring completely different oil to 4 stroke outboard oil. The best 2 stroke outboard oil is Pennzoil Premium Plus, which is designed […]

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best portable fuel tank for boats

5 Best Boat Gas Tanks

Unless you own a large vessel with a built-in fuel tank, you will require a portable fuel tank that you can dismantle from the boat easily. Below 15 gallons or less is deemed as portable due to the weight of the fuel inside of the tank. The best boat fuel tank is the Scepter 12 Gallon […]

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fuel treatment for boats

The Best Fuel Stabilizer For Boats

The fuel that is left in your boats motor will evaporate and oxidize when left for a long period of time. Adding a fuel stabilizer during the winter season where you are less likely to be running the engine is highly recommended The best fuel stabilizer is the STA-BIL 360 Marine with Vapor Technology that protects […]

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best boat propellers

5 Best Boat Propellers

To improve boat performance, choosing the correct boat propeller is an important decision. The right boat propeller and style of the prop will keep the engine operating at the optimum RPM range for maximum horsepower on the water. The best boat propeller is the Turning Point Hustler Aluminum, which will improve handling and boat lift to […]

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best trolling motors for small boats

The Best Trolling Motor

An electric trolling motor for your boat or kayak is an affordable way of traveling on the water without the complexity of outboard motors and fuel. There is a trolling motor for all applications from boats, kayaks and even inflatables that require a boost. The best trolling motor is the Minn Kota Endura C2 Endura, which […]

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best boat outboard engine

The Best Small Outboard Motor

The boat outboard motor has become far more complex over the years with modern motors moving from 2 stroke to 4 stroke. The amount of power you can achieve is highly dependent upon your budget but it is not all about the power it produces. The best small outboard motor is the Mercury 20 HP Electric […]

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