bass boat wraps

The 10 Best Bass Boat Wraps Ideas

Bass boat wraps are an ideal way to personalize your boat. You can make it stand out among other boats or just give it a fresh look that takes years off the look of your boat. Boat wraps are thin vinyl material that gets wrapped around the boat. You can have an elaborate, detailed design […]

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boat buffer for fiberglass

The Best Buffer For Boat Detailing

When it comes to detailing your boat, you will require a boat buffer to work the polish or wax into the hull. Attempting to polish your boat by hand will take a serious amount of time and effort, which is why a polisher for your boat is a great investment. The best boat buffer is […]

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anti skid boat deck paint

5 Best Boat Deck Paints

Improving your boat deck with a durable, non slip deck paint that protects it from the harsh marine environment is highly recommended. The paint is available in a range of colors and finishes to suit your requirements. The best boat deck paint is the TotalBoat TotalTread Non Skid Paint, which is available in beige, gray […]

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Best Boat Polish

The Best Boat Polish

Boat detailing is becoming increasingly popular with many big brands offering various boat polish and oxidation removers. These products are needed as the marine environment and UV rays over time cause fiberglass and gel coats to fade. The best boat polish is the 3M 09005 Restorer and Wax, which removes heavy oxidation and defects whilst […]

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Boat Teak Decking Basics. A Quick Guide.

Teak decking for your boat is a perfect choice as teak wood has natural properties that make it ideal for deck application. Teak is naturally water-resistant, essential in boat decking. This excellent wood will not warp or crack when in wet environments.  Teak seems to be made specifically for boats as the wood itself does […]

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fiberglass wax for boat

The Best Boat Wax – Tips for Marine Waxing

Using a quality boat wax to restore shine and increase the protection of your boat is highly recommended. Without a protective layer of marine wax, fiberglass boats can suffer damaging oxidization, which will result in a dull appearance. The best boat wax is the Meguiar’s M6332 Flagship Premium Marine Wax that provides long-lasting polymer protection against […]

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Use Kneeling Pads While Cleaning Your Boat

Clean Your Boat Deck Without Hurting Your Knees

Whether you own a small boat, a large yacht, or simply work on a ship, you probably know how difficult it can be to scrub the decks. Fiberglass decks, especially those with non-skid traction, can house lots of dirt and stains that can be tough to remove. To help you get rid of the toughest […]

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Boat Upholstery that needs cleaning

Boat Upholstery 101. Tips for Crafty Boat Owners

How Important Marine Upholstery Really Is? One of the most appealing parts of your boat is the boat upholstery. The look of a boat’s interior has a significant impact on the appearance of your boat overall. The fabric on boat seats determines if your time on the water is spent in comfort or if you […]

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Boat Wrapping Shinning in THE SUN

Boat Wraps. Pros and Cons for Tuning Up Your Boat

Let’s Wrap this One Up You are one of the fortunate ones who can spend time on the water in a boat soaking up the sun!  Whether it is a big boat or one on the small size, it doesn’t really matter.  Being out on the water makes life worth living! So how do you […]

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